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In a fast paced world where fitness doesn’t always seem to fit seamlessly into a schedule, Anytime Fitness is allowing health conscious individuals to get in a workout on their own terms. With hours that are convenient to the average American worker and state of the art equipment, Anytime Fitness is truly a gym unlike any other.

Are you interested in finding an Anytime fitness location near you? Simply browse Anytime Fitness near me on the map below and find a list of Anytime Fitness locations near you. Need a bit more information? Read on for a list of facts, trivia, and more on Anytime Fitness.

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Anytime Fitness Near Me – Anytime Fitness Trivia

Who founded Anytime Fitness?

Sometimes a business is only as good as the people who founded it and claimed it as their own. After all, it was their simple idea that lead to a landslide of creative progress and eventually turned into a concrete reality. Anytime Fitness was first founded in 2002 by Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger. The trio first met in the early 1990s while working at a fitness club in St. Paul Minnesota. They came to realize that many gyms were lacking in terms of convenience and that many were left high and dry due to strict hours of operation. In an attempt to get into the industry, the trio purchased and ran the Southview Athletic Club for a total of seven years. During their ownership of the club, the membership rose from 500 to 4000, a dramatic increase that the trio couldn’t help but take notice of. They sold the gym off in 2001. During ownership of the Southview club, they worked for a consulting firm focused on improving athletic clubs across the United States. While consulting on other undeveloped clubs, they developed the idea for Anytime Fitness. This allowed them to survey the expectations that long term gym members (rather than six week resolution makers) had for large gyms and fitness clubs in general. As you search Anytime Fitness near me, consider how a gym of this nature fits into your busy lifestyle.

anytime fitness near me

Anytime Fitness can help you fit in a workout at any time of day.

Where did the first Anytime Fitness location open?

As you search Anytime Fitness near me, you may be wondering where exactly the first Anytime Fitness location opened in 2002. After adding Eric Keller, to the team in 2002, the first Anytime Fitness location was opened in Cambridge, Minnesota. He was not only interested in their business concept and agreed to become the very first franchise owner. The original owners chose site location, developed marketing strategies, equipment selection, and membership sales. The site of Cambridge was chosen due to the lack of other fitness clubs present in the immediate area. Cambridge also boasted a population large enough to support a fitness club. Shortly afterwards, two more locations were added to the roster, all run by former Southview Athletic Club employees in both Duluth and Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Anytime Fitness Near Me – Anytime Fitness Facts

Does Bank Account Affect Gym Habits?

Here’s a fact you might not know while searching Anytime Fitness near me? The size of your bank account may just directly affect your daily gym habits. The question is, does it affect your habits in a negative or a positive way? Research being conducted by the charity Nuffield Health over several years found that people who earned a high degree of income and had a larger bank account were more likely to go to the gym than those who had lower yearly incomes and less in savings. The study of 1,600 participants found that anyone living on less than $25,000 a year only went to the gym or worked out for about an hour a week. Those earning more than $50,000 a year went to the gym on average for three hours per week. Many attribute this to the fact that those on a lower income have less disposable income than those high yearly salaries. They also tend to be spread more thin in terms of free time, often working off hours and finding great difficulty in going to the gym. A gym is often also seen as an unnecessary expense of for penny pinchers who are on a tight budget. Many need to save money for food, rent, and more exact purposes.

Looking for Romance?

You might not consider the gym to be a very romantic place, especially if you’re searching Anytime Fitness near me, but experts agree that if you’re looking for romance or even a hookup, you might just want to try the gym before signing up for that eHarmony account. Despite the fact that many of us look our worst at the gym, a new study commissioned by Kettler found that more than 2,000 participants found that a whopping 50% of gym goers admit to only going to the gym to check out members of the opposite sex or to meet new friends. Almost a third of all people who went to the gym admitted that they’ve never even worked up a sweat while going to the gym. Not only going to the gym leave you feeling confident (that is if you work out), but it could also lead to a date with a like minded individual who also enjoys staying fit and maintaining physical health.

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