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Despite the popularity of online giants such as Amazon, when it comes to buying tech, you can’t beat the physical stores. The reason? Unlike an online platform, visiting a tech store gives you the opportunity to personally touch and test out the item you are likely sinking a few hundred bucks into. Sometimes, what you see on the internet isn’t always what you get, which makes going to a physical tech store all the more important.

Ready to find tech stores near you? Simply browse tech stores near me on the map below and find a list of highly rated tech stores in your local area. Need a bit more information on technology and tech stores? Keep reading for buying tips, trivia, and so much more!

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How many stores does Best Buy have in the US?

As one of the largest physical tech stores in the US- Best Buy has a definite hold on the consumer electronics market. With that said, just how many stores does Best Buy actually have in the US? Consider this as you search teach stores near me. According to statistics, as of 2017, Best Buy had close to 1500 stores in the US alone. Those stores generate around 36.3 billion US dollars for the company each year. Around eight percent of the total revenue generated is from their massive electronics department. If you’re searching tech stores near me, why not try this retail giant?

True or false: When buying tech, always try before you buy.

When looking for tech items or searching tech stores near me, it can be tempting to hop online to purchase whatever is available for the lowest price. While saving money is always a good thing- you’d save yourself even more in the long run by simply popping into a store to try before you buy, especially when it comes to big ticket items like computers. Even if you don’t end up buying the item at a physical store it is important to gather a bit of intel beforehand.

tech stores near me

Best Buy is arguably the most recognizable tech store!

Most experts always recommend trying a computer or tablet in store before taking the plunge. Test out the keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, and other important features. These are all things that can make or break a machine. After all, you won’t get much use out of your computer if you hate the way the keyboard feels or if your tablet boasts a lagging touchscreen. It is important that your tech feel good to you. Both from a tactile position and from a position of daily use. You’ll be stuck with this item for quite some time, so do the legwork and feel it out.

If you’re seeking a computer or tablet with a certain feature, ask an employee if you can try it out. Most display models are internet ready, which means you can get a better idea of how your machine will operate online. Don’t be shy in asking to really take a piece of tech for a test drive. Most salespeople are more than happy to oblige. In fact, many recognize it’s imperative to making a sale. Speaking of sales, you may benefit from taking an online price to the store to have it price matched. Not only will you score the lower internet price, but you’ll be able to get a feel of the machine before taking the plunge.

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What is the best tech item of 2018?

Looking for the best tech of 2018 as you search tech store near me? You’ve come to the right place. Tech in 2018 was innovative and mind blowing. From VR headsets to the latest in television, there was no shortage of masterful engineering. So what do experts believe was the best tech item of 2018? The Samsung Q900 8K TV.

Coming in three sizes, this TV steps up the HDR performance and even hits peak brightness levels of 4,000 units. This means the content and picture is as clear as the creator intended it to be. What does this mean for you? Higher picture quality, better sound, and a perfect television for gaming consoles.

Another great innovation in tech is the Garmin Forerunner 935 smart watch. For anyone who takes running or physical fitness seriously- this is an extremely worthwhile investment. Not only does the device boast an impressive battery life (it can last for up to two weeks on standby mode) but it can track a variety of activities including swims, cycles of golf, and bicycling. Better yet, it also provides details on heart rate and recovery time. For a lightweight gadget with a relatively affordable price tag, this is one of the top tech items of 2018 and beyond.

You can find the best tech item for your life by simply searching tech stores near me today.

What should every techie own?

There are a few things every techie and tech savvy person should own. If you’re searching tech stores near me, consider picking up one of these items on your next shopping trip.

The first thing experts recommend every tech minded person own is a portable battery. Isn’t it an awful feeling when you’re out and you notice your smartphone battery starting to dwindle? Without the option of a traditional charger, you’ll be disconnected from the world in no time. Having a portable battery can get rid of the anxiety of a low battery and give you some peace of mind. It can give you all the juice you need to get your phone back on the grid without fighting for space at a Starbucks for the wall plug.

The second thing every tech savvy person should own is a streaming stick. In recent years, streaming sticks have granted millions of folks access to the best in TV and movies. What is a streaming stick? It’s a small device that lets you beam video content from your phone or computer straight to your TV. The Google Chrome cast started the trend, which was quickly picked up on by Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Roku Streaming Stick

If you’re someone who loves Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu or simply watching YouTube videos on the big screen, you’ll find no shortage of reasons to love this small but mighty device.

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