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When you want a fun activity for the day, one of the best things you could do is head to the zoo. While there is a bit of controversy surrounding zoos and their treatment of wild animals, there’s no denying that it can be quite the experience to visit one especially for younger children. The children can’t help but get excited at seeing all the amazing creatures they couldn’t see elsewhere.

Most zoos hold a variety of exotic animals that can only be found in different countries. If you’re interested in seeing some animals, just search for zoos near me.

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What Does the Melbourne Zoo teach its elephants?

Something that the zoo has been teaching its elephants is to paint! There is an exhibit called the The Trail of Elephants that holds the zoo’s collection of Asian elephants. Since the 1970’s, they brought two elephants known as Mek Kapah and Bong Su. The zoo was gifted with three young female elephants from Thailand in 2003 and that was wen the breeding program started and three elephants have been born in the first ten years of the program. Of the two original elephants that have been there, Bong Su has become quite successful with selling paintings. His artwork is actually for sale in the Melbourne Zoo shop.

zoo near me

You can find quite the array of exotic animals in zoos around the world

What Was At The San Diego Zoo?

A creature that existed at the zoo for awhile was a two-headed corn snake known as Thelma and Louise. It’s hasn’t been on view in awhile so its not sure if the snake has passed on yet or not.

What Escaped From The London Zoo In 1965?

What happened in 1965 actually caused a nationwide sensation! Goldie the golden eagle escaped from the London zoo while his cage was being cleaned. His adventure was covered by the media and there was traffic jams were caused from all the people coming to view him Regent’s Park. The zoo received many letters and phone calls about the situation and all the crowds that gathered to see him. They used quite a few different techniques to try and capture him but very few were unsuccessful. They even tried using equipment borrowed from the the Royal Navy and an Ethiopian bird pipe. The only thin g that was successful in capturing him was luring him back with a dead rabbit.

What Did The Melbourne Zoo build in 1985?

What the zoo built in 1985 was something that wasn’t really heard of before. They built the Butterfly House A Butterfly House was a large glasshouse that you can use to enter and travel through different climates where the natives plants affect the nature. If you’re interested in checking out a zoo around you, just search zoos near me to find the closest location.

Zoo Near Me – Zoo Facts

Did you know that in the Detroit Zoo, there is a habitat known as the Arctic Ring of Life? It is actually the world’s largest habitat for polar bears. The Arctic Ring of Life was opened in October of 2001 and in 2015, the exhibit was named as the second place finisher in the “USA Today” reader’s choice poll for best zoo exhibit. This exhibit has both polar bears and sea lions and allows visitors to walk under a viewing area so they can watch the animals swim over and around them.

In early 2011, a three-month-old African penguin that went by the name of Leona, got out of her enclosure at the Munster Zoo in Germany but she she didn’t go very far in her adventures. She ended up wandering into an enclosure with lions. Luckily though for Leona, the lions were sleeping and paid the the penguin no mind. The zookeepers were able to lead her out with a trail of herring.

The Detroit Zoo holds an exhibit for some creatures that you can’t find anywhere else. What the zoo holds is the Dinosauria exhibit and it is one of the zoo’s biggest attractions for visitor’s of all ages.
For the first 20 years it existed, it was advertised as a Zoorassic Park and carried a premium fee to enter. The exhibit includes 40 life-like animation beasts that are spread out all over a 5-acre trail designed to recreate prehistoric life.

Another cool thing in the Detroit Zoo is that they allow their visitors to feed the giraffes during certain times of the day. This started in 2007 and during each feeding section, they select fifty zoo patrons to be allowed on the upper deck of the Giraffe Encounter in order to the animals. The number is limited to fifty to ensure that the animals aren’t overfed. The Giraffe Encounter decks that are in the zoo are designed in a way to allow patrons to walk at head level for the animals. That way the giraffes don’t have to worry about bending down during feeding. If you’re interested in checking out a zoo that’s close to you, just search zoo near me in order to find your nearest destination.

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