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Whether you’re looking for a juicy steak, a baked potato slathered in sour cream, or a rack of ribs, there’s a steakhouse near you ready to offer you all the grilled comforts you desire. From chains such as LongHorn to speciality steakhouses that are locally owned, there’s always a steakhouse to suit your budget and time constraints.

Ready to find a great steakhouse in your local area? Simply browse steakhouses near me on the map below and find a list of top rated steak restaurants in your area. Need a bit more information steaks and steakhouses. Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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What is the healthiest steak you can eat?

There’s no question that people love steak. In fact, few things are more indulgent or satisfying than a perfectly cooked slab of juicy steak made to perfection. Yet, steak can often take on a negative connotation, especially in regards to health. Thanks to the fat marbled throughout a steak, eating this cut of beef too frequently can have a negative impact on your heart and waistline. Despite this, experts recommend that you don’t ditch steak altogether. In fact, the key is to stick with a healthy cut of meat that’s lean and chock full of protein. So what are the healthiest steaks you can eat? Consider this as you search steakhouses near me. The healthiest steak is the sirloin tip side steak. Taken from the sirloin tip, this cut is very lean but still holds great flavor. The second best option is a top round steak. Cut from the hip, this is considered one of the most flavorful and tender lean cuts around. Eye of round steak is another great option, but since it is taken from the tenderloin, it is a bit tougher and often far less juicy. Stick with one of these cuts of steak and you really can have your steak and eat it too.

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A great steak can boost your mood and your health!

What are the benefits of steak?

When eaten in moderation and consumed with lean cuts in mind, steak actually has quite a few health benefits. What are the benefits of eating steak? Consider this as you search steakhouses near me. For starters, the heme iron in red meat is much more easily absorbed by the body than an iron supplement. For those with iron deficiency or anemia, steak can be a great resource for iron. Red meat also supplies bountiful quantities of vitamin B12. Again, when absorbed through food, this type of B12 is far more effective. B12 helps to make DNA which also keeps nerve and blood cells healthy. Steak also contains zinc, which keeps the immune system firing on all cylinders. Meaning, you may just get sick less often. Steak also provides a big hit of protein. Protein is key in building bones and strong muscles.

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Aged Cuts Have Better Flavor

Once you find the perfect steakhouse after searching steakhouses near me, you may want to try an aged cut of steak off of the menu. Though a bit more expensive, aged cuts generally have better flavor and are a bit more tender. In order to improve the flavor of a cut of steak, butchers will age a cut by drying it out just enough to increase the overall concentration of flavor within the meat itself. Thanks to the natural enzymes, the steak becomes very tender, leading to meat that will truly melt in your mouth at first bite. The only exception to the dry aged rule is filet mignon. The reason? It is naturally already tender and flavorful, which is why it often costs a bit more than your typical cut of steak.

Don’t Pierce Your Steak

Ever noticed that the cuts of steak you get a steakhouse aren’t filled with tiny little fork holes? That’s because a great chef would never pierce their steak when cooking it, this includes using a fork to pick the steak up when removing it or turning it on the grill. Piercing a steak in any capacity allows the flavors to escape the steak along with some of the juiciness that makes a steak truly come alive. If you need to flip a steak or flip it over, use tongs to make sure all of the juices and flavor stay where they are supposed to be- inside of the steak. In general, you should always touch the steak as little as possible during the cooking process. Whether you’re cooking your own steak or searching steakhouses near me, don’t ever pierce your steak!

Overcooked Steak Is No Good

If you like well done steaks and you’re searching steakhouse near me, this isn’t the article for you! According to experts, overcooked steak not only tastes pretty bad, but it’s really bad for you. When meat is overcooked, the fat, protein, and sugars in the meat get fused together. This makes for a tough cut of meat that is very difficult to chew and even harder to digest. On a serious note, overcooked meat at very high temperatures has also been linked to prostate cancer in men. If you feel quite squeamish at the thought of blood seeping out of your steak, have no fear, that’s not actually blood. The juice you see is actually mostly water with a little bit of fat and some proteins called myoglobin mixed in. This is what gives your meat the red or pink color you’ve grown to know and love. It’s perfectly safe to eat and won’t result in any true issues.

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