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Pizza hut is an American restaurant with over 130,00 locations worldwide. Don’t the name mislead you into thinking that pizza hut only serves pizza. On the contrary, they also have Italian dishes like pasta and some delicious desserts. The fact that you can place your order online makes it stand out from the many other pizza restaurants available.

Are you wondering if there is a pizza hut restaurant near you? Wonder no more. Using our pizza hut near me map below, you can locate the nearest pizza hut to you and start ordering. Remember to turn on your GPS in case you are using your mobile phone in order to use the map.

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Pizza Hut Near Me – Pizza Hut Trivia

Pizza hut’s best pizzas you should not miss out on!

If you are a loyal Pizza hut customer you know that they have boatloads of pizzas on their menu. These guys spare no expense when it comes to creating new pizza recipes. So, it is quite easy to get confused when it comes down to picking just one pizza from the rest. That is why we have come up with 5 pizzas from pizza hut you ought to try out first. Starting from the least favorite, we give you five pizza hut pizzas that should be on your bucket list.

pizza hut near me

Discover new flavours of pizza you never knew existed. Pizza hut, now you’re eating!

#5. Veggie lover’s

This is your everyday veggie pizza the ultimate differentiator is that pizza hut’s comes with a twist of adding three different cheese brands. If you are a veggie fun, don’t miss out on this delicacy from pizza hut. Ingredients in the veggie lover’s are: Pepperoni, mild sausage, green pepper, mushrooms, beef topping, onion and mozzarella cheese

#4.Hawaiian pizza

The thing that appeals most people about Pizza hut’s Hawaiian is that it comes with three simple ingredients hence you can clearly taste the pineapples . If you ask me, this is one delicate pizza to execute. Most people spoil the Hawaiian by adding unnecessary toppings that leave you with an awful taste of a salt and sugar mixture. Well, not pizza hut. Their Hawaiian is nothing short of perfection. Ingredients: Ham, pineapple, and extra mozzarella cheese.

#3.Skinny Italy

This is one of the pizzas from the skinny pizzas brand. Yes, there is a whole selection of skinny pizzas. The skinny pizza name is derived from the claim that these pizzas do not contain more than 250 calories per slice. Out of the skinny pizzas family, the Skinny Italy tops the list. So, if you are a pizza enthusiast but you don’t want to pack extra pounds this is just for you. Ingredients: Classic marinara sauce, classic meatballs, diced Roma tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, fresh red onions and fresh spinach with balsamic drizzle

#2.Supreme Lover’s

This pizza is the true definition of the taste of heaven! Many people have voted it the best from pizza hut. Enough said, let the ingredients speak for themselves: Pepperoni, mild sausage, beef topping, green pepper, mushrooms, and onion and mozzarella cheese

#1. Cheese pizza

A comparison of cheese pizza from three different companies was done, and pizza hut’s cheese pizza was voted the best. These guys do not hold back on the cheese when it comes to their cheese pizza and their crust is just the perfect kind of crispy. Ingredients: mozzarella cheese, you can pick toppings of your liking.

If you are looking to try these pizzas and many more from pizza hut, check out a pizza hut location near you from our pizza hut near me map above. Remember, pizza hut is not just about pizza, they also have wings, sauces and other delicacies. Search now to find out more.

Pizza Hut Near Me – Pizza Hut Facts

Facts about pizza hut you knew nothing about.


Pizza hut was founded by two brothers who borrowed $600 from their mother as startup money. Their first prices for pizza were $1.50 for a large and 95 cents for small (Fun times. Sigh!). The pizza hut design and name was from one of the founder’s wife who suggested that their first store resembled a hut.

The unexpected

Apart from making one of a kind pizzas, the guys have literally done the unexpected. I mean delivering pizza to space unexpected! In 2001 pizza Hut delivered pizza to the International Space Station launched on a Soyuz. In addition to that, they were the suppliers for a pizza party held in the Whitehouse in 1989. They have also featured big time celebs like Donald Trump in their advertisements. I think it is safe to say that these guys understand the meaning of the phrase go big or go home!


It is no secret that pizza hut goes all out when it comes to their ingredients. In fact, it has been reported that they use 360 million gallons of milk to come up with 300 million pounds of cheese for their pizzas. This means that 170,000 cows had to be milked. All in one year. So, the next time you are about to throw out that extra cheese pizza, remember the 170 thousand cows, and the calves that had to miss out on milk so that you can have a slice.


Almost everything about pizza hut is unique. These trend setters were the first pizza company to accept orders and deliveries from the internet. Pizza hut’s pizzas are also well known for having the unique stuffed crust design where the crust of the pizza is stuffed with ingredients like stuffed cheese, hot dogs, chicken fillets and cheese pockets among the huge variety of stuffing used. They also came up with a proposal package that cost approximately $10,010 entailing; a Rubi engagement ring ,a professional photographer, a limo ride and fire works displays among other things.

Don’t miss out on the wide selection of pizzas and other delicacies pizza hut has to offer. Discover a pizza hut restaurant near you from the pizza hut near me map above to experience flavors of pizza you never knew existed.

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