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What once began as a small buffalo style chicken wing restaurant in 1994, soon soared to become a nostalgic destination for many food lovers looking to score their wing fix in a vintage aviation themed setting. With a variety of flavors, price points, and side options; it’s no wonder a trip to Wingstop is typically on the mind of all who crave chicken wings.

Are you interested in finding a Wingstop location near you? Simply browse Wingstop near me on the map below and find a Wingstop location in your area! Need a bit more information on Wingstop? Read on for unique facts and trivia on this epic wing brand!

Wingstop Near Me – Find it on the Map

Wingstop Near Me – Wingstop Trivia

How many Wingstop wing flavors are there?

If you’re searching Wingstop near me, then you’re probably wondering just how many Wingstop flavors you’ll get to try once you get there! Wingstop currently offers 12 unique flavors including: Atomic, Mango Habanero, Cajun, Original Hot, Spicy Korean Q, Louisiana Rub, Mild, Hickory Smoked Barbecue, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian, and Teriyaki. The chain also offers up seasonal and limited time wing flavors to suit every need a wing lover could have.

wingstop near me

Wingstop interiors always feature a vintage aviation theme and a color scheme involving green, red, and white!

When did the first franchised Wingstop officially open?

While the first Wingstop officially opened shop in 1994, in Garland Texas, serving up flavor to hungry wing lovers, the brand opened their first franchised shop in 1997. By 2002, Wingstop had served up around 1 billion wings. The brand claims that they’re not just in the wing business, they’re in the flavor business; something that the brand has always prided themselves in doing. Today there are more than 900 Wingstop restaurants in the United States, Mexico, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

What theme does every Wingstop have?

If you’re searching Wingstop near me you’ll likely want to know just what theme every Wingstop location follows. Every Wingstop is decorated in a nostalgic 1930s and 1940s “pre-jet” aviation theme. With the company colors of green and white, the company employs old school aviation in a variety of ways. From old school pilot gear to plane parts, going to this restaurant is truly an experience through and through. Who doesn’t love enjoying some delicious wings while taking in some vintage aviation style?

Who is Wingstop’s biggest competitor?

While Wingstop will always inevitably have to compete with smaller one off restaurants and Main Street style digs, their biggest competitor as far as chains go is Buffalo Wild Wings. With similar wing flavor selections and an equal price point, Buffalo Wild Wings has always been the proverbial thorn in the side of Wingstop franchises. While many people have argued that Wingstop’s wings will always trump Buffalo Wild Wings, the jury is still out.

Wingstop Near Me – Wingstop Facts

Wingstop Sides

While on a quest to find a Wingstop near me, you may be wondering what sides you’re going to get with one of the 12 wing flavors offered at Wingstop. Wingstop currently offers six different side dish options to go with your wings. Sides include vegetable sticks, freshly baked yeast bread rolls, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, and of course the beloved french fry. In addition to sides, Wingstop also offers a variety of dips for your wing enjoyment. Dips include ranch, blue cheese, hot cheddar cheese sauce, and honey mustard. Of course all wings are served with your choice of celery and carrot sticks as well.

Mexican States

Wingstop isn’t just based in America, the brand currently operates locations in a total of five different Mexican states. Locations include the Federal District, Nuevo Leon, State of Mexico, Chihuahua, Yucatan. Wingstop also operates in the Russian cities of Moscow and Rostov. Of course, Wingstop also has locations in America, boasting locations in nearly every US state, including Hawaii.

Average Wingstop Franchise Cost

If you’re searching Wingstop near me, you might be interested in knowing just how much opening a Wingstop franchise costs. The average cost of opening a Wingstop franchise is $263,550 and $616,946 depending on the location. Despite what might seem a high initial cost, the average Wingstop earns $1,125,549 a year with some of the highest sales per square foot in the industry.
Wingstops locations also boasts themselves as being easy to operate and low in overhead. With a pretty modest square footage and low investment costs in the area of aesthetics.

The Wingstop Club

While searching Wingstop near me, you might want to consider joining the Wingstop club! By joining the club you not only get all of the latest news on Wingstop delivered straight to your inbox, but you get free gifts on your birthday and free fries just for signing up for the club. You’ll also have access to exclusive coupons that non-members can’t access.

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