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For the individual who is on the go or needs to make multiple stops, stopping by a standalone pharmacy can prove a total time suck. Not only do many standalone pharmacies or drugstores take hours to fill a single prescription, but they don’t always offer the choices in generic drugs that options such as Walmart Pharmacy offers. Walmart Pharmacy is conveniently located, cost effective, and fast. Their goal is to get you in and out and on your way to wellness as quickly as possible.

Are you interested in finding a Walmart Pharmacy near you? Simply browse Walmart Pharmacy near me on the map below and find a list of Walmart pharmacies located within a close proximity to your current location. Seeking a bit more information on Walmart and their pharmacy? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Walmart Pharmacy Near Me – Find it on the Map

Walmart Pharmacy Near Me – Walmart Pharmacy Trivia

True or false: Every Walmart Pharmacy offers a selection of $4 prescriptions.

In the United States, health care is not guaranteed to all citizens. Even if gainfully employed or working a full time job, some individuals cannot afford a healthcare plan that offers low deductibles, low cost prescriptions, and affordable copays. Those with “cadillac” insurance plans even face high costs when it comes to many prescription drugs, especially if your prescriptions are being filled at a traditional pharmacy. Luckily, you’ll have one major advantage over many prescription fillers if you’re searching Walmart Pharmacy near me. Not only does Walmart offer fast and easy refill services, but the brand currently offers hundreds of prescription drugs at just $4. Everything from common antibiotics like Amoxicillin to mental health drugs such as Trazodone are all available for $4. The brand has taken great strides in ensuring that Walmart pharmacy customers have access to the proper prescriptions for a reasonable price. You will not sacrifice quality or experience money woes when going with a generic brand drug at a Walmart pharmacy.

walmart pharmacy near me

Almost every Walmart location has a Walmart Pharmacy tucked inside.

True or false: Walmart offers home delivery on prescriptions.

If you’re elderly, disabled, or lacking in transportation, picking up your prescription refills can often prove a huge hassle. Not only are you tasked with relying on others to help out in a pinch, but you feel as if your independence is compromised. Thankfully, if you’re searching Walmart Pharmacy near me, there’s a solution. Given that prescription medications are an essential component of one’s health, happiness, comfort, and overall well being, it makes sense that prescription home delivery should be an option for those who aren’t mobile. Walmart offers a pharmacy home delivery service to those who qualify and meet certain standards in regards to insurance. This innovative home delivery services takes all of the logistical planning out of having to pick up your prescriptions. Not only can you have pharmaceuticals delivered right to your doorstep, but you’re guaranteed the same low prices that those shopping in store are granted. To sign up for pharmacy home delivery, all you need to do is call the Walmart Pharmacy Home Delivery Department to set up an account and arrange a day and time for your deliveries. Your doctor’s office will need to call in your prescription, which will save you from having to drop the prescription off at the store. If all you have is a paper prescription, you can print and mail in a registration form if you’re looking to participate.

Walmart Pharmacy Near Me – Walmart Pharmacy Facts

Pet Medications

Often times, our beloved four legged friends can need as many prescriptions as we do in order to stay healthy and happy later in life. From flea prevention to arthritis relief, pets often require medication in order to maintain their overall quality of life. Luckily if you’re searching Walmart Pharmacy near me, you’ll find that every Walmart Pharmacy also carries pet medications at the same everyday low prices offered to humans. This puts the prescriptions you need within reach, which means your dog or cat can have a long and happy life. Once you are an established pharmacy customer, you can quickly set up an online account and order your pet medications right through the website or via the Walmart Pharmacy mobile app. You can also either choose in-store pickup or home delivery. Of course, prior to signing up for an account, you’ll have to provide a valid prescription for the met medication you are looking to obtain. You can either have your vet phone the pharmacy, or have an e-script sent in. Local rules and regulations plus your vets private policies may govern the options you have when setting up an initial prescription fill. However, after you have your prescription filled one time, you’ll be able to use the online ordering system just as you do with your own medications. That’s saving time and money!

The Mobile Pharmacy

Need a prescription filled fast but don’t want the hassle of stepping foot in an actual pharmacy? You’re in luck! If you’re searching Walmart Pharmacy near me, all you need to do is sign up for online prescription refills through Walmart or download the app. Then with just a few taps of your smartphone or a few clicks of a mouse, you can quickly and easily refill an active prescription with or without a Walmart account. If you don’t yet have a Walmart account, all you really need is the prescription label.This gives you the option to move to another pharmacy in the future if you sco choose. While on the app, you can browse through Walmart’s assortment of $4 prescriptions. Simply browse by your known condition, and see the generic drug price and the quantity information. Getting prescriptions has never been easier!

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