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If you happen to live in an area of the world that produces wine, then you probably have gazed upon the rows and rows of grapes that make up a winery. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast looking for a day spent pursuing the fields and tasting or a wine lover looking for the best dinner pairing; there is a winery to suit your special set of needs.

Are you interested in finding wineries in your area? Simply browse wineries near me on the map below and find a list of wineries close to your location. Need a bit more information on wine and wineries? Read on for facts and trivia about wine and its history!

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Wineries Near Me – Wineries Trivia

What was the first successful winery in the United States?

Many historians believe that wine was first consumed up to 6,100 years ago. Since then, a lot has changed about the wine industry, including how we drink it and when we drink it. What hasn’t changed is the absolute necessity and importance of wineries. Do you know what the first successful winery in the US was? While you might be thinking that this winery was likely in California wine country or somewhere equally warm, you’re a ways off. Though California might be known for wine today, the first successful winery in the US was actually founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in the mid 1830s by Nicholas Longworth. Longworth became famous from sparkling wine made from Catawba grapes. By 1855 and, Ohio was lush with 1500 acres of vineyards. This was more than Missouri and Illinois which had an equally impressive 1,100 acres of wine. German immigrants that arrived in these regions during the 1840s are credited with building up the wine industry in these states. Consider this while searching wineries near me!

wineries near me

The Black Stallion Winery in Napa Valley, California.

Where in the world was wine first discovered?

If you’re browsing wineries near me, you may have pondered just where wine was first discovered in the world. Wine was first discovered over 6,600 years ago in what historians believe was what is now called Georgia (at the time this was Mesopotamia). Wine was originally fermented by accident when a few native yeasts somehow stuck to grapes that were stored containers. The happy accident turned the sugars in the grapes into alcohol. The ancient Egyptians are credited with refining the science of grape growing and winemaking. To the point that many Egyptian burials included wine. Historians have found evidence of this in burial crypts meant for the afterlife. The Greeks spread the popularity of wine throughout the Mediterranean and the Romans capitalized on wine by turning it into a big business.

How is wine made?

One of the true pleasures of searching wineries near me, is the potential to tour a winery and see just how wine is made. Wine is made when organisms called yeast convert the sugar in grapes into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This releases heat in the process. Though it sound simple, the process has been changed and refined over thousands of years. Many wineries now cross breed grapes and study the aging process in yeast.

Wineries Near Me – Wineries Facts

Wine Around the World

There’s no limit as to where you can search wineries near me, as this beloved beverage is made in nearly every part of the world. In fact, wine is made on every continent in the world except Antarctica. Though wine is now woven into the fabric of many cultures, it belongs primarily to Europe: especially France, Italy, and Spain. Though demographics change almost yearly, these three countries still lead the world in wine production. It is in these regions, that most of the very extensive research and studies on fermentation have been done. The first ever academic center devoted to studying wine is located unsurprisingly in France.

Wine Colors

After searching wineries near me, you may find just the right place to spend a day and do a tasting. While perusing all of the wine selections, you’ll likely notice all of the different colors that wines traditionally come in. All wines produce clear juice, which can lead many to wonder just how wines get their colors in the first place. Red wines get their colors from the skins of the grapes; which are included in the mix when a red wine is put through the process of fermentation. White wine is typically fermented only from juice, so they are much lighter in color and may have a golden tinge. Pink wines are typically made from the same fermentation process as red wines; however, unlike in red wines, the skins are removed from the process after a much shorter amount of time.

Wine Smells

A good wine is often very aromatic and pleasing to the senses. How do wines get their scent? Wines get their very basic sensory characteristics from the grapes. The aroma itself is a product of the grapes that were used to make the wine. While the scent of wine might seem kind of cut and dry, other factors can influence the sensory experience. These factors include where the grapes were grown, the ripeness level of the grapes, the yeast itself, the fermentation temperature, storage conditions, the type of barrels used, and even the amount of time that wine spends in a bottle.

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