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Since the 8th century, Sushi has proven a dining staple in the diets of citizens all around the globe. Nutritious, fresh and always fun to eat; there are few cuisines that match the taste or health benefits of Sushi. Interested in finding Sushi near your location? Look no further. Use the map below and locate a sushi restaurant in your neighborhood.

Need a bit more information on what constitutes good sushi? View our curated list of the top sushi restaurants in the US. No matter where you are or where you plan to roam you can quickly locate sushi near you. Simply browse the Sushi Near Me map below and find your new favorite sushi restaurant!

Sushi Near Me – Find it on the Map

Sushi first originated in China as a method to preserve fish in marinated rice. The trend found popularity in Japan in the 8th century, where it has remained an important source of protein ever since. While the notion exists that sushi only consists of raw ingredients, this assumption no longer rings true.

While traditional sushi is served raw, modern sushi often comes with several cooked additions and has evolved to meet the expectations of American foodies. Cooked crab, shrimp, and steamed clams are just a few modern additions to sushi today.

sushi near me

An artfully plated salmon roll. Western style sushi is often prepared with aesthetics and plating in mind. Flow and color theory is an important aspect of sushi plating.

Because of its incredible health benefits and fresh taste, sushi has proven a formidable force in American dining. Dubbed the finer side of fast food, sushi is always freshly prepared without the use of preservative filled oils or fattening friers. For a the health conscious individual (or the individual who simply wants a delicious meal), sushi is a always a no brainer!

Sushi Near Me – Sushi Trivia

True or false: Sushi is considered an art form in Japan.

True! In your quest to find sushi near you, you’ll likely find many reviews that focus on the artistic aspects of sushi preparation. While many American’s don’t think of food preparation as an art form, Japanese culture places a high emphasis on the way food is plated and prepared. Sushi chefs not only take pride in the taste of their sushi, they put a great deal of time and consideration into plate presentation. Sushi is expected to be equal parts appealing to the mouth and the eyes.

Different regions prepare sushi and sashimi in their own (often regional) style, but almost all sushi chefs spend several painstaking years learning the craft of perfectly preparing sushi. The main objective of sushi art? Capturing the natural beauty and simplicity of sushi. Most chefs believe that proper sushi presentation captures the fluid almost meditative motion of fish by using harmonious plate presentations in an array of colors. Go ahead and incorporate a bit of flow into your sushi search below!

Which country is credited with putting rice on the outside of a sushi roll?

While searching for sushi near you, odds are you’ll be looking for the perfect sushi roll. Whether you choose spicy tuna or eel, rolls are an integral part of sushi. One might assume that Japan can take all of the credit when it comes to putting rice on the outside of the ever popular sushi roll, but this is actually an American invention. Known as the California roll, this innovative practice can be traced back to the Tokyo section of Los Angeles, CA in the 1970s. A sushi chef at the Tokyo Kaikan restaurant was running out of staple ingredients. In a bind, he decided to substituted avocado for tuna and incorporated crab meat to match the traditional fish taste found in sushi.

The seaweed that is traditionally placed on the outside of the roll seemed too “out there” for the average Los Angeles resident during this time period and so the chef moved the seaweed inside and placed the rice on the outside. With that, the art of putting rice on the outside was born!

Sushi Near Me – Sushi Facts

Eat Your Sushi Upside down!

When you finally track down that perfect sushi restaurant near you, make sure you eat it the right way! Sushi enthusiasts and traditional purists agree, sushi should always be eaten upside down with the fish on your tongue instead of the rice. By turning the sushi upside-down and then dipping the fish into the soy sauce, you’re ensuring that the rice doesn’t soak up too much sauce, which would place emphasis on certain flavors instead of others. While most sushi chefs have come to expect that the average American will go about eating sushi the wrong way, why not impress your sushi chef by savoring your meal upside down?

Sushi is a Finger Food

When you find the perfect sushi near you, there can always be a bit of anxiety about mastering chopsticks. Fret not sushi lovers! While there will always be a certain allure to using chopsticks when getting down on some sushi, this cuisine is actually meant to be eaten with your hands. That’s right, sushi is a finger food. No one will ever look down on you for getting your hands dirty while consuming sushi. Temaki sushi is expected to be eaten with the fingers due to its long and difficult shape.

Nigiri-zushi is hand pressed sushi, meaning it’s supposed to be eaten with one’s fingers. Using chopsticks with some sushi may not only be highly inappropriate, it can be downright difficult. Test your boundaries on your next sushi restaurant endeavor and dare to get your fingers in on the culinary fun. After all, nice sushi restaurants offer you a hot towel for a reason!

Top Five Sushi Restaurants in the United States

Fans of sushi are flocking en masse to these top locations. Read on to see if the best of the best when it comes to sushi is located near you!

1. Soto, New York City

While Soto may fly under the radar in terms of hype, it’s consistently top rated by Zagat and Michelin. Soto’s menu features several varieties of fresh sea urchin, thinly sliced Long Island fluke, and of course the sushi fare we’ve all come to know in love. With a small serene dining room and a top notch sushi chef, this NYC staple is well worth a look.

2. Makato, Washington DC

If your search for sushi restaurants happens to bring you to the nation’s capital, make sure to add a trip to Makato to your dining itinerary. With artistic presentation and a harmonious environment, Makato serves up a variety of raw and flash grilled fish accompanied by silky layers of tofu and delicious veggies. While Makato does offer a la carte ordering, let the chefs make the call and revel in true culinary artistry.

3. Sushi Ota, San Diego

From the outside, Sushi Ota just looks like the average sushi restaurant tucked into an unassuming strip mall. But following the old adage of “good things come in small packages,” this cozy space is a favorite among locals. With top notch sashimi and monkfish, the brigade of top chefs perched behind the counter can make sushi that rivals that of any major city.

4. Uchi, Austin, TX

When it comes to food, Austin can be a bit all over the place. While one might not expect to find a great sushi joint in this region of the US, Uchi is beloved for its innovation and truly delicious fare. At Uchi, chef Tyson Cole pairs local ingredients with fresh fish flown in daily from Tokyo. Try the Machi Cure or Chef Cole’s famous sushi pot if you hit up this Texas sushi staple.

5. Tomo, Atlanta

If you’re in the Atlanta area, Tomo is a must. With fish flown in bi-weekly from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji market, bright flavors, and their famous Lobster a La Musso; there’s a little something at Tomo for everyone. The restaurant boasts clean lines and modern decor, perfect for a special night out or just a night spent treating yourself.

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