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For the outdoor enthusiast or even casual hiker, REI has all of the gear, equipment, and advice you need to step outside and enjoy the wonders of the world. REI first started as a small Seattle based co-op but now boasts more than 145 stores in 35 states. The flagship stores are so expansive that customers don’t even have to step outside to test out the company’s legendary equipment.

Are you interested in finding an REI near you? Simply browse REI near me on the map below and find a list of REI locations in your area. Need a bit more information on REI? REad on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Who founded REI?

REI was founded by Seattle residents Lloyd and Mary Anderson. Though the duo loved to spend time in the mountains and simply enjoying nature, they quickly found that much of the equipment available in the US was flimsy and couldn’t hold up to the conditions of mountaineering or even backcountry camping. Not only were those products a waste of money, but they could put the novice outdoorsman in a precarious or fatal situation. Another thing that struck the pair about buying outdoor equipment is that many stores refused to sell certain items unless you were willing to buy them in bulk. When Lloyd tried to purchases ice axes from a local European retailer, they refused on the grounds that Lloyd wasn’t purchasing a big enough volume. Given the issues they were having in finding great equipment, they came to the conclusion that they likely weren’t the only ones. They asked around and their friends relayed much of the same information. Everyone in the community wanted better and safer equipment. To help make this dream a reality, the Anderson’s started the REI co-op in 1938 so that their friends and family could use their combined resources to score good deals on tough outdoor equipment. As you search REI near me, consider how a few people changed the outdoor game forever.

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REI is one of the most comprehensive outdoor stores in the US.

True or false: REI gives thousands of dollars of equipment to its employees every year.

If you’re searching REI near me because your an outdoor enthusiast, you may want to consider getting yourself a job at REI. As an employee of REI, you’re encouraged to clock out every so often and just enjoy some good old fashioned time in the outdoors. Individuals or groups who want to try something new, such as hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, or climbing Mount Rainier, can submit a challenge grant to the company. If the grant is approved, you will be given free equipment in order to complete your journey. As of 2002, REI had given away more than $30,000 worth of amazing gear and clothing to it’s thousands of employees. If you’re an adventurer at heart, why not try a job that embraces curiosity and even rewards those who seek to step outside of their comfort zone!

REI Near Me – REI Facts

A Vow To Be Climate Neutral

As an outdoor lover, you likely understand just how important it is to protect the environment and make responsible choices in regards to the earth. As you search REI near me, you can rest assured that this brand has vowed to become a climate neutral business by 2020. Right now, REI is highly focused on utilizing solar technology to power and heat stores, purchasing renewable energy certificates, and switching over to more energy efficient lighting and cooling systems. Currently, 26 major REI locations are equipped with solar panels. This includes the most energy-efficient location, Tustin, California. REI is also one of the founding members of the Conservation Alliance, who along with Kelty, Patagonia, and the North Face, aim to donate a portion of their funds to grassroots conservation groups all across the country. When you shop at REI, you aren’t just supporting your passion, you are supporting a business who seeks to make responsible choices and leave the earth better than they found it.

A Black Friday Blackout

Black Friday may be one of the most lucrative sales days of the entire year for a business, but it often comes at the cost of employee happiness and time off for those who are already giving so much during the holiday season. In 2015, REI decided to ditch the Black Friday shenanigans and encouraged all of it’s 12,000 employees to go outside and do something. They closed all 143 retail locations, distribution centers, and headquarters. Even the website was down. It was changed to include an explanation that orders made that day would not be processed until the employees got back. While they may have lost a few sales, they gained employee confidence and a true sense morale amongst those who call the store home. Thankfully, during this down time, visits to REI’s website rose some 26%, meaning the brand actually ended up posting record sales. Sometimes doing good, leads to more goodness coming your way! How do you feel about REI’s decision to shut down on Black Friday? Sound off below as you search REI near me!

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