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The Indian culture has made many contributions to worldwide cuisine. As such, Indian restaurants can be found all around the world today. They typically serve dishes that are a fusion of Indian and other cuisines. For example, in America, Indian restaurants serve Americanized versions of Indian foods, typically those from northern and southern India.

Indian-American food is usually less spicy than the traditional Indian equivalents. The most widespread Indian food is curry, which is well known to many other cultures and areas outside of India. To find Indian restaurants near to you, you can search for “Indian restaurants near me”.

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What foods do Indian restaurants serve?

The type of food served at an Indian restaurant depends greatly on the area the restaurant is in. Some restaurants serve traditional Indian foods, such as mango chutney or samosa. Others serve fusions with foods from the local culture. One example is chicken tikka masala, which is a British spin on the more traditional chicken tikka. Another example is fish head curry, which comes from Singapore. Singapore is well known for fusion cuisine with Indian food, which is quite popular in the countries of south east Asia.

indian restaurants near me

Indian restaurants have quite an array of choices for you!

How many Indian restaurants are there?

The first Indian restaurant in the United Kingdom was the Hindoostanee Coffee House, which opened in 1810. Today there are over ten thousand Indian restaurants in England and Wales alone. It is believed that two out of every three meals eaten out in the UK is Indian food. The industry is worth £3.2 billion, and serves 2.5 million customers every week. In America, Indian food has been slower to spread, and there are only a few thousand indian restaurants nationwide, the first of which opened in the 1960s. Indian food is also gaining popularity in China, and there are over fifty restaurants in Hong Kong alone.

How has Indian food combined with other cultures?

As mentioned, most Indian restaurants offer food that is a fusion of Indian and local cuisine. In China, dishes tend to contain cumin, coriander and turmeric, which are seldom used in traditional Chinese cuisine. Some popular dishes include Chow mein, Chicken Manchurian and sweet corn soup. English-Indian cuisine originated during the British rule of India in the 1800s and 1900s, when British wives learned cooking from their Indian cooks. A few examples are chutney, salted beef tongue and kedgeree.

Have other cultures influenced Indian food?

Indian food has certainly made its way around the world, but also Indian food has taken on characteristics from other countries too. Some basic ingredients of Indian food, such as potato, tomato and chili, were not originally found in India; instead they were introduced by Europeans, particularly the Portugeuse. The Portuguese also introduced the Indians to refined sugar; before that, fruit and honey were used to sweeten their food. Some of the fusion dishes mentioned before, such as the chicken tikka masala, have also made their way back to India and are quite popular there.

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Indian Restaurants Near Me – Indian Restaurants Facts

Not much is known about very ancient Indian customs and cuisines, particularly those of the Indus Valley peoples, because their ancient language hasn’t been deciphered yet!

According to Indian food theories, food has six distinct flavors. These are sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy. A proper Indian dish should have a perfect balance of all six of these, with one or two flavors standing out for emphasis.

The cooking styles known as dum pulao and dum biryani are originally from India. The ruler of the area of Awadh, known as a Nawab, was having issues with food shortages in his region. He ordered that a meal be prepared for the poor in a huge pots known as handis, covered with lids and sealed with dough. This style of cooking does not require many resources to make food, and so was appropriate for feeding his people. Eventually this led to the style of cooking known as dum.

Indian food varies substantially based on the region of India in which it was made. For example, food in northern areas uses a lot of dairy. Some dishes include fried pastries stuffed with potatoes and meats, and also tandoori chicken and naan bread. In the west, dishes with fish are quite popular, as well as smaller vegetables used to make chutneys. Curries are particularly found in south India, while the east is known more for its desserts, such as semolina, or cheese curd balls.

Rice is extremely popular and commonly found in most dishes. Rice is quite often eaten every single day, in one dish or another. Some popular types of rice are basmati, ponni and patna.

Naan bread is often associated with India, however it was actually first made in Persia about 2500 years ago. Naan bread is often used as an edible spoon to scoop up other foods. Other times, naan bread is stuffed with a filling of mince meat, or sometimes lamb or goat.

The biggest curry in the world was made in July 2005, by UK curry chef Abdul Salam. It weighed over 10 tonnes! The UK also has a world record for the world’s tallest stack of poppadoms (a thin disc of dough from India). The stack was made of 1075 pieces of bread, and was 1.57 meters tall!

India is the largest manufacturer of chili peppers in the world, even though they aren’t actually native to the area. They were brought to the country by the Portuguese in the 15th century. India is home to one of the hottest chilies in the world. It is called the bhut jolokia, or ghost chili, and is 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce!

You can look for Indian restaurants in your area by searching for “Indian restaurants near me”.

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