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Craving a sweet treat but don’t want to stay in your comfort zone? Thai style rolled ice cream can fulfill your sweet tooth, all while leaving you in awe of the artistry and aesthetics of this cool treat.

Are you interested in finding rolled ice cream near you? Simply browse rolled ice cream near me on the map below and find a list of rolled ice cream shops nearest you. Need a bit more information on rolled ice cream? Read on for facts, trivia, history and more! You might just learn something new for your next ice cream outing!

Rolled Ice Cream Near Me – Find it on the Map

Rolled Ice Cream Near Me – Rolled Ice Cream Trivia

How is rolled ice cream made?

Hand rolled ice cream can almost take on the form of art, especially when done well. It’s inspiring to watch and even more fun to eat. Just how exactly is hand rolled ice cream made? Consider this as you search rolled ice cream near me. Rolled ice cream begins when an individual pours a base liquid onto an ice cold metal service that holds at 8 degrees. There are a variety of base flavors to choose from including: mango, green tea, thai tea, original, and chocolate. Once poured onto the cold surface, the liquid quickly freezes into a creamy texture, which the ice cream maker will quickly chop, mush, and prod. At this point, the maker will add whatever flavors you’ve requested and will begin to spread the base out super thin across the cold service. Then in a process that is more akin to art than labor, the ice cream maker will use a spatula to scrape columns of ice cream forward, creating beautiful rolls that get picked up and then placed vertically into a cup. The rolls are then covered with toppings and add ons. The process is tricky, but when done right, rolled ice cream is a true treat for the palette and the eyes.

rolled ice cream near me

Rolled ice cream is quickly gaining traction as a popular sweet treat!

Are rolled ice cream and thai style ice cream the same thing?

Don’t let the myriad of names for rolled ice cream fool you, Thai style ice cream and rolled ice cream are the same thing. If you’re searching rolled ice cream near me and only find results for rolled ice cream, rest assured, the two are one in the same. It is called Thai style ice cream because the technique and ice cream itself was first prepared in Thailand. It is also often called deep fried ice cream, though there’s nothing deep fried about it.

What kind of flavors does rolled ice cream come in?

If you’re craving a strange flavor, rolled ice cream might just be for you. What kind of flavors can you find while searching rolled ice cream near me? While you’ll always find basics like vanilla and chocolate, many rolled ice cream shops will also offer flavors such as lychee, dragon fruit, red bean, green tea, and passion fruit. The base flavors are the just the beginning. Once you’ve chosen a base, you’ll have dozens of topping options to choose from. Experiment and find what rolled ice cream flavor is your favorite!

Rolled Ice Cream Near Me – Rolled Ice Cream Facts

A Recent Trip To The US

Rolled ice cream is on the tips of every tongue nowadays, but the transition into the American mainstream is more recent than you may think. Just when did rolled ice cream finally make it stateside? Consider these facts as you search rolled ice cream near me. Rolled ice cream has existed in Thailand for some time, gaining massive popularity in 2009. In Thailand it was simply a way for vendors to mix different ingredients all together with fruits and a variety of candies. It was practical, tasty, and a little out of the ordinary. There were only a few vendors offering rolled ice cream, as it was not as popular in many regions of the country as it is today. Around 2011, rolled ice cream shops began to pop up en masse around Thailand. Soon, Thai folks and visitors of the country were totally enamored with the artistic and tasty treat. Soon enough, rolled ice cream began to spread to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Cambodia in 2012. The delicacy finally spread worldwide (including the US) in 2015 when individuals from all walks of life began to discover rolled ice cream via viral videos.

Some Strange Toppings

Sometimes ice cream is only as good as the toppings you choose to put on it. You already know that rolled ice cream can come in some rather unique base flavors. Well, as you may have guessed, these base flavors are truly just the beginning. Rolled ice cream “chefs” love to get creative with the toppings on these artistic delicacies. In fact, it’s not uncommon for chefs to add things such as cookies, candy, and even pizza into the ice cream mixture. There is truly no limit to what you can request. Once you’ve made some crazy toppings requests, the chef will spread a thin layer over the cold surface. Within a few seconds, the chef will use a tool to scrape the ice cream off of the cold surface and turn it into a roll. The rolls are then placed in a cup, covered with whatever crazy toppings you’ve chosen, and then smothered in fruit or flavored syrup. As you search rolled ice cream near me, think about how you’d like to top your next ice cream treat!

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