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Choosing to add a dog to your family is a decision you’ll never regret. Not only can dogs help improve overall health and wellness, but they provide a degree of unconditional love that simply can’t be experienced through anything else.

Are you interested in finding dog shelters and adding a pooch to your home? Simply browse dog shelters near me on the map below and find a list of dog shelters located in your area. Need a bit more information on rescue dogs and dog shelters? Read on for facts, trivia, information, and more! You might just learn something new about your four legged friend!

Dog Shelters Near Me – Find it on the Map

Dog Shelters Near Me – Dog Shelters Trivia

What is a “rescue dog?”

The term “rescue dog” can mean a lot of things in the modern day, but what is a “rescue dog” in the traditional sense of the phrase? Consider this as you search dog shelters near me. A rescue dog is simply any dog that is rescued from a possible fate of euthanasia after being found as a stray. A rescue dog is also defined as any dog that has been saved from a life in a neglectful home by a rescue organization. Rescue dogs are spared from having to endure abuse, neglect, and an unfair fate due to shelter overcrowding. After all, rescue dogs and shelter pets are often just family pets that arrived at the shelter through no fault of their own. Life circumstances, poor ownership, and death of an owner can often leave families unable to care for their dogs and cats. This often leaves a shelter as the only option.

dog shelters near me

Looking to find your new best friend? Try searching at your local dog shelter!

How many animals need to be adopted?

If you’re searching dog shelters near me and considering adopting a new dog into your family, don’t hesitate or wait. There is a four legged friend just waiting to find a forever home! According to statistics there are about 13,600 community animal shelters peppered across the US, managing to intake around 7.6 million pets every year. Out of that number, only around 3.2 million are adopted (that’s 1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats. If you can’t adopt just yet or need more time to adjust to the idea of having a dog, try being a pet foster parent. Fostering a dog can save its life. Some pets simply just need medicine or time away from the shelter to recover from an injury or surgery. By helping the shelter make space and being a foster parent, you can make room for other pets that need to be adopted. You’ll also keep the pet safe and free from a bad fate until he’s ready to find a forever home. It’s a great way to find out if you’re ready for a new dog. When it comes to both fostering and adopting, everybody wins! If you’re on the fence of about adopting, contact local rescue groups over becoming a foster parent, it’s easier and more rewarding than you might think.

Dog Shelters Near Me – Dog Shelters Facts

The Truth About Rehomed Pets

A rehomed pet is any pet that was in a proper home but was then surrendered to a shelter or rescue group. So why are many of these animals rehomed? Consider this as you search dog shelters near me. According to the ASPCA, pet problems are the most common reasons that an owner will rehome their pet. Pet problems typically account for around 47% of all rehomed dogs and 42% of all rehomed cats. What exactly defines “pet problems?” Well some owners describe pet problems a “aggressive behaviors,” the dog growing larger than expected, health issues, difficulty potty training, and lack of time to spend with the animal. Aside from aggression, few of these problems are with the actual animal and have more to do with the owner’s lifestyle or expectations of the dog. This means that rehomed dogs are just as capable and deserving of a forever home as puppies or strays. In fact, they are often left at the shelter feeling mighty confused and upset over their sudden change in environment. Before adopting, make sure you understand everything that goes into owning a dog. Research how big the breed you might adopt will grow and what kind of space/activity time they require. Know what you’re getting into ahead of time and make sure that no pup has to go through being rehomed multiple times.

Not All Shelter Dogs are Mutts

There’s a common misconception that all shelter dogs are mixed breeds or mutts, but that’s simply untrue. According to statistics, 20%-30% of all dogs in shelters are actually purebred dogs. If you’re dreaming of a particular breed of dog, there are amazing breed specific rescues that can help you find the dog of your dreams without having to go through a dog breeder. A quick Google search will unearth breed specific rescues for Golden retrievers, Labradors, German Shepherds, Corgis, and many more of the most popular dog breeds in the US. If you’re searching dog shelters near me and have a particular pup in mind, try searching for a breed specific rescue, such as “Golden Retriever rescue near me” you might just find your new best friend!

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