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You may be wildly familiar with the traditional Holiday Inn franchise, but now there’s Holiday Inn Express to offer benefits to those not looking for a long term hotel stay and in need of a room for a reasonable price without all of the fuss.

Are you interested in finding a Holiday Inn Express near you? Simply browse Holiday Inn Express near me on the map below and find a list of Holiday Inn Express locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Holiday Inn Express? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Holiday Inn Express Near Me – Holiday Inn Express Trivia

True or false: The vision for Holiday Inn was inspired by a road trip.

Every concept, idea, and business starts from a seedling of an idea which can grow from just about anything. In the case of Holiday Inn, the vision was inspired by a simple family road trip. Kemmons Wilson was first inspired to start a hotel during a 1951 road trip with his wife and kids. During the trip, Wilson found himself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the hotels he stayed in along his route. He was particularly upset about the surcharges that many hotels added to his bill when they discovered he had children. Wilson found the whole hotel experience to be a bit of a racket, leaving customers dissatisfied and out of money. Instead, Wilson envisioned a chain of clean and affordable hotels that would be located just off of freeway exits. The locations would make it easy for families on the road to stop in for a night or two and get back on their way without navigating the perils of a town or city. This would also prove profitable, as many individuals on a road trip don’t know they want or need a hotel until they’re right on top of one. His original hotel was built outside of Memphis, Tennessee in 1952. It offered 120 rooms, all of which had air conditioning, television, and a telephone. Children under 12 were allowed to stay for free with their parents, which was a sigh of relief to many road weary travelers with little ones. Each hotel also had a swimming pool to keep the kiddos entertained while parents got some much needed rest and relaxation. As you search Holiday Inn Express near me, consider just how far this chain has come since it was a simple idea on a family road trip.

holiday inn express near me

For affordable and comfortable accommodations, look no further than Holiday Inn Express.

When did Wilson expand the Holiday Inn brand?

Nowadays if you’re searching Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express near me, you’ll be met with a flurry of locations and options no matter where you’re traveling. Early on, that wasn’t exactly the case. Despite a lack of locations in the early 50’s, Wilson knew when to seize an opportunity. The $76 billion highway development project that started in 1956 proved the perfect opportunity for Wilson to grow his hotel brand end expand the number of locations. With the advent of new freeways, families were more free than ever to explore the country and hit the road. Wilson saw this as the perfect time to grow. He began to recruit investors in 1953, which helped Wilson to grow the capital necessary for expansion. By 1967, the company had grown so much that they began to offer the stock publicly. This also allowed for a greater degree of capital and growth. By the close of 1967, Holiday Inn was all across the country and even in Europe. By 1972, Holiday Inn became the first hotel chain to successfully exceed more than $1 billion in business revenue.

Holiday Inn Express Near Me – Holiday Inn Express Facts

An Eye For Innovation

In the modern age, it’s of the utmost importance for brands to stay on the cutting edge of technology. With smart phones, social media, and online reviews present; hotels have more to lose now more than ever. While nearly every hotel has a tech presence today, this was not always the case, even when technology was just beginning to ramp up in the 1960s. Unlike most hotel chains, Holiday Inn prided itself on having an eye for innovation. Holiday Inn first embraced the technological boom during its expansion. During this time, they contacted IBM to design and implement the chains now infamous Holidex system. This computerized system made booking easier and more efficient for guests and the clerks who checked them in. The system also provided a constant flow of information between the hotel locations and the main office in Memphis. Not only did this allow for great insight into hotel customers, but it made re-booking super easy for customers who frequented a particular location. Back in 1995, Holiday Inn even became the first hotel chain to allow guests to book online. This technological advent made getting a hotel easier and more efficient than ever. As you search Holiday Inn Express near me, consider how you’ll book your next hotel room? Will it be online? Perhaps over the phone? Today there are a handful of great options for every person.

A Proper Facelift

No matter how cutting edge a brand can be, all hotel chains require a facelift to stay current. Back in 2007, the Holiday Inn parent company InterContinental announced that it would be granting a $1 billion facelift for its Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express chain stores. The company would spend $30 million of its funds for the effort, leaving the rest up to the individual franchises themselves. During the renovation, hotel owners refurbished and modernized their hotels interiors. Every room was refurbished with new bedding, furniture, and shower heads. Bathroom fixtures were also modernized to reflect the time period and cultures they were representing. In addition to a physical facelift, every Holiday Inn also began to raise customer service standards and place a greater emphasis on total customer experience. The results is a hotel that is beautiful to look at and pleasing to the customer. As you search Holiday Inn Express near me, think about how important is is for your accommodations to be up to date and modern.

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