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Looking to dive head first into the enthralling world of French cuisine? A brasserie is your best bet. Brassieres serve very traditional French cuisine and can be either very casual or very upscale. Unlike some French restaurants, brasseries serve throughout the day, sometimes until very late at night.

They also tend to have a far more extensive menu than a restaurant or bistro. All while serving up the very best in French cuisine. Looking to find a brasserie near you? Simply browse brasserie near me on the map below and find a list of the best brasseries in your local area. Need a bit more information on brasseries? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

Brasserie Near Me – Find it on the Map

Brasserie Near Me – Trivia

What’s the difference between a brasserie and a bistro?

Brasseries and bistros are both very french in concept, yet these two restaurant types are not one in the same. What’s the difference between a brasserie and a bistro? Read on for the answer as you search brasserie near me. In France, a brasserie is simply a type of French restaurant with a relaxed setting. It serves single dishes and other meals. It can either be very ornate and upscale or a bit more casual. A brasserie will always boast professional service, printed menus, and white linen tablecloths. A bistro is a very small restaurant that serves more moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting.

They always serve alcohol and are very casual. You won’t find the table service or the level of detail that you would in a brasserie. Bistros are almost always defined by the foods they serve rather than their aesthetic or appearance. They are also a bit cheaper in price than a brasserie. Unlike a bistro, a brasserie is open nearly everyday of the week and serves the same menu all day. One of the most common dishes you’ll find at a brasserie is steak frites.

Brasserie Near Me

Some brasseries are very upscale, others are far more relaxed.

What does the word brasserie mean?

Brasserie is actually a French word meaning “brewery.” It was first used in the English language in 1864. How did the word first originate? According to historians, the word “brasserie” stems from the fact that beer was first brewed on premises rather than brought in. This means that an inn or restaurant could brew its own beer and supply the food, which often lead to a more convenient stop for travelers and those looking for both.

True or false: Brasseries are expensive.

This can be both true and false depending on the location. For example, a brasserie in New York city is likely going to be pretty pricey. At this type of brasserie, you can easily expect to pay upwards of $20 for a single meal. If a brasserie is located in a small town or more suburban area, expect the food to be quite affordable and in line with what you would expect to pay at a mid-range restaurant.

In this case, dishes can range from $14-$20, with more expensive menu items costing around $25-$30. The cost of a brasserie meal also depends on the chef’s expertise and the overall rating of the restaurant itself. As you search brasserie near me, consider how location can be a great indicator of what you can expect to pay for your meal.

Brasserie Near Me – Facts

Do they serve beer at a brasserie?

As you search brasserie near me, consider the type of beverages you might be able to choose from at your local brasserie! Some French restaurants can be a bit uptight when it comes to beer- often preferring to serve wine or cocktails. When visiting a brasseries, will you be able to order a great beer from the menu? Most definitely!

Historically speaking, most of the brasseries in Paris were and still do revolve around beer. Beer is a traditional drink in the part of France that is closest to Germany and the region in which the brasserie was first formed. You’ll find a distinctly Alsatian flavor in brasseries, with dishes that often feature French dishes with a bit of German flair. It is not uncommon to find sausages and sauerkraut along with pot-au-feu to confit de canard.

What to wear to a brasserie?

Given that brasseries can either be kind of casual or super upscale, you might be wondering what you should wear to your dinner or lunch. To start, do some research online. Look at photos of the dining room and staff. If the dining room features white linens and cloth napkins, you’re going to want to dress somewhat nicely. A nice blouse and trousers is ideal for a woman. A dress or skirt would also do. For men, a crisp button down or something similar will do the trick. There is no need to wear a sport coat or suit, that’s not required at a brasserie. However, some brasseries are very upscale.

In that case you’ll want to inquire as to whether or not they require a coat or jacket at the dinner table. This can be done when you make reservations. Other brasseries are very casual. At a casual brasserie, you can get away with wearing most things so long as your outfit isn’t sloppy or akin to workout wear. Don’t’ expect to wear leggings or any kind of activewear to a sit down brasserie unless you are going for lunch or breakfast. As you search brasserie near me, remember that a dinner reservation will likely require a more formal outfit than simply stopping by for breakfast or lunch.

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