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For decades, Urban Outfitters has been offering up street friendly styles to the fashion starved masses. Whether you crave high end basics or the latest trends straight off the runway- UO, has always been a one stop shop for the street style obsessed. With the addition of homewares and beauty, there’s never been a better time to hit up your local spot.

Ready to find an Urban Outfitters near you? Simply browse Urban Outfitters near me on the map below and find a list of UO locations in your local area? Need a bit more information on this hip retail brand? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more. You’ll know more about this urban oasis than the folks who work there!

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Urban Outfitters Near Me – Urban Outfitters Trivia

What year was Urban Outfitters founded?

While Urban Outfitters might seem like a thoroughly millennial invention, this store actually has roots dating back into the heyday of fashion in America. What year was Urban Outfitters founded? The answer might be quite different than what you think. Believe it or not, Urban Outfitters was first founded in 1970 by two total retail novices. A graduate of Anthropology named Richard Hayne and his former Lehigh University roommate, Scott Belair. Hayne was back from two years of studying eskimos in Alaska as a VISTA volunteer. Belair was a second year student at the Wharton School of Business and in need of a project for an entrepreneur workshop he was working on. One night over a beer and appetizers, the duo came up for an idea of a store geared towards college and graduate students. They imagined selling inexpensive clothes and items that could be put in dorm rooms and apartments. They pooled together a total of $5,000 and opened the first Free People store in Philadelphia near the UPenn campus. The 400 square foot store was decorated with beat up furniture and packing crates. They offered up inexpensive second hand clothing, Indian style fabrics, and patchouli scented candles. Ethnic jewelry, drug paraphernalia, and t-shirts were also sold. This became the foundation in which Free People and its sister store, Urban Outfitters was originally built upon. As you search Urban Outfitters near me, consider just how historic this brand really is.

urban outfitters near me

Urban Outfitters is a mecca for hip and trendy fashions.

True or false: You can get discounts for imperfections at Urban Outfitters.

Despite the original business model, Urban Outfitters is no longer the budget friendly store it once was. Now a simple t-shirt can set you back $40 bucks. This means saving a few bucks at Urban Outfitters a true necessity. Unfortunately, discounts at this retail giant are hard to come by, but there are ways to score some savings if you play your cards right. According to insiders, you can get a 10-15% discount at Urban Outfitters on duds with minor imperfections or even deodorant marks. This means if you fall in love with the perfect shirt or dress and there’s a small stain or deodorant mark on the item, you can ask the manager for a discounter. The same goes in the home goods department. Find a small scratch or dent on any item, and it could be yours for a lower price! Don’t let high prices keep you from searching Urban Outfitters near me.

Urban Outfitters Near Me – Urban Outfitters Facts

The Fastest Selling Items At Urban Outfitters

As you search Urban Outfitters near me, you might be inclined to think that the fastest selling items at this store are the trend pieces or those that are completely unique to the brand itself. In reality, the fastest selling items at this hipster haven tend to be the basics. According to brand insiders, tried and true white t-shirts are the fastest selling item in any UO store. Basics generally sell way faster than iridescent jackets or plaid pants. For example, basic Out From Under gray and black sweatpants always sell faster than super trendy midi-dresses or other social media staples. The reason? No one’s quite sure, but it could be price related. Basics are great investments and tend to come at a lower cost than trend pieces. You’ll always wear your reliable white tee shirt, but you might fall out of love with that in your face dress in a few weeks or months. If you’re going to shell out some major dough, it might as well be on items you’re going to wear time and time again.

Hack Your Way To Free Shipping

Nothing is more frustrating than filling your cart on a website only to find you haven’t qualified for free shipping. Nothing tends to lead to cart abandonment faster than having to pay a serious upcharge just to have your items shipped to your house. If you fall in love with a particular item while shopping Urban Outfitters online but don’t want to pay for those pesky shipping costs, there is a way to get your items shipped for free. Consider this while searching Urban Outfitters near me. According to the brand, you can get free shipping on any order if you call up the store directly and have them order it for you instead of placing the order for yourself online. Just be sure to know your item’s SKU number and have your debit or credit card on hand to complete the purchase. You’ll avoid having to pay shipping and you may even get the item faster by ordering from a close by or local store. What could be better than that?

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