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A well furnished office can elevate your workspace and help boost productivity. After all, an uncomfortable chair or a desk at the wrong height isn’t exactly conducive to burning the midnight oil or finding that creative spark.

Offices no longer need to be dreary spaces dedicated to the grind. Instead, with the right furniture and a little decorating, they can be come havens of creativity and a true space that allows you to truly do your best work day after day.

Ready to find some office furniture for your office space? Simply browse office furniture near me on the map below and find a list of office furniture stores in your local area. Need a bit more information on office furniture? Read on for facts, tips, and even a bit of trivia. You’ll make a sound choice when buying your next bit of office furniture.

Office Furniture Near Me – Find it on the Map

Office Furniture Near Me – Trivia

How many hours a day does the average office worker spend sitting?

If you have an office job, whether at home or in a formal building, you tend to spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether hunched over a keyboard and typing reports or leading a meeting, we do these things in chairs, on couches, and always on our bottoms. This can lead to a bit of discomfort and the need for a great chair. But just how many hours a day on average does an office worker spend sitting?

Consider this as you search office furniture near me. According to the National Post, the average work tends to sit for a whopping 10 hours a day. Given that the average American works 1,700 hours per year, office workers tend to spend approximately 17,000 hours in office chairs over the course of their lifetime.

Having an ergonomic chair or one that offers comfort and flexibility is key to keeping workers both happy and productive. Imagine if you had to spend your day on a wooden kitchen chair? Some folks simply do not have a choice.

Office Furniture Near Me

Office furniture can really set the tone for the whole work environment.

True or false: Productivity is higher in ergonomic office chairs.

When do you get your best work done? Is it when you’re very comfortable and feeling great or when you’re hunched over and feeling the strain? Well, you probably already know the answer. You get more work done when you’re comfortable and experiencing little in the way of strain.

This is why productivity tends to be higher in offices that supply ergonomic chairs for their employees. According to researchers, employees are around 17.5% more productive when working on an ergonomic chair.

Workers are also around 17.7% more productive when given a highly adjustable office chair. Obviously, there is some correlation to be made between productivity and comfort.

No one can focus 100% on work if their marred by discomfort or strain. When searching office furniture near me, consider purchasing an ergonomic chair that is highly adjustable. You’ll find that the level of comfort you experience will make you more productive and focused while on the job. Last thing, but very important. It’s not only about productivity. Your health is the most important thing. Please consider using an ergonomic office chair.

Office Furniture Near Me – Facts

What To Do With Old Furniture?

Say you’ve been searching office furniture near me and you find all of the office furnishings you need. Well, now you need to consider what to do with your old furniture. Odds are, you have quite a few pieces that need somewhere to go. Even if you have a larger office space, there probably isn’t room in storage for old desks and chairs. So, what can you do with your old furniture?

First things first, check the condition of the furniture. If it’s in good shape, you can sell the furniture to a retailer or wholesaler. You could also donate the furniture to charity. If the furniture isn’t in the best shape, you could go about contacting a recycling program to have them recycle your furniture.

That will give your furniture a second life in a whole new way! Of course, if you have the space and feel a bit of an attachment to certain pieces, you can go about refurbishing the furniture. Sometimes a little sanding and some stain can give an old piece brand new life. At that point, you can keep it, sell it, or simply find a new home for it with a friend. The moral of the story is this- there are many ways to get rid of office furniture that don’t involve a landfill or polluting the environment.

Never Buy Without A Plan

Office furniture can be a big investment. Not only is furniture not cheap to replace, but it affects your everyday life and even the life of your employees. Like any big purchase, buying impulsively can lead you to regretting your decision later on down the road. Consider just how often the item is going to be used.

If it’s something you can’t see replace every five years, you’re going to want to spend a little more to get a quality item. If you’re moving to either a bigger or smaller office, you need to consider what the office will need. Look at any furniture you do have and consider what you’re going to have to add in the coming days or months. Additionally, keep in mind the color scheme and overall aesthetics you’re going for. If your chairs are a certain shade of grey and you want them to match, you’ll have to revisit that manufacturer again rather than going with someone new.

If you run an office, find out what your employees did/didn’t like about the old set up. Work within these parameters and you’ll be able to make good purchasing decisions for the whole office. Also, while searching office furniture near me, steer clear of anything too trendy or of the moment. It will leave your office looking dated just a few years down the road.

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