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Since the 1800s, apartments have offered families and individuals a place to call home on a budget. With the option to share rooms, split rent, and live in ideal areas; apartments can make living in an urban area more bearable and even more cost effective. But apartments are no longer just limited to the cities, many rural areas and suburban areas are now seeing a greater need for condos and apartments as aging generations move out of their larger homes and into smaller living spaces.

For young adults and millennials, apartments offer an affordable way to find independence and ease into adulthood. Are you interested in finding apartments near you? Simply browse apartments near me on the map below, and find a list of apartment complexes and rental agencies in your area. Need a bit more information on apartments? Read on for facts, trivia, and the coolest apartment complexes in America.

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Apartments Near Me – Apartments Trivia

Which nation first embraced apartment living fully?

If you’re searching apartments near me, then you might be wondering which nation popularized the idea of apartment living. The answer: France! Parisians began fully embracing apartment living in the early 17th century. A typical French apartment house included a street level with commercial tenants and residential apartments on the upper floors. In an era without elevators, wealthy tenants lived on the first floor level, and those with a higher income lived in the more modest upper floor apartments. Attic space rooms were typically reserved for service workers and servants.

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Apartment complexes can be old and historic or modern and luxe. There’s a space for everyone in the modern rental community.

What kind of apartments did Americans want in the 19th century?

In the 19th century, most middle class Americans preferred a private multi-story detached house to a one level flat in a building shared with strangers. Until the late 19th century, multi-unit housing was marred by the image of “tenements” multi-unit residences of working class and immigrant families. Some Americans simply didn’t want to rub elbows with those they deemed as lesser.

What caused the first boom in luxury apartments?

Believe it or not, luxury apartments became a big thing in 1859 after Central Park was built in Manhattan. This created a boom in luxury apartment buildings along the park’s western side. The most famous complex was the Dakota at Seventy Second Street and Central Park West. With sixty five suites, some with as many as 20 rooms, the Dakota came with a gym, wine cellar, and croquet and tennis courts. The building also offered central heating, elevator service, and it’s own electric generator. While you might not be able to afford these digs if searching apartments near me, it sure is fun to dream.

True or false: By 1900, 75% of urban Americans lived in Apartments.

This is true! By 1900, a whopping 75% of all Americans living in urban areas rented an apartment. Apartments even served as a second residence for many wealthy Americans looking to have digs in bigger cities while owning a larger house in the country.

Apartments Near Me – Apartments Facts

Five Tips for Finding the Right Apartment

If you’re searching apartments near me, then you could likely use a little information on finding the right apartment. Read on for five tips on how to get the apartment of your dreams.

1. Set a realistic budget

This is very important. Setting a realistic budget not only keeps you within your means but it keeps you from seeing apartments that are outside of your range. Consider just how much you can afford and follow the age old rule to not exceed 30 percent of your monthly income.

2. Write a list of your requirements

Know what you want in an apartment so that you know how to properly search. By having a comprehensive list of your wants and needs, you can find a place that meets all of them.

3. Decide if you want to go through a broker

Brokers will often take a fee that is as high as your rent for their initial services. If you’re on a budget, you may want to avoid hiring a broker and doing the leg work yourself. Not only will it save you a couple thousand dollars, but you’ll get to see and try out areas for yourself.

4. Inspect the apartment thoroughly before choosing

Often times a quick walk through just isn’t thorough enough. Inspect the apartment thoroughly before signing any documents or putting out money.

5. Get to know your landlord

Prior to signing a rental agreement, meet with the landlord and go over expectations. Find out what they want from you as a tenant and let them know what you would like from them as a landlord. Find out if they cover basic repairs. Get a list of numbers to call if something goes wrong or needs fixing fast.

The Three Craziest Apartment Complexes:

These apartment complexes are so luxe and over the top that anyone would be lucky to call these palatial spaces home.

1.Brittany Apartment Building, Cincinnati Ohio

With sweeping architecture in the Queen Anne vein, this historic complex is old luxury at its finest.

2.Perry West, New York , Ny

The Perry West is known for its over the top amenities, sweeping city views, and amazing concierge served. Remember, if it’s good enough for Martha Stewart, it’s good enough for you.

3. Majestic Apartments, New York, NY

With views of Central park and celebrity residents, it’s no wonder this crazy hotel has made the top list of apartments for decades.

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