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For the those feeling nostalgic, a drive-in theater is a way to time travel to another world, while never leaving the comfort of your vehicle. Every drive-in theater is a contains a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, and a concession stand. Of course, there is also a large parking area for automobiles. Customers view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars. Some theaters even have small playgrounds for children or a few picnic tables and benches.

Are you interested in finding a Drive In movie near you? Simply browse Drive In movies near me on the map below and find a list of drive in movie theaters near you. Need a bit more information on Drive in theaters? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on drive in movies.

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Drive In Movies Near Me – Drive In Movies Trivia

Who invented the first drive in theater?

Drive in theaters may just be as American as apple pie and baseball, but they haven’t always been a part of America’s long and storied history. Consider these facts as you search drive in movies near me. In 1933, Richard Hollingshead opened the very first drive in theater in Camden, NJ. At this time, patrons paid just 25 cents per car as well as per person to see the iconic British comedy, “Wives Beware” underneath a star dotted New Jersey sky. The act of going to the drive in soon became a standard Friday and Saturday night activity for many American families. Sure, the concept of showing movies outdoors was far from new, as people used to watch silent films on screens set up at beaches and other outdoor areas that boasted a great slice of sky. However, it was auto-parts salesman Hollingshead who saw the genius in granting a car obsessed society one more activity that could be done from the comfort of their beloved cars. He saw the drive in as an amazing answer to a problem, the problem being his overweight mother. She was too large for indoor seats but loved going to the movies. Instead he stuck her in a car and put a projector on the hood which cast onto two sheets tied to trees in his yard. And with that, the drive in was born.

drive in movies near me

Drive In movies can be great fun for the whole family!

What is America’s second oldest drive in?

As you search drive in movies near me consider how these old time drive ins changed the theater as we know it. The second drive in created in America was Shankweiler’s which began just one year after the Camden, NJ drive in. Shankweiler’s was located in Orefield, PA. A few others served to follow. Though these theaters were massively popular in the towns they were located in, the concept of the drive in didn’t gain any real traction until in-car speakers were added in the early 1940s. After this invention, the number of drive-ins quickly shot to 4,063 by 1958. In the 1950s, the drive in concept truly started to take off as they offered family entertainment. Not only could patrons sit in their cars, but they could bring their kids, and they could smoke. The drive in offered more flexibility and was far more family friendly than the indoor theaters.

Drive In Movies Near Me – Drive In Movies Facts

The Number of Drive Ins Today

If you’re searching drive in movies near me, then you likely know that there aren’t quite as many drive ins today as there were in the 1950s. Though at peak, there were thousands of drive ins the United States. Today, only 400 drive ins still exist in the United States. The number has not changed much in the past 5 years. Another 100 drive ins are still in operation in the United States, mainly in Australia and Canada. The concept is also slowly becoming popular in China. According to statistics, around 75% of all drive ins in the United States are privately owned small businesses. The greatest threat to these nostalgic forms of entertainment is digital cinema. While some view digital cinema as an opportunity, as these small theaters will be able to get new movies sooner and with less downtime in between. The threat, is that digital transition is not only expensive to manage, it’s downright expensive to install, which means many of these small family owned theaters will simply not be able to make the switch over to digital platforms, which could eventually harm their business.

Will The Drive In Survive?

Sure, drive ins aren’t quite as popular as they once were, but the fact that you’re searching drive in movies near me shows that drive ins still hold relevance in American society. Though there has been a massive decline in the amount of drive in theaters, with many of the properties being turned into flea markets or farmers markets, even parking lots, there is still hope. Many investors still see the potential in the drive in theater. In fact, many have invested more than $300,000 per property into clearing weeds and modernizing technology. The average drive in theater can accommodate more than 265 cars and n easily show movies on a 60 ft by 80 ft screen. Instead of in car speakers, the sound of these movies come through car radios. Nowadays, many drive ins specifically show G rated films so that parents bring their children for a fun night out. Some families now use a trip to the drive in as a weekly tradition for their families.

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