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For many men and women, getting out on the water and enjoying a relaxing day of fishing is second to none. Whether you’re fishing off of the banks of a local river or even taking a trip out on a fishing boat, few things can bring as much pleasure and satisfaction as partaking in fishing sports.

Are you interested in finding some fishing sports near you? Simply browse fishing sports near me on the map below and find a list of potential fishing sports in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on fishing and fishing sports? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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When did recreational fishing first begin?

Fishing as a means of survival has been prevalent since the beginning of mankind, the early evolution of fishing as a means of sport and recreation is not quite as clear cut. Though there is some evidence that fly fishing was done in Japan as early as 9th century BCE and in Europe from 175-235 CE, most believe that these early forms of fly fishing were also done out of simple practicality and a need for food, rather than for simple pleasure. It is possible that recreational fly fishing first arrived in England with the Norman conquest of 1066, though this is also a stab at establishing a point of foundation. So the actual point in time in which fishing made a move from survival to recreation is not entirely clear, it is clear that fly fishing reached peak popularity with the arrival of the publication “The Compleat Angler. “ Around 1496, an English essay on recreational was written very shortly after the invention of the printing press. Dame Juliana Berners wrote the essay which was published in the book “Boke of Saint Albans,” a publication on hawking, hunting, fishing and heraldry. As you search fishing sports near me, consider how the move from fishing as a means of living versus fishing as a means of fun first came to be. Do you think a love of fishing could actually be a part of our primal instincts to survive?

fishing sports near me

Sport fishing done with a boat can always yield a big catch of the day!

When did recreational fishing really grow in popularity?

If you’re searching fishing sports near me, then you know that in the modern age, fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in the United States and abroad. But when exactly did recreational fishing first grow in popularity? According to most fishing historians, recreational fishing took a giant leap forward just after the English Civil War. This is when a newly found interest in the activity of fishing first began to show up in many books and essays that were being published on the subject at the time. In 1662, renowned Parliamentary army officer, Robert Venables published a book called “The Experienced Angler.” The book was a general discourse on angling, and provided the best ways and the choicest experiments for taking the most fish from a pond or river. Another Civil War veteran that took up fishing with aplomb was Richard Fanck. He was the first to describe the sport of salmon fishing in Scotland. He also touted using an artificial fly. This was a first in the fishing sports realm.

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Rules and Regulations

Like any sport, there are some rules, conventions, and regulations that exist alongside recreational fishing. As you search fishing sports near me, consider any rules or restrictions that may exist in your area before hitting the water. The International Game Fish Association, creates and oversees the bulk of the rules and guidelines followed by many fisherman. Typically, these rules prohibit the use of nets and the catching of fish with hooks not in the mouth. These regulations are enforced and put in place by local and state governments to ensure sustainable practice amongst all responsible anglers. In the Republic of Ireland for example, the Central Fisheries Board is tasked with overseeing the implementation of all angling regulations as well as controlling which lures, baits an hooks are permissible for fishing. They also require licenses and enforce conservation restrictions. In the United States, most municipalities and government agencies also require anglers to have a proper fishing license prior to embarking on a fishing trip. Many rules also exist in terms of where you may be able to cast that line. In the US, some streams and creeks are off limits or posted by private owners. You don not have the freedom of choice that many early anglers once had when fishing was first established as a recreational sport.

Fishing Techniques

Which fishing techniques do you implement? Consider these facts as you search fishing sports near me. Most recreational fishers are pretty simplistic in their needs. Every fisher uses a fishing rod with fishing line and a hook at the end of the line. The rod can be equipped with a reel, so that the line is more easily reeled in. There is also some form of bait or lure attached to the hook in order to attract fish to the line in the first place. Fly fishing is not the same as typical rod fishing, but rather a distinctly special form of fishing in which the reel is attached to the back of the road. The line is heavy and cast with a complex whipping motion that is meant to deliver the ultra light artificial fly to a distinct target. Bow fishing is another fishing technique, but it is far less common, especially in the United States. In bow fishing, anglers use a regular bow or crossbow. The “arrow” is modified with barbs at the tip and connected to a fishing line so that the fish can be reeled in and retrieved. Which method of fishing will you use on your next fishing sports trip.

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