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For centuries, individuals have been holding and visiting yard sales as a way to procure new goods or unload old and unwanted items. Yard sales are thrifty, eco-friendly, and a great way to connect with the fellow members of your community.

Are you interested in finding a yard sale located near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse yard sales near me on the map below and find a list of yard sales in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on yard sales? Read on for interesting facts, history, and trivia on this age old method of shopping and selling.

Yard Sales Near Me – Find it on the Map

Yard Sales Near Me – Yard Sales Trivia

When are yard sales first mentioned in history?

Today, yard sales can be found in nearly every neighborhood and town on any given summer or fall weekend. They’re so common, many of us don’t think twice when driving by a yard sale or visiting one on a whim. There’s a reason yard sales are so woven into human culture, they’ve persisted since the 16th century. This is when historians first found evidence that individuals were unloading their wares and goods on neighbours.

Of course, old yard sales weren’t quite as simple as setting up a table in your driveway and kicking back while strangers perused. Instead, there were rummage sales. During the 1500s, ships going back and forth over the seven seas were very busy making deliveries.

At the time, the word “romage” was a nautical term that was used to describe how cargo was packed into the hold of the ship. Rummage sales were developed as a way for captains to sell excess goods and unclaimed cargo at the ports. It lightened the load and allowed for additional income. By the 1890s, the rummage sale evolved into something that was typically held at a communal location such as a church for a way to raise necessary funds.

Giving people would donate their hand me downs and warehouses would sweep out unclaimed goods that would typically be placed on the clearance pile. Rummage sales were more like charity bazaars than the yard sale we know today. Still, the idea of the rummage sale evolved into the yard sales we know and love today. Consider these facts as you search yard sales near me.

yard sales near me

Yard sales are very common in the summer months in most neighborhoods in the US.

What’s the difference between a yard sale and an estate sale?

If you’re searching yard sales near me, you may have come across more than a few listings for estate sales. What’s the difference between a yard sale and an estate sale? An estate sale is the sale of items from the estate of someone who has sadly passed away. The children or family of the deceased member will typically hold an estate sale to help clear out the home and find a new place for l usable goods.

Estate sales can also broadly include the sale of items from a home that has been abandoned by its owners or foreclosed on by the bank. Most of the time, you won’t run into any of the actual family members at an estate sale. Typically outside firms or real estate agencies are hired to handle the sales and to ease the burden on the families involved.

Yard Sales Near Me – Yard Sales Facts

Getting the Best Deals

Searching yard sales near me, means that you’re on the hunt for bargains. Though you may seem it’s simply enough to just show up to a one off yard sale in the hopes of finding something great, experts disagree. There are several ways in which you can achieve a great deal. Firstly, always look for signs. Drive around town and look for posters or signs on corners as a surefire way to find a few great yard sale options.

If you’re not feeling very adventurous and prefer to plan in advance, you can always find yard sales listed in your local paper or in online classified sites such as Craigslist. Of course searching yard sale near me is always a good start too! Second, clear your schedule. Don’t plan on quickly perusing one spot or moving onto other activities, take an entire day to yard sale shop.

Give yourself a leisurely amount of time to peruse everything that’s been offered. Third always have cash on hand. Many of us have a bad habit of only having a credit or debit card on us at all times. Unfortunately, a yard sale won’t accept your card and you’ll need to have some cash on hand. Hit the ATM before your shopping day begins and make sure you have plenty of small bills. Lastly, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Just because something may need a little TLC or a coat of paint doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy purchase. In fact, many pro level yard sale enthusiasts agree that it’s often the items you’re likely to overlook that can have the greatest amount of potential with a little bit of work.

Yard Sale Statistics

Yard sales are more popular than ever in the United States and abroad. Consider these facts as you search yard sale near me. According to statistics, more than 690,000 people will purchase an item at a yard sale each week. More than 165,000 yard sales are held each week in the US, with a whopping 95,000 of those yard sales being listed on Craigslist.

Some estimate that more than $4,000,000 in revenue is generated each week just at yard sales in the US. That means that you’re not the only budget savvy shopper on the hunt for great yard sale bargain!

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Garage Sale. 5645 Mount Hermon Church Rd. Salisbury Md. Nov 5th one block from
    Salisbury Airport 8-1 today

  2. Margaret Meeker says:

    Yard sales near Hammond Louisiana nov 6,7,2020

  3. Kathy.Letterman says:

    looking for yard sales in Davidson, and Randolph county N.C.

  4. Michelle says:

    Yard sales today in Santa Cruz cal

  5. Cindy says:


  6. Ty Senders says:

    Can anyone tell me whem Millersburg town yard sales will be happening?

  7. Tracy says:

    Who’s having yard sales today

  8. Karen. Bush says:

    Looking for yards sales within 50miles of Grand Meadow Minnesota

  9. Judy says:

    looking for yard sales in Spfd, Ohio 45503

  10. lin says:

    Looking for deep freezer 8607764949

  11. Hazel England says:

    Have 2dinette sets 6chair for sale or trade for a smaller one 423_626_0404

  12. Hazel England says:

    Have camophlage tree stand, 2New still in boxes big game feeders, So hunting clothes, fishing pole with reel, fishing string,etc for sale or trade for dryer or any type flooring or rugs. 423_626_0404. Or 423_441_0322

  13. Hazel England says:

    Have camophlage tree stand, 2New still in boxes big game feeders, So hunting clothes, fishing pole with reel, fishing string,etc for sale or trade for dryer or any type flooring or rugs

  14. Hazel England says:

    Would like some carpeting,partial boxes of laminate flooring. Will trade or work for them

  15. Hazel England says:

    Have several rings, braclets, earrings for sale or trade Also if anyone needs help with spring cleaning and beyond contact me. 423=626=0404

  16. Hazel England says:

    Have 2dinette sets 6chair for sale or trade for a smaller one

  17. I don't like yoy says:

    What the fuck!! all you do is take me in circles. I can’t find any yard sales on you listings.

  18. joy nagle says:

    looking for garage sales in hurricane ut

  19. Andrea says:

    How can I post my yard sale

  20. Vicki says:

    Looking for the rolls of carpet someone wanted to give away last weekend. Any left? I hope.

  21. Lisa Fagan says:

    I am looking for yard sales and garage sales in Derry, Londonderry, Salem , Pelham, Hampstead and Chester

  22. Baseball collection says:

    The yard sale is at 1145 hwy 64 east. Judsonia ark 72081 Saturday till noon. Today the 17th of Aug cheep some never warn but once.

  23. Baseball collection says:

    Small yard sale little girls clothes and shoes and toys books and dress are beautiful two dollars and 1 for most stuff.

  24. Stephanie g says:

    Yard sale 74 Wescroft road,reading ma
    Clothing, home decor, blankets, coats, priced to move !!! 8-17-19 /9-2:00pm

  25. Betty says:

    Yard sale Saturday August 17 . 182 Darlington Circle lincoln university Pa

  26. Judith Fay says:

    Any yard sales near me Hiddenite North Carolina 28636

  27. Diana Kapity says:

    Lots of collector Barbies for sale! Fri. Aug. 9 & Sat. Aug. 10. 9 am at 286 Columbine in Akron 44312. Also curved glass China cabinet, grandfather clock, & lots of other stuff. All priced to sell!

  28. Tange durr says:

    Is there any in Milwaukee WI tommorow

  29. Tom dolan says:

    Monstrous yard sale Saturday, June 29 at 71 Sakonnet Bl.,Narragansett, RI.
    Starts at 10am – 5 pm.
    Hundreds of new items still in the box

  30. Kimberley ross says:

    Are there yardsales in eufaula on June 22 2019

  31. Connie Katein says:

    are there any yard, garage or estate sales in Delaware county, PA in June 2019

  32. Bobbyplummer says:

    I’m looking for garage sales in Warsaw Indiana looking for desktop computer and electronic you can reach me on my cellphone please text me at 5743225112 and email address is [email protected]

  33. Don McGahey says:

    Looking for a used washing machine, good to fair condition, must work.

  34. Mary wilson says:

    Trying to get list of yard sales in Loveland Ohio 45140 for 6/7&6/8

  35. Ann says:

    Yard Sale: 4364 Parkview Dr, Lithia Springs , Ga 30180 flea market items, furniture, toys, clothing, swimming pool ladders plus and misc household items.

  36. Kim hanks says:

    Wanting local sale sites

  37. Brenda says:

    Im looking for 2 halfbeds

  38. Sarah Russell says:

    Zaneaville Ohio

  39. Donna says:

    Looking for yard roller for behind riding mower email [email protected]

  40. Crystal Hubbard says:


  41. Tomas martinez says:

    I am looking for a used truck ford f250

  42. Kelli Ensley says:

    Hugh moving sale on 2.23 from 7am to 11am everything must go. Furniture, toys, clothing, dishes, China. By the way did I say furniture lots of it. Pampered chef items. All has to leave. In the house sell. See items on letitgo. Look for Kelli ensley. Address 7303 scenic village lane, whitsett. NC. See you then

  43. Jim says:

    I am looking for a used wooden toboggan. Help!

  44. Marie says:

    Doggie Yappy Hour Ladies
    Tomorrow Saturday 09:00
    Doggie Corner Redlands & Falmouth
    Playa del Rey!!!!

  45. Shan Arnold says:

    Yard Sale! Sat 10/27/2018 from 6:30am-12pm. I have several pieces of furniture, pictures, basketball goal, toys and clothes. (bed, couch, dresser, dinning room table, etc…) 5497 Highbury Lane, Arlington, TN 38002

  46. Kyra Reed says:

    Meh I am looking for lps 😏 I have 192 lps lol 😝

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  50. Elizabeth says:

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  52. Deborah Carroll says:

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  53. Deborah Carroll says:

    Ive got men’s suits shirts and dress PA to for sale contact me 281-738-6165

  54. Scott says:

    Every time I look they want me to join something. I just want to know where the yard sales are and not look at a bounch of ads

  55. Terry says:

    Looking for good push mower with big Tires onda back

  56. Walt Weese says:

    site is worthless

  57. Vornberger says:

    It would s a pitiful situation when u r unable to local garage sale ads like we used to do with the Community

  58. Ray Moore says:

    Conroe area, cleaning out shop and things I don’t use or need. Would like to sell all to dealer or reseller of garage sale items. ATV / motorcycle lift, 1 ton “A” frame lift. Motorcycle helmets & stuff. Radial are saw, shop tables, 10′ x 10′ wood shed, Harley Ultra, etc. I could have a garage sale but don’t want to bother.

  59. Ramona landreth says:

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  61. Kelly says:

    I really can’t see any yard sales near me. How do I post that I am having a yard sale. I live in North Carolina, in the Yadkin/Wilkes/Surry area. I believe this site could be very useful. Do people really visit yard sales even in November? Any information would be great. Have a blessed day.

  62. Chuck Hubble says:

    Large Yard Sale in Mechanicsville on Saturday November 4 at 8164 Greenview Rd 23111 off Bell Creek Rd.

  63. Effie says:

    im getting my apt soon and have no furniture i will find some furniture they say estate sales

  64. Effie says:

    im LOOKING for storage bins with lids dont need to be new i have a GLASS desk on offer up for 5 to 10 BINS no scratches great shape i just need the bins more then i need a glass desk besides id rater have a wood desk

  65. Helen says:

    Huge indoor garage sale. Multi family.
    Furniture, collectibles, lamps, pictures, dishes…too much to list…
    160 Andrew Drive, Stockbridge, Georgia 30281.
    Oct 13 and 14th. 9 to. 1

  66. Susan England says:

    Wrightalini Bakery AppleButter Festival
    Weekend Yard Sale & Spiedie Grill Event!
    When: Friday and Saturday, October 6 & 7th
    Time: 9:00 to 7:00
    Where: 176 Wisteria Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV
    Heading South on Rt. 522, 1.3 miles past Cacapon State Park, turn left on Marigold. 1/4 mile to Wisteria Lane, follow signs.
    Heading North on Rt. 522, 1.5 miles past Fish Hatchery Road, turn right onto Marigold. Follow signs.
    Don will be cooking Spiedie’s!

  67. Kathleen Eisele says:

    Yard sale 10-7-17 Saturday 9am- till sold out (3)
    235 West Winona Ave Norwood Pa
    Yard sale Great items for sale furniture ( dining room set tables living room set ) – Decor – holiday decorations – Yard tools and Decour – Vases – wall hangings – enough stuff to furnish a house.

  68. Cathy says:

    Huge Yard sale, everything is in great shape! Mens & women’s clothing, shoes etc. Kitchen items, other house-hold items, good prices! Plz stop by & check it out, all money made will be used to pay my rent as I was robbed& suffered a huge loss financially. Also: I am accepting any & all donations. 737 S.E. Russel ST., Camas Washington,98607

  69. Susan barry says:

    Sat 9/16 9am-3pm & Sun 9/17 9am-2pm
    Wedding/Party Supplies:
    • 100 Brand New White Cloth Napkins still in package
    • 109” Round White Polyester Tablecloths
    • Square Table Toppers in Turquois and Lavender
    • Chair Sashes in Satin and Organza in White and Turquois
    • Beach Themed decorations and supplies
    • Lavender decorations and supplies
    • Candles
    Kitchen & Entertainment items
    Holiday Serving Pieces
    Tupperware items
    Princess House items
    Household good
    Plastic Cups & Glasses
    Children’s Books
    …….and more

  70. Traci says:

    Yard sale Fri and Sat 8-3 1109 roswell road Knoxville TN 37923. Lots of hristmas, cloths antiques.

  71. Katie says:

    Multifamily yard sale. Sat 9/9 from 7-11. Wellesdey neighboorhood. Conveniently located by 378 & I-20. Address: 200 Tolbert Court, Lexington, SC. Over 20 houses participating.

  72. Jezabel Shelly says:

    Thanks so much helped me allot