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Gyms are often equated with fad, fashion, and intimidation. It’s the reason why so many individuals feel uncomfortable going to the gym or working out anywhere other than home. Good thing LA Fitness is here to focus on one thing: getting in shape! LA Fitness takes away all of the intimidation and self consciousness that can often accompany a trip to the gym and gives you the confidence you need to reach your goals. Are you interested in finding an LA Fitness location near you? Simply browse LA Fitness near me on the map below and find a list of LA Fitness locations in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on LA Fitness? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips on getting into top shape!

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LA Fitness Near Me – LA Fitness Trivia

When was LA Fitness founded?

It’s hard to find a gym with the passion and commitment that LA Fitness possesses! This commitment to excellence and the passion to help individuals achieve their fitness goals has been the cornerstone of this gym since its founding in 1984. LA Fitness was initially formed in Southern California, it quickly grew and began acquiring and flipping existing clubs in addition to developing new venues for construction. By 1995, LA Fitness had designed and built a large multi-purpose sport and fitness club that served as the company’s signature model. The prototype design began with strength and cardio equipment, free weights, and a group exercise room. Eventually, a swimming pool and courts were added to vary workout options. In 1998, with 12 prototype clubs in Southern California and Arizona completed, the company rapidly increased the rate of new club development. They then began to roll out their concept and prototype clubs to several other geographic regions in the US. Roll outs started in the Sun Belt and quickly swept the Pacific Northwest and Mid-Atlantic region. Consider the history of this brand while searching LA Fitness near me!

la fitness near me

LA Fitness offers a clean and inviting environment to get fit!

How many group fitness classes does LA Fitness currently offer?

If you’re searching LA Fitness near me, you’ll likely want to know just how many group fitness classes LA Fitness currently offers. According to the brand website, LA Fitness currently offers more than 20 group classes to help you shape up and get fit all while having as much fun as possible. Group classes offered at LA Fitness include: Aqua Fit (perfect for any individual with joint issues), Belly Dancing, Body Works Plus Abs, Boot Camp Conditioning, Cardio Jam, Cycling, Cycle Zone, Hip Hop, Kickbox Cardio, Latin Heat, Mat Pilates, Power Circuit, Senior Fit, Silver Sneakers, Step Plus Abs, Step Sculpt, Tai Chi, Total Body Conditioning, Yoga, Yoga Beat, and Zumba. With that many fitness options, it’s no wonder that LA Fitness members rarely get bored or leave the gym feeling downtrodden by their classes. With the number of classes offered, you could try a different class every week or month and never get bored with your workout routine.

LA Fitness Near Me – LA Fitness Facts

Personal Training

If group fitness isn’t your thing and you’re searching LA Fitness near me, personal training may be more your speed. LA Fitness offers customized personal training sessions that provide ongoing motivation, support, and access to trainers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your unique fitness goals. Having a personal trainer is beneficial in many ways. Personal trainers can help you to mix up your workout by using a variety of effective techniques that help you to achieve your personal goals as quickly as possible. In other words- they don’t ever want your workout to feel like a waste of time. Personal trainers also teach rather than show. Instead of simply showing you how to use an exercise machine, a trainer will teach you the principles of every particular exercise. This will help you to understand why something works rather than how it works. Working with a trainer will also allow them to set a pace that will help you reach your desired shape quickly and painlessly. A trainer knows that not every workout is right for every person. Sometimes even tried and true workouts must be tailored to meet specific needs. Working with a professional can also turn weaknesses into strengths. Trainers have the opportunity to see where your weaknesses and strengths are, thus allowing them to develop a program that is tailored to your unique needs.


Making the decision to find a gym is a step in the right direction. Now that you’ve zeroed in on searching LA Fitness near me, you likely want to know just how much LA Fitness cost. According to the brand, prices range slightly depending on your exact location. In general, the initiation fee is $99 and then around $29.99 per month from then on. Of course, they do often run promotions that can allow you to workout at the gym for slightly less. If you are already signed up and want to add a family member to your plan, you can shirk the extra initial fee. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to pay the $29.99 per month for your family member or friend. While cost can be a factor when choosing the right gym, knowing your on your way to good health can truly offset any cost.

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