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With the cost of four year colleges rising every year and debt of the average graduating student going up, community college is an economical way get a two year degree or just get your general education credits out of the way. Community college’s are more popular than ever, as many students realize that they can decrease their debt and still get a quality education.

Are you interested in finding a community college near you? Simply browse community colleges near me on the map below and find a list of community colleges located in a close proximity to your current location. Looking for a bit more information on community colleges? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and more!

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When did community colleges first form?

Unlike many forms of schooling in the United States, community college was the result of years of evolutionary educational practices. Some historians believe that the community college had to evolve and grow from at least seven sources of educational innovation, two of which began in the 1880s and 1890s. From community boosterism and the rise of the research university came a greater degree of emphasis on community outreach and quality of education. The third evolutionary principal came from the educational reforms that first took place in the progressive era beginning in 1900. The advent of secondary education was the next big step in the formation of the community college, followed by the professionalization of teacher education. Both of these innovations proved huge markers not only in the necessity of college, but in education on a whole. Vocational education and open access to higher education, as well as the ride of adult education after World War II also played huge roles in allowing community colleges to eventually exist. Established in 1901, the Joliet Junior College is generally believed to be the oldest continuously operating community college in the US. As you search community colleges near me, consider how so many different aspects of education reform had to happen before the idea of community or junior college was even a recognized concept.

community colleges near me

Community college is the best way to save money and earn your college credits.

When did junior colleges experience the most growth?

If you’re searching community colleges near me, then you may already know that many community colleges tend to coincide with local high schools. This isn’t a coincidence. The greatest period of growth for junior colleges from 1910 to 1920 directly coincided with the growth of junior high schools and high schools. At this time, many school districts constructed junior high schools in order to relieve the overcrowding that was taking place in elementary and high schools. Junior highs, much like junior colleges, were seen as a solution to greater problem. When junior high schools first opened, the four year high school became a three year program. By restructuring school programs, suddenly high school facilities were open to operate junior colleges. This expansion along with the passage of mandatory second education also lead to a great shortage in teaching staff. Thus teacher training solutions were offered at normal schools and junior colleges to help staff elementary and high schools.

Community Colleges Near Me – Community Colleges Facts

Financial Benefits

One of the greatest benefits you’ll find while searching community colleges near me is the cost effectiveness of attending a community college. While many programs will require you to later transfer to a four year institution to complete your degree, earning your general education credits at a community college rather than at a four year university will keep costs low and help you to save thousands on your total bill. For many modern jobs, a two year associate’s degree may even be enough. According to government statistics, students who attend public community college are far less likely to take out student loans and go into debt than those who attend a four year university for their entire education. This is attributed to lower tuition, the ability for the student to live at home rather than on campus, and the ability to go on tuition payment plans rather than utilizing financial aide or student loans. In the 2014-2015 school year, tuition and fees at a public four year college was at least three times that of the tuition offered at a community college. The average tuition of a community college is around $3,347 whereas the average tuition of a public four year college is around $10,000. That’s a significant savings by anyone’s standards!

Academic Flexibility

Not only will attending a community college save you money, but it will also afford you some degree of academic flexibility. Consider this as you search community colleges near me. Attending community college is a great way for any student to ease into higher education at a comfortable pace and without all of the pressure that often accompanies a four year institution. This is especially useful for any students that may have struggled in high school or who are uncertain as to what field they might potentially want to enter. Community college offers students a chance to find who they are and what they really want before committing to a program or wasting thousands of dollars on room, board, and tuition. Community colleges are also great tools for adults who are looking to learn a new skill, revamp their resume, or who are just looking for a fresh start.

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