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With more than 800 locations throughout the Southern United States, Zaxby’s has been frying up delicious chicken dishes since 1990. From wings and fingers to sandwiches and salads, this fast food chicken joint is anything but standard. Forget everything you know about fast food fried chicken, when it comes to Zaxby’s is one of a kind.

Are you interested in finding a Zaxby’s location in your area? Simply browse Zaxby’s near me on the map below and find a list of Zaxby’s restaurants in your area. Need a bit more information on Zaxby’s, read on for facts and trivia on this top chicken chain.

Zaxby’s Near Me – Find it on the Map

Zaxby’s Near Me – Zaxby’s Trivia

Where was the first Zaxby’s restaurant established?

Established in Statesboro, Georgia near the Georgia Southern University campus, Zaxby’s took fried chicken by storm in 1990. Childhood friends Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley wanted to open a casual dining restaurant that offered made fresh chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, salads and appetizers at a price even a college student could afford. In order to set themselves apart from their chicken frying counterparts, Zaxby’s created a line of one of a kind dipping sauces that are offered with every order of chicken fingers. The sauces range from mild, to moderate (known as “Zax sauce”) and the insanely hot “nuclear” and “Insane.” If you’re searching Zaxby’s near me, be sure to try one of every kind of sauce!

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Zaxby’s decor always reflects the area in which the restaurant is located in. This is a vast difference from other major fast food chains that follow one particular decor and color scheme.

How much money did the Zaxby’s founders pull together to start the chain?

By doing odd jobs, begging friends, and pooling together their money; founders Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley were able to pull together $8,000 a piece in order to get their non-boring chicken finger chain off the ground. The duo took out a mortgage for the store, hoping to make a good living and create a few jobs. The chain took off almost immediately. Now Zaxby’s grosses almost $1.25 million per location every year. With 800 locations, it’s safe to say that these founders more than made their money back!
True or false: Zaxby’s ninth fastest growing fast food chain in the United States.

True! While searching Zaxby’s near me, you can rest assured that Zaxby’s will only offer more locations in the coming years. According to statistics, Zaxby’s is the ninth fastest growing fast food chain in the United States, opening an average of 80 stores per year. The chain already has committed to opening 70 stores within the next year. Overall the company averages $8.3 billion a year.

True or false: Zaxby’s restaurants are typically decorated to reflect the community they are a part of.

True! If you’re searching Zaxby’s near me, you can bet that the decor of your local Zaxby’s will reflect the community that you live in. In order to personalize every Zaxby’s location, the chain decorates each franchise a bit differently to reflect the culture and overall vibe of the community it is a part of. This is part of Zaxby’s effort to feel less like a chain and more like a one of a kind restaurant.

Zaxby’s Near Me – Zaxby’s Facts

Celebrity Endorsements

Zaxby’s hasn’t always had a long string of celebrity endorsements, but since 2007, the chain has boasted a long running series of commercials featuring well known celebrity personalities eating at Zaxby’s and enjoying their various menu items. Celebrities who have appeared in Zaxby’s ads include Penny Marshall, CIndy Williams, Bobby Allison, Evander Holyfield, Jerry Rice, John Schneider, Alyson Stoner, Kerri Strug, Richard Karn, Spud Webb, and David Garrand. Given Zaxby’s enormous growth, one can only expect more celebrities to jump on the Zaxby’s train!

A Dream While Playing Basketball

If you know anything about the history of Zaxby’s then you might know that founders Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley, were hanging out and playing basketball at Zach’s when they first conceptualized the idea of Zaxby’s. The duo had zero knowledge on running a business, let alone a restaurant; but they knew one thing for sure: the chicken around them was okay but not great. They also knew that the local wing joints were good, but lacked personality and the freshness factor. Because of this the duo dreamt up Zaxby’s while playing basketball and discussing chicken joints in their area. Sometimes dreaming big really does pay off! While you’re searching Zaxby’s near me, consider just how far this duo and their restaurant chain have come since those days spent missing foul shots and trash talking one another.

Zaxby’s Core Values

Like any good restaurant establishment, Zaxby’s has a list of core values that it never compromises for the sake of money or growth. While Zaxby’s wants to be successful and expand, they also want to do so on their own terms. Find below a list of Zaxby’s core values:

1. Always be guest focused

Zaxby’s number one priority? Customers like you who are searching Zaxby’s near me and dining in their restaurants. From the design of their restaurants to the quality of their customer service, guests are the number one priority at Zaxby’s.

2. Develop Talent

At Zaxby’s people are the most important asset. Attracting the best talent and developing employees into top customer service strategists is key.

3. Operational Excellence

Zaxby’s holds itself to the highest standards. Not only do they always consider customer feedback, but it’s the cornerstone of their operational excellence plan.

4. Continuous Improvement

Zaxby’s never wants to be a part of the status quo, which is why they are always striving to improve themselves and how they are.

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