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One of the most popular banks known to date is none other than Bank Of America. It has been in business for quite some time so it is no surprise if you would feel comfortable with a place like this to handle your cash or finances. You can definitely feel safe knowing that your money is at this bank.

There is quite a bit of history and trust that is behind this bank. If you are ready to open a new bank account or you need to cash a check, just search “Bank Of America Near Me” in order to get started today!

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Bank of America Near Me – Bank of America Trivia

How many clients does Bank of America have?

If you think that Bank of America has a ton of clients, you would be absolutely right. It shows that people trust the bank to help them out. They obviously know what they’re doing with a clientele amount of 58 million customers and growing.

bank of america near me

A bank you can trust!

How long has Bank of America been in business?

The Bank of America was originally known as The Bank of Italy and it was founded by Amadeo Giannini in San Francisco, California on October 17th, 1904. Using banking strategies, it grew to become the world’s largest commercial bank with 493 branches in California and assets of $5 billion in 1945.

The Bank Was The Idea Of Which Person?

The then-Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton was the one who initially thought of opening chartered banks. He proposed that the bank sell about $10M in stock in order to help establish its initial funding. The United States would go on to purchase $2M from the original $10M, but since the newly formed United States didn’t actually have that kind of money, the bank loaned the government money which they paid back in ten annual installments.

What Was The First Bank Managed By A Woman?

The first bank to be run by a woman was actually the First Woman’s Bank of Tennessee which was founded in 1919. It was founded by Brenda Vineyard Runyon who kept it going for quite a bit of time. She was unfortunately unable to find a successor after her health began to fail and eventually it was taken over by First Trust and Savings Bank of Clarkville in 1926.

What Are The Top Five Banks?

With all the banks in the world, there’s definitely bound to be some competition. According to the Federal Reserve System’s National Information Center, there are top five bank holding companies in the world. Those five banks in order happen to be, Citigroup, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wachovia and Taunus (Deutsche Bank). As you see, Bank of America is on there so if you’d like to visit one, search “Bank of America Near Me” to find the nearest one.

Bank of America Near Me – Bank of America Facts

The first bank robbery is thought to have taken place at the Clay County Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri on February 13th, 1866. It is believed that several men, who were supposedly part of the James-Younger Gang, shot a 19-year-old student and made off with about $60,000.

The largest bank robbery took place at the Dunbar Armored facility in Los Angeles, California. It was one of the largest cash robberies with about $18.9 million being stolen and it was definitely remembered in history. While everyone was eventually caught, about $10M of the stolen loot was lost. It was eventually found out to be an inside job.

The $50 dollar bill actually has the shortest life span out of all other bills. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the average life span of a $50 dollar bill is 3.7 years while the $10 dollar bill is at 4.2 years and the $5 dollar bill at 4.9 years.

The term “check” or “cheque” is actually a word derived from the game of chess. When you put the king in check, it actually means his choices are limited, just like how modern day checks are with forgery and alterations. If you have any checks that need to be cashed, search “Bank of America Near Me” to find a place to cash your checks.

Paper money was created because there was quite a problem with coin hoarding going on during the Civil War. Because of this problem, it caused the US government to create paper currency bills in 1861. Every single bill that was first created was then signed by one of the six people who worked at US Treasury.

The biggest money monument is located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and is known as the Big Nickel. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the tallest coin replica in the world and stands at about 9 meters high and 61 centimeters tall.

There has been a multitude of things used before bills were used. They used things such as conch shells, live animals, ivory, grains, clay and whatever else they could get their hands on. Basically if it was scarce, it could be used as money.

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