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Fire can be a devastating tragedy, especially in susceptible areas such as urban apartment complexes or in regions where brush fires can commonly spread to become wild fires. Knowing where the fire is occurring in your town and how to keep yourself safe can be a great tool in combating both the unpredictable nature of fire and lending a hand to those in need.

Seeking information on a fire near you? Browse fire near me on the map below and find the location of any fires that may be burning in your region. Need a bit more information on fires and fire safety? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more. You might just learn something that could save your life or the life of another.

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Fire Near Me – Fire Trivia

What are the most common cause of fire?

Fires happen for a number reasons, some of which don’t always reveal themselves even after the fire has stopped and investigators are on the scene. However, statistics show that there are a few common cause of fire which can easily be avoided. Consider this as you search fire near me. According to collected data, the most common cause of fires in the United States is cooking equipment. Pots and pans can easily overheat and catch fire very easily, especially if the person cooking is distracted or leaves the cooking unattended. Grease fires can quickly spread if not handled properly along with gas fires. If you’re cooking, always stay in the room and always have a keen eye on what’s happening, even if you’re simply cooking on a hot plate. The second most common cause of fires in the US is portable heaters. Portable heaters might be a lifesaver in the dead middle of winter, but they can also easily catch fire. All portable heaters should be kept at a safe distance from anything that might be flammable. This includes curtains, laundry, clothes, and even decorative rugs. Furnaces are also a major cause of fires in the US. If you have a furnace, make sure to have it cleaned and inspected at least once a year to ensure it is working safely. The third most common cause of fires in the US is smoking in the bedroom. Despite the decrease in the number of smokers nationally, fires started by lit cigarettes are still a major issue to contend with. If a cigarette is not properly extinguished it can easily cause a flame and may even stay lit for several hours. If it comes in contact with anything even moderately flammable, it can send the whole room up in flames. Fires starting in the bedroom actually make up for a whopping 73% of all house fire fatalities.

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Most fires can be prevented with a little common sense!

How many fires are there in a year?

Though a fire might not be as common as a car accident, it is estimated that some 365,500 structure fires occur in the United States every year. These fires can easily cause up to 2,560 deaths and cost up to $7 billion in damage. On average, there are also more than 100,00 wildland fires or forest fires in the US every year. They tend to clear around 4 million to 5 million acres of land in high stakes state such as California, Wyoming, and Montana. As you search fire near me, consider just how many fires actually occur in the United States each and every year.

Fire Near Me – Fire Facts

The Truth About Wildfires

In recent months, wildfires have been on the minds of many individuals in the United States, especially with the massive spike in fires in regions such as California. What is classified as a wildfire? Consider this as you search fire near me. A wildfire is defined as an uncontrolled fire that occurs in wild unpopulated areas, but they can actually occur anywhere and harm homes, agriculture, humans, and wildlife. Firefighters also refer to wildfires as surface fires, spot fires, dependent crown fires, and ground fires. Statistics show that a whopping 90% of these types of fires are all started by humans rather than through natural means such as a lightning strike. These fires quickly spread with high winds, hot temperatures, and a rapid change in weather patterns or jet stream direction. Wildfires are hard to contain because weather can make the path of the fire seem wildly unpredictable, even to highly trained firefighters who know what they’re doing. One of the largest fires in history occurred in 1824 when a fire tore straight through Maine and into New Brunswick, Canada. More than 3 million acres of pristine forest was torched.

Where do most house fires originate?

While wildfires can originate anywhere, house fires tend to originate in the kitchen. In fact, half of all house fires are reported to start in the kitchen rather than in another room of the house. This is because a kitchen is where many of the homes appliances are located and where cooking is done. Even though fires often start in the kitchen, they are easily preventable since kitchen fires are typically man made and not the result of an electrical issue or a heating issue. By simply keeping an eye on the stove and oven, keeping combustible items away from any open flames, and keeping a fire extinguisher on hand, you can easily prevent fires in this room of the home. The second most common room in the house for a fire to originate is in the bedroom. Consider this as you search fire near me. Around 7% of all house fires actually start in the bedroom. This is because bedrooms tend to contain a high amount of plush objects that are highly flammable. For example, most mattresses can easily go up in flames, especially if it’s not new. If you have a mattress that was made prior to the year 2007, it likely doesn’t abide by the federal mattress flammability standards. All mattresses that were produced after 2007 are flame retardant and held to a higher standard. Our advice? Splurge and buy a new mattress asap. It might just save your life!

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