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Great Chinese food is equal parts savory and economical. With large portions, fair prices, and something to please every palate; Chinese food is almost always a great choice when feeding a large group or even just yourself. While most cities and towns have several Chinese restaurants to choose from, quality can differ between locations. Just because a restaurant boasts the “best Chinese food” doesn’t mean you’re actually getting the best. Knowing how to spot good chinese food is the best way to find epic Chinese in your region.

Ready to find the best Chinese food? Simply browse best Chinese food near me and find a comprehensive list of the best Chinese restaurants in your area. Need a bit more information on Chinese food? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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How does Chinese food differ regionally?

While searching best Chinese food near me, you may stumble across many Chinese restaurants boasting regional Chinese cuisine. This is because some restaurants specialize in dishes from the Northern region of China while others specialize in dishes from the Southern region. Many American Chinese restaurants will offer dishes from both. When it comes to regional differences, noodle based dishes are more prominent in restaurants specializing in more Northern fare. This means you’ll have more lo mein, soft noodles, and chow mein dishes to choose from. Dishes from the south tend to be very rice based. You’ll find plenty of fried rice in all forms if you choose to dine at a Southern style region. Of course, rice and noodles from an integral part of Chinese food on the whole. While each region may specialize in specific rice or noodle dishes, you’ll find both offered in every part of China. This means that most restaurants you find will offer a bit of both without forcing the customer to compromise.

best chinese food near me

Finding great Chinese food doesn’t have to be a pain, simply browse best Chinese food near me!

Is Chinese food healthy?

Chinese food may not seem like a very health conscious option. After all, a fried egg roll hardly seems like a diet friendly food. Though there are many high calorie options if you’re searching best chinese food near me, you’ll also find many figure friendly dishes to choose from. In fact, one of the most amazing things about Chinese food is how healthy it can be. Authentic Chinese food is most often prepared using very fresh vegetables and fresh meats. Even when teamed with delicious noodles or rice, the dishes are not typically super high in calories. Of course, this often depends on what you order. Any dish featuring a sugary syrup (think General Tsos Chicken) isn’t going to be as healthy as say beef and broccoli. You can still be healthy when enjoying Chinese food, you simply have to look for dishes that are unbreaded, lacking in sugary sauces, and which are fried in water rather than heavy oils. If you’re watching your weight and searching for a great Chinese food near me, rest assured that you’re making the right decision!

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Location is Everything!

When searching best Chinese food near me, the most important thing to consider when choosing a restaurant is location. It might not seem like a big deal, but in terms of scoring great Chinese food, location is truly everything. Think about it, if a Chinese restaurant is sitting in the middle of your city’s Italian neighborhood, it’s probably not going to offer the most authentic Chinese food. You’ll probably learn the same from choosing a restaurant sitting right on the highway or off in the middle of nowhere. Your best bet is always to choose a Chinese restaurant that’s right in the heart of a Chinese community. Odds are, owners of these restaurants are a part of that community and are committed to offering great Chinese dishes with a flair for authenticity. Of course, if you live in a small town, finding a Chinese restaurant in a Chinatown type neighborhood might not be possible. If you live in a more rural area, aim for a restaurant that’s near other dining establishments. This forces them to be more competitive in order to earn your dollar.

Fake Dishes

Not every dish on a Chinese food menu is authentic Chinese food. In fact, many dishes are Western inventions designed to delight a more American palette. If you’re looking for Authenticity, you’ll want to stay on the lookout for fake dishes. Consider this as you search best Chinese food near me. Examples of Chinese food you’ll never find in China includes, crab Rangoon, egg foo yung, and most dishes featuring broccoli. These dishes are American inventions. Despite the prevalence of broccoli in many chinese meals, broccoli too is a Western vegetable. It is not used in traditional Chinese food overseas. Fortune cookies are also an inauthentic feature that’s prevalent in a majority of Chinese restaurants in the US. Despite the popularity of these fun little cookies, they are actually a Japanese invention. Of course, if you just want some yummy food and don’t care about authenticity, go wild and choose whatever suits your palette. Afterall, a good meal is subjective. What’s great to you, might not be great to someone else. Go with your own gut and choose wisely!

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    I have not found a good tasting Chinese food restaurant . Why is the Chinese food tactless, grease and uneatable.