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For animal enthusiasts or just those looking to get closer to their favorite animals, a zoo is an amazing place to view animals from all over the world all while learning a bit more about their natural habitats and way of life. Zoos can be excellent educational opportunities in addition to being a fantastic form of family recreation.

Are you interested in finding a zoo near you? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse zoos near me on the map below and find a list of zoos located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information about zoos? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more as you search for your perfect day at the zoo!

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Zoos Near Me – Zoos Trivia

Where was the earliest known zoo first discovered?

Zoos pepper the United States from coast to coast in the modern age, but this hasn’t always been the case in North America. Though zoos haven’t always been popular, some historians believe that their history dates back much farther than had previously been believed. The earliest known zoo was recently discovered during excavations near Hierakonpolis in Egypt. This was once Egypt’s largest urban center and a vital cultural heartbeat during 3500 BC. So far, the dig has produced remains of hippos, wildcats, baboons, and elephants. All of which were buried in the cities elite cemeteries. According to these historians, pharoahs would often demand that wild animals be captured and retained for their own personal amusement and entertainment purposes. It was believed that holding wild animals in such a way proved a major intimidation tactic for rival civilizations who saw the wild animals as a display of power and wealth. Obviously these early zoos were nothing like the zoos we know today. They weren’t open to the public and were likely reserved only for the elite of society. They were also very limited in the amount of animals that were placed on display. There was no importing animals from halfway around the world, instead, they captured whatever animals they could find near the home city. As you search zoos near me, think about how much zoos have changed since their early inception in 3500 BC.

zoos near me

A zoo can be a great place to view wild animals from all over the world!

Where was the first American zoo opened?

Zoos in America are not quite as old as their European and Egyptian counterparts, but they still hold a great deal of history. According to historians, the first American zoo was opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1890. The opening of the zoo was actually delayed 25 years due to the ongoing civil war between the Union and the Confederate south. On that first day, more than 3,000 people lined up to get into the new zoo, paying just .25 cents each to see a variety of animals and even plant life. The Philadelphia Zoo still exists today and is one of America’s largest and most revered zoological institutions. Of course, if you’re going to try and get in for .25 cents, think again. Admission to the zoo today will set you back $23 and parking will set you back $16 each. Of course, when you consider the price of an ordinary amusement park (around $60) the price of a day at the zoo doesn’t seem quite so high! As you search zoos near me, make sure to visit zoo websites for any ticket deals or discounts. Many will offer you a coupon for ordering your tickets ahead of time. Most zoos also offer group rates and special rates for children and senior citizens. Do your research and you might still be able to get into the zoo for as little money as possible.

Zoos Near Me – Zoos Facts

A Longer Lifespan

One fact that may surprise you as you search zoos near me is that animals living in zoos typically enjoy a much longer lifespan than those that live in the wild. While some zoos have struggled to give animals proper space, a well run and ethical zoo such as the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, can give animals a great quality of life. So why the longer lifespan? In zoos, most animals have access to better food, veterinary care and shelter. They also don’t have to worry about being attacked and possible eaten by deadly predators. Since they are in a more controlled environment, they also do not suffer from the effects of brutal weather, such as very dry heat or very extreme cold. Of course, this increase in lifespan isn’t true of all animals. While most animals will live longer in the captivity of a zoo, elephants are the one species that live decidedly longer than in the wild. According to animal scientists, Zoo born African and Asian elephants typically live between 17 and 20 years. In the wild, the same type of elephants can live as long as 56 years. That’s a pretty big difference. Even more puzzling is the fact that elephants who are captured in the wild and taken to a zoo live longer than those who are simply born in captivity. It is believed that this all has to do with the elephants early formative years between the ages of three and four when factors such as stress, obesity, and lack of exercise can determine the length of their adult lives.

Unlikely Animal Friendships

Zoos are far from perfect and can have their flaws, but when run in an ethical and proper manner they can be a great resource for the public to gain an appreciation for the true wonder of wild animals. Zoos have also been known to breed some pretty unlikely animal friendships. Consider this as you search zoos near me. Back in 2001, a trio of animals were rescued from a drug raid in Atlanta, Georgia. Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger, and Leo the lion were all rescued simultaneously and taken to the Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue Center in Locust Grove, Georgia. According to workers and visitors of the rescue, the now fully grown trio all live in the same enclosure and are completely inseparable. The three animals are the best of friends. They not only eat and sleep together, they hug, wrestle, frolic, and do all of the things best friends do. In fact, they’re so gentle with one another, that some workers have likened these three unlikely friends to a box of kittens innocently playing with one another.

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