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Sometimes you don’t have the money to purchase a brand new car or it’s just not feasible for you at the moment. Sometimes all you need is a good rental car to get you to your destination and back.

While nearly everyone has rented a car at least at one point in their life, very few people know the ins and outs about the car rental industry. Knowing these details can help you get the best deal and save big on your next rental car. If you’re interested in renting a car, don’t forget to search Rental Cars near me.

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Does it cost more to rent from an airport?

It actually may cost you more when you rent a car from an airport believe it or not. The fees can rack up without you even realizing it. The Federal Trade Commission has noted that the fees can be substantially higher picking up your car from the airport. Fees like the airport’s concession recovery charges can add up to 10 percent or even more to the total of your car rental purchase. These fees apply any time you rent from the company’s airport office or any nearby that offer a shuttle to the airport.

rental cars near me

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Does it cost you less to return the car early?

So you think that if you return the car earlier, you’ll get a cheaper price on your fees, right? You’d actually be quite wrong on that fact. It can be extra costly for you especially if you’re returning it after getting a special weekly rate because some rental companies will cancel your discounted rate. Some companies will also prorate fees for the days you didn’t actually use so while you may save a little, some may end up tacking on a $10-$15 early return fee to your bill. The best way to avoid all this is to just understand the company’s early return policy and avoid the hassle.

Does it cost more to add a second driver?

While you may not think it, it can actually cost you more to add a second driver. If you’re renting a car that you and your spouse both plan on driving or something similar, it can alter the rate of what the car company may offer you. Quite a few companies add a fee for a second driver as well as charge extra for adding the second driver to the insurance waiver. Not all places will do that though. Keep shopping around because many large companies won’t charge a second driver fee if that person is your spouse or partner.

Does the company put a hold on the card?

Usually major car rental companies will require a credit card to get the rental process started but you can use a debit car at some places. But no matter which one you choose, you’ll most likely face an authorization hold on your card. A hold means that the company reserves on average anywhere from $300 to $500 through your bank account or credit limit. Once you return the car though, the unused portion of the funds are returned to your account or will be made available in your credit limit once again. If you use a debit card, the funds may not be back into your bank account for up to two weeks after they’ve released their hold. If you’re still interested in renting a car, search Rental Cars near me.

Rental Cars Near Me – Rental Cars Facts

While prepaying for gasoline may seem like a tempting idea, it can actually cost you quite a lot in the long run. You think that it would save you time especially when traveling to or from the airport, it’s not worth your money. Unless you’re completely sure that you’ll return the tank empty, this is just something that won’t help you. It’s usually tipped aggressively in the rental agency’s favor because the cost of having them refuel it will cost you more.

Many people do not know this but most U.S. car rental agreements do not allow you to drive the car across international borders. Also, your U.S. car insurance will rarely cover international car rentals so you will likely want to purchase insurance from the rental place during the time of the rental. The U.S. policies on border crossing vary by destination and the car rental agency. There are some cases where driving into another country is permitted if you give advance notice or pay and extra fee.

Your own auto insurance actually covers you when it comes to renting a car. All auto insurance policies can vary considerably so you will always want to check with your own insurer directly. The reason for that is if you have the minimum legally permissible coverage, it may not actually include coverage for rental cars. Basically, the coverage you have for your main vehicle extends to your rental vehicle because the rental is considered a replacement vehicle under the policy. Most policies will cover you even if the rental car is a more valuable car than your own. But remember that an accident in a rental car will raise your rates if you have to make a claim on your own insurance policy.

Size can matter when renting a car. Terms such as “compact” or “mid-size” vary greatly across all different rental car companies. Usually to illustrate the car sizes, car companies will provide a model to demonstrate the size of the car’s interior.

You can easily find deals when renting your car. If travel plans are flexible, you can rent a car when price breaks are available. Try searching for specials that fit your length of time of when you need the vehicle. Some companies also offer special rates for seniors or members of a particular organization.

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