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Though fair season might not be in full swing for much of the country, warm weather locations can enjoy year round fairs and carnivals! For most communities, fairs are a welcome event that bring about great food, good entertainment, and a strong sense of community. Fairs are popular in nearly every state, though some might look mighty different than others!

Are you interested in finding a fair near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse fairs near me on the map below and find a list of fairs near your current location. Looking for a bit more information on fairs? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for facts, trivia, and more. You might just learn something new for your next outing!

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Who is credited with creating the first agricultural fair in America?

For many people, nothing is more American than visiting a state fair. Not only are state fairs seen as a beloved act of tradition, but they bring communities closer and allow many small businesses to flourish and reach wider audiences. Have you ever wondered who is credited with creating the first agricultural fair in America? Consider this as you search fairs near me! Historians believe that New England native Elkanah Watson created the very first agricultural fair in the US with the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Cattle Show. The show first debuted in 1811 and exhibited animals such as cattle, swine, and sheep. Animals were judged based on their overall quality and owners were awarded prize money. After this, county fairs began to pop out throughout the New England region. By 1841, the very first state fair emerged in Syracuse, New York. The purpose of the fair was to show off agricultural New York’s agricultural prowess with livestock and gardening competitions.

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State fairs are popular amongst folks from all walks of life!

How many fairs are in North America each year?

Despite being somewhat old fashioned, people from all ages and all walks of life enjoy a day out at the fair. It’s the one tradition that most towns and states will carry on for hundreds of years, especially as more and more folks are turned on to the charm of a fair. Just how many fairs currently operate in North America each year? Consider this as you search fairs near me. According to statistics produced by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, there are over 3200 fairs held annually in North America. Attendance is reportedly booming, with most fairs drawing well over a million visitors every year. While many old traditions are falling by the wayside, fair attendance is always on an upswing. Almost every fair allows participants to show off the best in agriculture, horticulture, livestock, and other great products from a given region. Though fewer participants may be getting involved in agriculture than when fairs first started, food, beverages, and rides are always big draws!

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A Giant Fair Oddity

Fairs are popular from coast to coast, even states such as Alaska have their own state fair! In fact, the Alaska state fair is one of the country’s best fairs! Odds are, you’re probably not going to travel to the distant state of Alaska just to attend it’s annual fair, but those who do visit will tell you that it’s truly one of a kind. What giant oddity makes the Alaska state fair so special? Read on as you search fairs near me. One of the most revered Alaskan past times that you’ll find at the annual fair is the act of giant cabbage growing. Unlike many other states, Alaska’s farmers seem to have a true knack for growing giant vegetables. Some say it’s due to the abundance of sunlight several months of the year. Most recently, the world record for cabbage was warded to Scott Rabb who produced a 138 pound head of giant cabbage to showcase at the fair. If staring at steroidal vegetables isn’t quite your cup of tea, you might want to partake in the Alaska state fair tradition of moose calling. In order to enter, all you really need to know is the difference between bull and cow calls. You’ll also have to demonstrate those calls in front of a panel of very discerning and moose knowledgeable judges!

A Traditional Fair Experience

Want to experience a truly traditional fair? You might want to pack your bags and head to Iowa! Not only is the state of Iowa known for having one of the best state fairs in the country, but this event has never bucked tradition in favor of more modern tastes. Not only is it the only fair where you can sample hundreds of deep fried delicacies, but it’s also the only fair with a true love of butter. Thanks to the state’s dairy industry, butter often takes precedence at the Iowa state fair. While strolling the midway to find your next meal, you can stop and check out the hand sculpted butter cow. It’s a 100 year plus tradition in which a life size cow is sculpted by an artist from more than 600 pounds of butter. Some estimate that it’s enough butter to top almost 20,000 pieces of toast. While you’re checking out the butter sculpting competition, you can also munch on the renowned pork chop on a stick. Statistics show that one is sold every 10 seconds at the Iowa state fair! As you search fairs near me, consider checking out local oddities that might make for a truly unique outing!

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