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Need a tasty treat to beat the summer heat? Why not go right to the serene highness herself, Dairy queen! With several different varieties of soft serve ice cream, shakes, and slushie drinks, it’s no wonder that several franchise locations can be found all over the country! If you want to locate a “Dairy Queen near me”, just find your area on the map and red balloons should pop up.

Super easy, right? DQ first made it’s coronation in Kankakee Illinois, when a father and son duo created a soft serve ice cream that flew off the shelves of a local friend’s ice cream store. Since then, Dairy Queen has become an American treat loved in every state.

Dairy Queen Near Me – Find it on the Map

Dairy Queen Near Me – Dairy Queen Trivia

What was the name of the tasty treat that became a fan favorite in 1955?

The Dilly Bar! The Dilly bar is a delectable soft serve bar coated in a hard candy shell. You can choose three tasty flavors and they are super affordable and yummy.

What is a “Brazier” Dairy Queen store?

The Brazier stores are Dairy Queen stores that offer not only cold desserts, but also hot stuff like Burgers and Hot Dogs. The stores are not really named Brazier anymore, but they are serving a lot more grilled items at these bigger DQ locations.

What controversial coffee drink is still served at Dairy Queen?

In 2004, The Moolatte stirred up some patrons due to the close resemblance to the word Mulatto, which is a racial term used for people of mixed races that is politically incorrect today. The drink is still around with the original name and you can get Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

dairy queen near me

Dairy Queen logos are the same everywhere.

Which state has the most Dairy Queens?

It’s no surprise that DQ would flourish in the Lone Star state. Being the second biggest state in the U.S., Texas has over 600 locations! The Texas locations also offer a variety of special menu items that can only be found in the state like the Dude fried steak sandwich, Tacos, and the Belt Buster burger.

Which dessert was created by a store employee?

The Cheesequake became a success when a young lady that worked at a California location combined cheesecake with ice cream. It was permanently added to the menu and the young lady was awarded free Dairy Queen for a year! Oh, and bragging rights, of course.

Which four countries used to have Dairy Queen, but withdrew in the 2000s?

Morocco, Japan, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic were not big fans of the tasty franchise as much as the other 30 countries that operate different locations. Saudi Arabia has had the most success with the ice cream store and they are also the largest store in the entire world!

How many times did the DQ logo change of the course of their existence?

The logo was changed at least four different times over several decades, but some of them are still used on signage today.

Dairy Queen Near Me – Dairy Queen Facts

Warren Buffet Owns DQ…

Did you know? The realty company Berkshire Hathaway actually owns the DQ franchise! Besides The brands Fruit of the Loom and Heinz condiment company, Warren Buffet also took a liking to the ice cream company and snatched that up as well.

DQ isn’t only in the U.S…

That’s right! In over 30 countries, DQ reigns supreme and while it makes a killing here in the U.S., it’s also super popular in the middle East. With a Dairy Queen on so many continents, everyone can enjoy the delicious American made ice cream. Did you know the number one selling flavor in Asia is Green Tea? Different flavors are top sellers in different countries.

Orange Julius is also a DQ brand…

Those delicious fruity drinks are an incredible addition to the Blizzards that DQ currently serves. In 1987, The lovely union between Orange Julius and Dairy Queen commenced, and who couldn’t be more thrilled to have a tasty beverage with a yummy ice cream treat. The possibilities really are endless!

The Blizzard was an instant hit…

In 1985, the soft serve sundae made big waves with it’s arrival. 175 Million Blizzards were sold and to this day, there’s always a new flavor! Blizzards come with a variety of topping choices like fruit, candy pieces, sprinkles and even cake batter. Stay updated with the latest flavor of the month by searching, “Dairy Queen near me.”

DQ has a star studded history…

There have been many celebs that got some of their first jobs at Dairy Queen. Gwen Stefani of the band “No Doubt” first formed her band there. Actress Bonnie Hunt from the movies “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “The Green Mile” also worked at the Ice cream store. Country singer Martina McBride before crooning to millions, also served Dilly bars to hungry customers.

There once was a Blizzardmobile…

In order to market the Blizzard during a special milestone, in 2010 the Blizzardmobile made the rounds to major cities in Canada and the U.S. to give away the treats and chances to win more goodies! That sure is some smart marketing!

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