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For the average American, wings are an appetizer staple. Whether you’re hanging out with friends watching the big game or just chowing down at a local bar; wings are a fan favorite from the east coast to the west coast.

Are you interested in finding some delicious sauce smothered wings near you? Simply browse wings near me on the map below and find a list of establishments serving wings in your area. Do you need a bit more information on wings? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three wing restaurants in the United states.

Wings Near Me – Find it on the Map

Wings Near Me – Wings Trivia

Where did wings originate?

While there have been some conflicting stories on where wings were first established, most historians agree that the buffalo wing was founded in Buffalo, NY by restaurant owners Frank and Teressa Bellissimo at their establishment the Anchor Bar. For much of history chicken wings were discarded. It wasn’t until 1964 that chicken wings became a menu option. This is when Teresa Bellissimo had a bright idea: fry the chicken wings and serve them to customers. Of course, there’s more to this story than just a simple idea. Like most brilliant inventions, necessity lead to a major breakthrough that would change food history forever.

wings near me

Though the origin may have been an accident, there’s no mistaking just how popular this appetizer has become!

How did Teressa come up with the idea for Buffalo wings?

Though you’ll likely find three versions of this story while searching wings near me, Theresa maintained until her death that the birth of the Buffalo wing occurred by accident. In 1964, Teressa song Dominic came by the bar with his friends hoping to find a late night snack. Theresa was preparing to make chicken stock with some wings and in a moment of improvisation placed them under the broiler. She then sprinkled the wings with hot sauce that she concocted using a commercial base. She played the wings celery sticks off of antipasto dishes and put some blue cheese on the side. The rest is wing history!

When did wings gain popularity?

If you’re searching wings near me, then you likely love this fiery and deep fried treat. But buffalo wings weren’t always so popular. In fact, this treat didn’t gain massive popularity until the Buffalo bills football team appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls. It was then that American’s eyes collectively opened to the wonders of buffalo wings.

When is national chicken wing day?

Make sure you search wings near me on National chicken wing day if you want to celebrate this holiday the right way. In 1977, the mayor of Buffalo, New York proclaimed that July 29th would always be known as National Chicken Wing Day. We think this might be one of the best days of the entire year!

Wings Near Me – Wings Facts

World Record For Most Wings Eaten

Odds are, if you’re searching wings near me, you’re craving some chicken wings. But is your craving big enough to overtake the world record for the most wings ever eaten. The world record for the most wings eaten goes to Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti who ate 444 wings an astounding 26 minutes. Second prize went to Molly Schuyeler who came in a close second with 440 wings. Do you think you could break this world record?

The Region That Consumes the Least Wings

If you’re searching wings near me on the west coast, you’re in the minority. Including to statistics, the western portion of the United States, including the Pacific northwest consumes the least amount of wings in the country. The southern portion of the United States consumes the most wings. The Northeast (the home of the Buffalo wing) consumes the third highest amount of wings in the US.

Average Wings Eaten

Just how many wings does the average American consume each year? Statistics show that the average American eats around 90 wings per year. Since their inception, wings are now considered a staple in the American diet.

The Most Popular Dipping Sauce

While searching wings near me, you might believe that the most popular dipping sauce amongst wing lovers is the always popular bleu cheese. Not so. The most popular dipping sauce for wing loving Americans? Ranch dressing! That’s right. Despite the iconic combination of wings and bleu cheese, most Americans simply prefer ranch.

Top Three Wing Restaurants in the US

If you find yourself near one of these top wing spots while searching wings near me, consider yourself lucky. These wings top all others in terms of sauce options, crispiness, and overall flavor. Read on for the top three restaurants in US.

1. Blue Door Pub, Minneapolis, MN

These made from scratch sauced wings come with eleven different flavor varieties including the aptly named “steal your face” sauce.

2. Candlelight Inn, Scarsdale, NY

With generous portions, delicious homemade sauces, and a truly beautiful atmosphere, the Candlelight Inn will knock your socks off when it comes to wings.

3. Duffy’s Irish Pub, Washington D.C.

If you find yourself near Duffy’s Irish Pub, make sure to stop in for their killer wings and sauce variety. With dozens of sauce flavors, a fun atmosphere, and a stellar location; Duffy’s is a must if you’re in the DC area!

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