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For the guy or gal in need of haircare, makeup, skincare, or nail accessories a trip to the beauty supply store can be just the ticket. Beauty supply stores offer a huge variety of cosmetic needs ranging from professional grade products to budget friendly fare. They also employ individuals who have a broad knowledge on beauty products to help aid in every beauty dilemma.

Are you interested in finding a beauty supply store in your area? Simply browse beauty supply store near me and find a list of beauty supply stores in your area. Need a bit more information on beauty supply stores? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top beauty tips for individuals on a budget.

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Beauty Supply Store Near Me – Beauty Supply Store Trivia

How did the ancient Egyptians utilize beauty supplies?

In the words of Roman philosopher Plautus, “A woman without paint is like food without salt.” This is just part of the mindset that many ancient civilizations held in regards to beauty and the art of makeup. The human affair with cosmetics is believed to have begun in ancient Egypt where men and women first utilized scented oils and ointments in order to clean and soften skin while masking body odor. The Egyptians are also credited with using various types of cosmetics in order to maintain hygiene and personal health. Oils and creams were used as protection from the unforgiving Egyptian sun and dry desert winds. Kohl was used to rim the eyes in that iconic Cleopatra black and many natural pigments were used to mimic what we now regard as eye shadow. Beauty in ancient Egypt was far from just a necessity, it was seen as a religious ritual. Many perfumes and cosmetics were packed full of spiritually regarded ingredients such as lavender, lily, peppermint, rosemary, and cedar.

beauty supply store near me

Ulta Beauty is just one of many beauty supply stores in the United Stats.

How did the ancient Romans treat a bad zit?

If you’re searching beauty supply store near me, you may be on the hunt for some effective and efficient skincare products to zap that pesky zit or leave you looking as glowy as you did at age sixteen. Striving for clear skin is hardly a new invention. In fact, the ancient Romans were known to utilize many zit zapping treatments. In Rome, people put barley flour and butter on their pimples to help reduce swelling and remove redness. They also used sheep fat and blood on their fingernails as a form of polish. The Romans were also the first to utilize muds and clays to purify skin and remove impurities from the body. It’s even written that many men dyed their hair blonde! It’s a shame there weren’t any beauty supply stores in ancient Rome.

What are the most popular beauty supply stores in the US?

In the United States, there certainly won’t be any shortage of beauty supply stories while you search beauty supply stores near me. In fact, american is practically inundated with a bevy of stores selling cosmetics. The store you choose depends upon your budget, cosmetic needs, and overall lifestyle. The most popular beauty supply stores in the US are currently: Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Sally Beauty Supply. While these stores man may have a corner on the market, you can’t discount small town stores and box stores that feature loads of epic beauty supplies at good prices.

Beauty Supply Store Near Me – Beauty Supply Store Facts

Beauty Marketing Done Right

If you’re on the hunt for a beauty supply store near me, you may be wondering when the modern beauty industry first developed in the US. In the early 20th century, Elizabeth Arden, Helen Rubenstein, and Max Factor (who produced a majority of the makeup for actresses and models) built the foundation that the modern cosmetic industry is built upon. This is especially true when it comes to advertising in the industry. These brands were the first to use aggressive advertising tactics such as celebrity endorsements, magazine ads, and implementing the use of models to reach a wide audience and inspire women to attempt new beauty trends.

A Growing Industry

You’re not the only one searching beauty supply store near me. In fact, beauty supplies and cosmetics are the fastest growing industry in the United States. The global beauty industry grows at a rate of around 7% per year, that’s more than twice the rate of the developed world’s current GDP. What’s driving growth in this industry? According to insiders, the beauty industry is experiencing a surge due to aging baby boomers, experimental millennials and an overall increase in the amount of discretionary income in the west. There is also a growing middle class in developing countries which allows for more money to be spent on beauty.

Budget Beauty Tips

For the guy or gal searching beauty supply store near me, there’s a good chance that you want to look your best while sticking to a budget. While getting the quality you seek at a low price might seem impossible, there are ways to beautify while still sticking to your budget. Read on for a list of budget beauty tips to help you get glamorous without blowing your paycheck!

1. Use olive oil

Run out of eye makeup remover? You can use olive oil in a pinch! Olive oil works just as well as many over the counter makeup removers and can help restore the skin. Olive oil is rich in skin nourishing fatty acids and vitamin E.

2. Use baby powder on your hair

Running low on time but need to refresh your locks in a pinch? Reach for the baby powder. Sprinkle a bit on your scalp and then vigorously brush the excess out. The powder will absorb oil and leave your locks looking fresh and clean.

3. Utilize samples

If you’re searching beauty supply store near me, you may be able to score some samples at your store of choice. Many beauty supply stores will offer you two week samples to experiment with products and try something new. This can save you money by allowing you to try before you buy. Thus limiting the amount of wasted product.

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