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Eating out can have many benefits aside from just satisfying hunger. Not only can eating out lead to a greater flexibility in your food tastes, but it can help build social skills, manners, and focus. Individuals who eat out tend to have a greater degree of focus on what they’re eating and sharing good company, rather than watching TV or checking their phone. Now that you know the benefits of eating out, it’s time to discover where you should eat next!

Need to find a good place for that next big meal? Simply browse where to eat near me on the map below and find a list of places to eat in your area. Need more information on food, dining out, and tips for getting a good meal? Read on for facts, trivia, and more on eating out in America. You might just learn something new to share around the dinner table!

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Where To Eat Near Me – Where To Eat Trivia

How much does the average person eat out?

Eating out seems to grow in popularity every year, but just how much does the average person eat out in the United States? Consider this as you search where to eat near me. According to statistics, the average American will eat an average of 4.2 commercially prepared meals every single week. What does this mean to you? As a nation, Americans eat out around four and five times a week on average. This number equals a total of 18.2 meals per month being outside of the home. This is in stark contrast to those who lived in the 40’s and 50’s, when going out to eat was considered a rare treat and not a common weekly occurrence. Do you find that you eat out more now than you did in the past? Sound off in the comments below!

where to eat near me

Finding a great place to eat has never been easier!

How much does the average person eat fast food?

Though fast food often gets a bad wrap for being less than stellar for one’s waistline, it is still one of the most popular take out foods in America. Just how much does the average person eat fast food? Consider these facts as you search where to eat near me. According to some statistics, the average American currently spends around $1,200 on fast food takeout each and every year. It is so common that children are known to consume at least 12% of their calories from fast food meals. Where are Americans eating their fast food combos? Shockingly enough, 20% of all American fast food meals are eaten in the car, not in the restaurant or at home. In Ohio alone, more than half of the money that residents spend on eating out goes to fast food.

Why is fast food so popular?

If fast food isn’t healthy, then why is it so popular? That’s a question many people ask while searching where to eat near me. In a nutshell, fast food is popular because it’s filling, tastes good, and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, fast food is often more budget friendly because it is made with cheaper ingredients and is higher in fat, refined grains, sugar, and salt. You won’t find much lean meat, whole grains, or fresh vegetables when dining out at a fast food establishment.

Where To Eat Near Me – Where To Eat Facts

The Invention of Fine Dining

Perhaps you’re searching where to eat near me in hopes of finding a great dining experience or a special place to celebrate that new promotion or accomplishment. Have you ever wondered who invented fine dining? Well, it might not come as a surprise that all roads lead back to the French. According to historians, after Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tragically lost their heads during the chaos of the French Revolution, the aristocracy came to a halt and chefs who were once employed by royal households quickly found themselves without a kitchen to cook in. Without a steady source of income, many of these displaced chefs had no choice but to open up their own restaurants and offer up meals to the masses. This is when fine dining first truly took the world by storm. Soon enough, French style dining spread to Britain and across the Atlantic to the United States.

The World’s Oldest Restaurant

Looking to dine in the world’s oldest restaurant while searching where to eat near me? Unfortunately, you’ll have to book a flight to Spain. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the world’s oldest restaurant is Botin Restaurant in Madrid, Spain. AS the world’s oldest operating restaurant, Botin has been in business since 1725. While there are many restaurants that claim to be older than Botin, including Zum Franziskaner in Stockholm Sweden, Botin prides itself on being a continuously operating restaurant.

Eating out Encourages Flexibility

Not only can eating out give you a much deserved break from cooking, but if you’re searching where to eat near me, then you count flexibility as one of the many benefits of dining out rather than eating in. This is especially true if you have children under a certain age. Every parent knows that many kids don’t enjoy trying new things, especially food. Those with sensory issues find trying new foods to be extra difficult. Despite this, it’s good for kids to be exposed to new experiences and new cuisines. By eating out, your child is not only exposed to new choices, but they’ll often sample a bite of your dish, even if they don’t order anything new for themselves. Exposing a child in a low stakes environment can lead to greater flexibility and open up their minds to the world of food. This will make things even easier when you do cook at home!

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