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Whether you’re moving, cleaning out the garage, or just need an extra place to stash your stuff, a storage unit is a great way to eliminate clutter in your main home and free up some much needed space. Public storage facilities are safe and temperature controlled facilities that are used for the purpose of storing extra stuff. Many are affordable and there are plans to suit nearly every budget or price point.

Are you interested in finding Public Storage near you? Simply browse public storage near me on the map below and find a list of public storage facilities in your area. Need a bit more information on self storage? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more!

Public Storage Near Me – Find it on the Map

Public Storage Near Me – Public Storage Trivia

What is Public Storage?

While “Public Storage” might seem like a catch all term for a variety of public storage facilities, in reality Public Storage is a brand name and a stand alone operation. Consider this as you search Public Storage near me. Although there are many self storage options on the market, Public Storage is the world’s largest self-storage operator. They have locations in nearly every US state and truly boast the largest share of self storage facilities. In 2017, the company generated revenue in excess of $2.5 billion. That’s more than the revenue generated by its four largest self storage competitors: Extra Space Storage, CubeSmart, Life Storage, and U-Haul.

public storage near me

Self storage is becoming increasingly popular every year!

What is the deal with the orange doors at Public Storage?

If you’ve ever seen a Public Storage in person, then you know all to well that the brand has implemented a rather bold color scheme. All of the doors at every Public Storage facility are painted a bright shade of orange. While you might think that painting the storage units orange was a simple aesthetic design choice, there’s more to these doors than what meets the eye. Consider this as you search Public Storage near me. According to brand insiders, those iconic orange doors weren’t implemented to punch up the design, they were meant to attract the attention of customers driving along the road. Given that many Public Storage facilities are located off of major highways or roadways, it makes sense that the brand would want a punchy color scheme that would catch the eye and bring in that much needed foot traffic.

How many self storage facilities are in the US?

Self storage is a hot market in the US, especially as consumerism continues to grow. We all have too much stuff, but many of us don’t want to part with our possessions simply because we don’t have the space. This makes self storage units such as Public Storage a necessity for many modern Americans, especially those who live in cities or smaller buildings. Luckily, some statistics show that there are more than 48,500 self storage facilities to choose from in the US. That’s more than the total number of McDonald’s restaurants!

Public Storage Near Me – Public Storage Facts

What can one keep in self storage?

If you’re searching Public Storage near me, you may be wondering what you can keep in your storage locker. While it might seem like storage lockers are reserved for furniture items, appliances, and smaller household goods, there are actually options for whatever sized item you have. Even if you have an RV or a boat, you can rent a storage unit to keep those vehicles in when they are not being used. This is particularly handy if driveway space is an issue at your household. While these large storage units are convenient, they will come at a higher cost. You may also have to call around to find out which storage facilities in your area can potentially house big items such as vehicles. Depending on what you’re trying to store, you may also have to look into a climate controlled self storage space. This Is necessary if you’re going to store certain kinds of items in the long term. For example, if you have books that are very important to you, you’ll need to go with a climate controlled unit. Humidity and heat can cause books and other paper products to break down faster. Humidity can also contribute to mildew and mold growing on many items in your storage unit such as book pages or fabrics. Always tailor the type of storage unit you rent to the items you’ll be placing in the unit. Certain items will require certain amenities, while others will not.

Why is self storage so popular?

If you’ve wondered why self storage is more popular now than ever, you’re not alone. According to experts, the main driver of the self storage surge is the aging baby boom population. Baby boomers currently represent a whopping 24 percent of the population. As the group approaches retirement, they often choose to downsize to smaller houses or move to warm weather areas such as Florida or Arizona. Many of these individuals do not want to get rid of family heirlooms or prized possessions, thus making self storage the best option. As you search Public Storage near me, consider how this aging generation is one of the driving forces behind the self storage phenomenon.

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