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People of all ages and backgrounds have been enjoying Bingo with friends for hundreds of years. Whether you’re hitting up the local volunteer fire hall for a game or simply setting one up on your own, Bingo is a cheap and easy way to meet up with pals and have a good time. You might even win a prize or two!

Are you interested in finding bingo near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse bingo near me on the map below and find a detailed list of places hosting bingo in your local area. Fancy yourself a bingo fan? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips on this fun game! You might just learn something to share on your next bingo outing.

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Bingo Near Me – Bingo Trivia

What are the origins of bingo?

Given bingos popularity both in the US and abroad, it might seem like this game is more of a modern phenomena than an ancient one. Strangely enough, the origins of this game date back much farther than one might anticipate. What are the origins of bingo? Consider this as you search bingo near me. Historians believe that the game of bingo has been around since the 1530s. It reportedly originated in Italy way back in the Renaissance era. The game itself can be traced to Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’ Italia, what is also known as the Italian National Lottery. Who knew that this game has been a part of so many lives for so many hundreds of years?

bingo near me

Bingo will always be one of the world’s most popular games for folks of all ages!

What percent of the world’s population plays bingo?

Bingo is without question one of the world’s most popular games, but exactly what percentage of the population actually enjoys a good game of bingo? The answer might not be what you think! As you search bingo near me, think about this startling statistic. Research shows that 8% of the world’s population plays the game of Bingo. It is even the most popular game in Antarctica! Millions of people from all walks of life enjoy this game for it’s novelty, innocence, and true sense of fun!

What is the number one motivation for playing bingo?

Given that bingo often involves some kind of jackpot or prize, you might think that the greatest motivator in playing this game is winning big. Strangely enough, that’s not the number one motivation for playing bingo across the globe. Consider this as you search bingo near me. According to polls conducted, winning a jackpot prize actually ranks 5th on the list of reasons why people enjoy playing the game of bingo. The number one reason? Socialization! More people see playing bingo as an opportunity to socialize and hang out with friends than to win a prize. In fact, winning a prize, did not increase one’s overall favorability towards bingo in the slightest. Why will you play the game of bingo? Are you hoping to win big or catch up with some old friends? Whatever the reason, bingo will always be a good time!

Bingo Near Me – Bingo Facts

Bingo for Stress Relief

There are many reasons to play bingo, some of them even involve improving one’s overall health and wellness. While you might think of bingo as a simple game that an allow one to socialize and maybe even win some cash, medical professionals also view bingo as a great stress reliever. As you search bingo near me, think about how your next bingo game might just improve your overall mood. According to researchers at Southampton University, bingo is effective at relieving stress and boosting the overall cognitive abilities of those who play the game. Playing bingo can keep your brain trim and quick, with most bingo players boasting a greater degree of mental agility than non-bingo players. Bingo is also a proven stress reliever. Most participants in the study admitted to feeling more calm, at ease, and relaxed after a single game of bingo. Despite the need to win and a jackpot on the line, most people don’t take bingo too seriously, which can make it one of the best recreational games for your overall mental health!

Do men or women play more bingo?

One of the greatest things about bingo is that the game does not discriminate based on gender. Absolutely anyone can partake in a game of gender, no matter what age they are or what background they come from. Despite the inclusive nature of this game, one gender does play more bingo than the other. Do men or women play more bingo? Find out as you search bingo near me. According to statistics, nearly 20% of all bingo players are men while the rest are women. It’s safe to say that women love a good game of bingo and a chance to catch up with their close pals over this epic match.

Bingo Players Are Superstitious!

Are you a superstitious bingo player? If so, it’s not all that surprising. In fact, if you’re searching bingo near me, you probably have a few superstitions you believe in when it comes to the game. Some studies show that bingo players tend to be more superstitious than those who partake in other types of games or sporting events. Many believe in carrying lucky charms and many also believe that some numbers are luckier than others. Almost all binger players believe that using a certain colored dauber can make a massive difference in who wins and loses. Others also have lucky chairs, clothing, and even underwear. Some even go around their chair a total of three times before sitting down.

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