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Whether you’re in need of groceries, household items, or even a new pair of shoes; odds are there is a store near you that can meet all of your shopping needs. It has never been easier to find a specific store to meet just about every shopping whim, no matter how unique or difficult your needs may be.

Are you interested in finding a store in your area? Simply browse store near me on the map below and find a list of stores located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on stores in the US? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on stores!

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Store Near Me – Store Trivia

What is the oldest store in the United States?

While the oldest store in the United States may not be quite as old as you’d think it be, Gray’s Store in Adamsville, Rhode Island holds the title of the oldest operating store, with a whopping 224 years in business. Gray’s was said to be the oldest operating general store in America. With its old fashioned marble soda fountain, cigar and tobacco cases, and Rhode Island Johnnycakes; this store, first got its start in 1788. The shop featured general store standards such as penny candy, groceries, collectible knick knacks and antiques. Not exactly the type of fare you’d find at a modern general store. The store belonged to the Waite family for seven generations, and comprised the front part of the families home. Unfortunately, the general store said goodbye in 2012, after the most recent owner Grayton Waite passed away, handing the store off to his college aged son Jonah Waite. Though Jonah was a bit conflicted over selling the store given its 224 year history, Grayton’s father had planned on selling the establishment prior to passing. Jonah believes that this is what his father would have wanted. Whatever happens to Gray’s Store, the history that this establishment holds in the community will surely not waiver. Consider these facts while searching store near me.

store near me

Target is just one of many examples of stores near you.

What is the most important factor that many retailers contend with?

If you’re searching store near me, you may be wondering what the most important factor that many retailers contend with. According to store strategists, location is the most important factor that most major retailers in the United States currently contend with. In order to find success and make a profit, a store needs to be located in an easily accessible area that will give them an upper hand in attracting business. Not only is convenience important, but the amount of competition located in the surrounding areas can also affect sales and keep customers from popping in. The location a retailer chooses also affects the a amount paid for the property. Overhead costs not only affect consumers, they affect the retailer as well. In other words, location is just everything when it comes to earning a profit and passing those savings onto the consumer.

Store Near Me – Store Facts

Online Shopping Cons

The good news is, if you’re searching store near me, then you are clearly looking at physically getting out and hitting a store in your location. While some may criticize this old school method of procuring goods for environmental reasons, many experts cite that shopping and buying goods online is not quite as green as many would like to believe. A recent study at the University of Delaware showed that shopping from home via a computer or home shopping network actually has a greater impact on the transportation sector than the public even suspects. What many fail to consider is the amount of emissions that are emitted in the delivery process. Online shopping increases the need for environmentally unstable tractor trailers, box trucks, and cargo planes. While this is good news for the respective industries, it’s not great news for the environment. In other words, there is not much of an environmental difference between physically traveling to a store or ordering online other than personal convenience. If you’re doing one in lieu of the other out of environmental conservation, know that there is not a great difference in made in foregoing physical shopping.

Store Mark Ups

In order to earn a profit, retail businesses need to employ a certain measure of markup in the products being sold to the consumers. Most of all products sold at a retail location are purchased for way below parked prices. A Business might incur losses if they want to get rid of a line that isn’t selling more or if they sell a product at a loss to bring customers in. In other words, businesses need to implement some degree of a mark up in order to turn a profit. While some can afford to do this without handing excessive costs off to the customers, smaller business often struggle with turning a profit while offering low prices that can compete with box stores such as Walmart and Target who have a slightly lower markup due to sheer size. If you’re searching store near me, be aware that there will always be a markup. What matters is the quality if the product and if the store selling it matches your unique shopping needs.

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