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Every trip to the pump can put a true squeeze on your wallet. With gas prices hovering around $3.00 a gallon in most of the country, saving money at the pump seems a bit more difficult than ever. Luckily, brands like Arco are committed to giving you high quality gas without all of the unnecessary cost. If you want the lowest price per gallon, finding an Arco location is always in your best interests.

Ready to find an Arco near you? Simply browse Arco near me on the map below and find a list of Arco locations in your local area. Need a bit more information on Arco? How about the Arco credit card policy? Read on for facts, trivia, and getting the most of your Arco stop.

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Arco Near Me – Arco Trivia

Does Arco accept credit cards?

Back in 1982, Arco decided to stop accepting credit cards altogether. At the time, it was quite a controversial decision as many people relied on credit cards when buying fuel. Why did Arco stop accepting cards in the first place? Arco stopped taking credit cards in order to cut its dealer price on gas by 3 cts/gal. The move was a part of a marketing strategy to build station volume through lower prices all while saving around $73 million a year in credit card fees and costs. Since then, Arco began accepting cash, debit cards, and its pre-paid “Arco PumpPass” at every station. Every transaction was accompanied by a 45 cent fee. While people weren’t exactly keen on paying these fees they would gladly do so if it meant paying a little less in gas. To accommodate all customers, Arco now accepts credit and debit cards along with third-party bank cards. While the fee still stands, the larger degree of payment options meant more customers could enjoy Arco’s lower prices. If you’re searching Arco near me, you can most definitely utilize every payment method. Just keep in mind that you will be tasked with paying the .45 cent transaction fee every time you swipe a card rather than shelling out some cash.

arco near me

Arco works to bring you the highest quality gas at the lowest price.

Are BP and Arco the same thing?

While searching Arco near me, you may come across some BP locations as a result. But are BP and Arco actually the same thing? While BP and Arco are not one in the same, BP has owned the Arco chain since the year 2000. Arco was struggling with profits until BP took over and made the brand solidly profitable and even urged them to begin accepting credit cards once again. Still, if you come across a BP station, you’ll get the same quality of gas as you would at an Arco. The major difference will be price. You will generally shell more out at the pump at a BP location than you would at an Arco location. If cost isn’t an issue and you’re just looking to fill up quickly, then both BP and Arco are excellent choices based on what’s available in your area.

Arco Near Me – Arco Facts

Is Arco gas really top tier?

Gas quality should always be a priority when you’re looking to fuel up at the pump. Given the price of Arco gas, it is it really top tier? Consider this as you search Arco near me. Simply put, yes. While the blend of detergents and additives can differ between companies, Arco gas is wholly on par with every other top gas brand in the US. Arco currently does offer “top tier” gasoline. What is top tier gasoline? Top tier gas is the standard that is recommended by seven of the top selling automakers in the world. It is a standard that is even higher than what the EPA currently requires gas companies to sell. To ease customer minds, Edmunds conducted a study interviewing experts in the automotive field. The goal was to unearth whether or not putting cheap gas into a car actually had any affect on them. The end result? Most vehicle owners will not notice any difference in their cars performance by purchasing cheap gas. However, before going cheap, you should always look at your car’s owner manual and follow the guidelines given exactly what type of gasoline is best for your car’s engine.

Lower Prices Higher Quality

In the past, the old motto of you “get what you pay for” always seemed to ring true. Lower prices are often equated with lower quality. Is that the case when it comes to Arco gasoline? Since Arco gas is often priced far lower than other gas brands, some consumers wonder whether or not it is actually safe for their vehicles. As you search Arco near me, keep these findings in mind. The US government has very strict guidelines on most things, including gasoline. There are certain standards for all gasoline being sold in the United States, including octane levels and the general characteristics that all gasoline must possess. This means that all gas being sold at every station in the US is basically the same. So what’s the difference between high priced gasolines and their lower cost alternatives? The differences often come down to detergents and additives. All gas must contain a general amount of additives which are EPA approved. Many companies can add more than others to differentiate their gasoline from the competition. Companies such as Shell offer additives that may even improve your engine performance and keep it cleaner. Arco ditches the unnecessary additives and only adds the detergents that are required. This keeps costs low and quality high.

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