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With over 44,000 locations across 110 different countries, Subway is unquestionably the world’s largest fast food franchise. Since it’s inception in 1965 as a small town sub shop, this sandwich emporium has grown into one of the largest corporations in the world. By serving up fresh ingredients and offering health conscious menu options, Subway has carved out a spot for itself in the fast food world that is simply irreplaceable.

Now that the brand has grown exponentially, Subway no longer just offers subs. Some locations offer breakfast, pizza, and baked goods. Interested in finding a Subway near you? Simply browse Subway near me on the map below and find a Subway within a few miles of your current location. You’ll be chowing down in a five dollar footlong in no time at all! Need a few more facts on Subway? Read on for interesting facts and trivia about the king of sandwiches!

Subway Near Me – Find it on the Map

Subway Near Me – Subway Trivia

How many sandwich combinations are on the Subway menu?

While you’re searching Subway near me, you might be wondering just how many ways a Subway sandwich can be concocted. According to Subway savants, there are over 37 million sandwich combinations available on the Subway menu. No wonder Subway serves 5,300 sandwiches every 30 seconds. With endless possibilities even the pickiest eater can find a sandwich to suit their needs. Now that the brand also offers gluten free options, most dietary needs are currently met by this sub savvy shop.

subway near me

Subway allows each and every customer to put their own sandwich together. Their sandwich artists are truly their to make every customer happy.

True or false: Subway uses 16 acres of lettuce per day.

If you’re searching Subway near me, you may be hankering for a veggie delight or even a classic Italian. If so, your sandwich is going to include some lettuce. Since lettuce is one of the more classic sub toppings available, Subway has admitted that it goes through the equivalent of 16 acres of lettuce everyday in preparing sandwiches for the masses. While we’re sure that lettuce farmers aren’t exactly angry about the demand, some lettuce loving bunnies might be. Other commonly used veggies include tomatoes, onions, baby spinach, and red peppers. I

True or false: The most underused ingredient at Subway is Oregano.

This fact is true! While many people enjoy Oregano on Italian style subs and sandwiches, the topping is largely underused in favor of more potent herbs and spices. The theory goes that most consumers actually forget that oregano is even in an option on their sub!

True or False: Subway foot longs are not actually a foot long.

This one is false! Subway takes great pride in making sure that every Subway footlong sandwich is actually a foot long. The brand has even accounted for shrinkage that may occur during the bread baking process. When it comes to the footlong, you’re never getting ripped off at a Subway location. While some have accused the brand of shorting consumers on their subs in the past, Subway has gone to great lengths to make sure their five dollar foot longs are actually up to snuff.

Subway Near Me – Subway Facts

The BMT Sandwich

The BMT is one of Subway’s most popular sandwich combinations. Did you know that this sandwich was named after an actual subway? That’s right, the Italian BMT which now stands for “biggest, meatiest, tastiest” was originally named after the Brooklyn-Manhattan transit system. While one might not equate public transportation to sandwiches, Subway found a way to make their namesake even more relevant.

Subway Fast Facts

If you’re searching Subway near me, then it’s important that you have your facts straight. Here are twelve fast facts about the king of subs.

1. Subway was actually started by a 17 year old boy with a $1,000 loan from a family friend.

2. Subway once hosted a fashion show known as “Project Subway.”

3. When Subway first opened, subs cost just .49 cents each. That’s pretty affordable for most folks!

4. Subway currently has more restaurants than McDonalds.

5. Like many restaurants, Subway has a secret menu. With a little internet sleuthing you can easily access this secret list of sandwiches!

6. You can always get free Subway when it rains in Los Angeles. Of course, it doesn’t rain in Los Angeles very often at all.

7. Subway serves 7.6 million subs every day. That’s enough to feed nearly every person in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas!

8. On average, Subway has opened two locations per day since opening. The only other chain to keep this pace? Starbucks.

9. According to statistics, Subway uses enough cheese to fill 600,000 professional ice hockey rinks.

10. Subway is planning on having a total of 50,000 restaurant locations by the end of 2018.

11. Subway uses more tuna than any other restaurant in the food industry. They also use boat loads of tomatoes and frozen cookie dough.

12. Subway aims to only use hand picked olives instead of machine picked olives. Not only is this method said to boast better tasting olives, but it keeps individuals in this industry employed.

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