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Since the time of Ancient Egypt hair salons have played an important role in not only styling hair but in providing a place for men and women to socialize. From trendy cuts that denoted class, to pampering pedicures; salons have always proved pivotal in both beauty and culture. While modern salons aren’t quite as chatty and gossip strewn as they once were, the salons till remains a confessional of sorts for women and men looking to vent while treating themselves to a new style or updated look. No wonder salons have stood the test of time!

Are you interested in finding a salon near you? Browse salons near me on the map below and find a list of salons in your area! Need a bit more information on salons? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three salons in the United States! Your hair will never look better and your heart will never feel lighter.

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Salons Near Me – Salons Trivia

What percent of clientele in a salon is men?

If you’re searching salons near me as a man, fear not; statistics show that 25% of all salon clientele is now comprised of men. Throughout history, men frequented salons quite often, treating them as a place of both socialization and betterment. Nowadays, men get a variety of services done at a salon including facials, hair coloring, cuts, and hair styling. Many will also opt for a nice close hot shave. When it comes to coloring, that’s also no longer a taboo subject at most salons for men or women. Coloring is reportedly the most requested service in a salon, begging others to ask the question, “Just where do they get their coloring done?”

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Many hair stylists admit that they not only cut and style hair, they often play the role of therapist to their clients.

True or false: By the time a woman is 65 she will have spent an average of 7 months in life just doing her hair.

This statistic comes in as true! According to statistics, beauty takes time. In fact, the average woman spends about 1 hour and 53 minutes a week just washing, drying, and styling her hair. Women who curl or straighten their hair can spend up to 2 hours just doing their hair in a week’s time. Based on these numbers, by the time a woman reaches the age of 65, she will have spent a whopping 7 months of her life just working on and fixing her hair. While this might not seem like a great deal of time, consider that 7 months equals 5,040 hours!

True or false: Cutting your hair does not affect growth.

True! If you’re searching salons near me in hopes of getting a trim; know that cutting your hair will not affect hair growth whatsoever. While cutting your hair won’t determine how fast your hair will grow, it will help to avoid split ends. Split ends can often work their way up the hair shaft making individual shafts thinner. This can often give your hair the appearance of not growing even if it likely is. The moral of the story: cutting your hair not only makes your hair look healthier, but it will make your hair feel much healthier over time. Go ahead and get that trim, your hair will thank you!

Salons Near Me – Salons Facts

Hair Jewelry

While we now consider hair jewelry to be barrettes or pins that include some bling, in the Victorian era, hair jewelry was very often just hair. In fact, it wasn’t rare for women to don brooches, pendants, and even fobs made of hair. Typically these hair accessories included the follicles of a lost loved ones. In this era, it was considered a most stylish way to pay homage to those who went too soon.

You Have More Hair Than You Think!

If you’re searching salons near me thinking you’re hair is pretty sparse, consider this fact. Our scalps contain between 100,000 and 150,000 strands of hair. Some of us have even more! So when losing strands, don’t worry too much. It’s pretty standard for a few strands to fall out a day, even more when showering or after getting a haircut. Given the amount of strands on your head you won’t even notice a change, nor will anyone else!

Hair and Culture

Did you know that in North America, 80% of people wash their hair an astonishing two times per day? This happens despite most stylists advising that hair should be washed no more than every other day in order to maintain natural oils and avoid a dry scalp. Compare this to Europe where only 25% of people wash their hair daily and you’ve got some staggering gaps. In Japan, it’s reported that 90% of people wash their hair twice daily.

Top Three Salons in the US

While searching salons near me, cross your fingers that you come across one of these top salons. Not only do they offer amenities most women would die for, but they’re a guaranteed way to get a great cut the first time around.

1. Muse Salon, Birmingham, Alabama

This stylish salon not only offers beautiful digs, it’s composed of some truly well trained hair artists who know exactly which cuts work for your hair type, face shape, and overall lifestyle.

2. Frederic Fekkai, Los Angeles, CA

If you want to get your hair done in the same salon that many celebrities frequent, this cult stylist is the place to go! You’ll get a trendy cut that will truly turn heads!

3. The Bird House, New York, NY

New York’s elite fashion crowd loves this salon for its fancy digs and even fancier hair styles!

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