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Traveling and need to find an ATM? Are you looking for a new bank? Maybe you just enjoy visiting and looking at different banks for their aesthetic appeal. For whatever the reason you are in search of a financial institution, you will be able to see all of your nearby choices in the Banks Near Me Map below.

In the map, all of the locations will be shown and you just have to click on one to find the name of the bank, its address and phone number, and its hours of operation. You will also be able to get reviews of each branch and with a few clicks you will be able to get directions so you can get their quickly and conveniently.

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Banks Near Me – Banks Trivia

Bank Hours of Operation

When people talk business hours or business days, these normally are referring to the rough hours that banks are open. Banking hours have a lot of control and influence over the workings and dealing of the business world and if you need to do something at the teller, you wont likely be able to get it done any other way. So, the hours of banks matters a lot. Most banks generally keep their primary hours of operation to Monday to Friday hours. Most banks open at 9am weekdays, while some open at 10pm, and the majority of banks close between 5pm and 6pm, with a few that will stay open as late as 8pm. On Saturdays, a few banks are open for reduced hours, generally between 10am and 2pm. Outside of bank hours, most banks provide some kind of access to an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

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Wells Fargo is the largest bank in the United States.

A Brief History of Banking

Banking is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years, but where did it start? Well, lets take a look at its past.

Banking started around 4 thousand years, as a form of grain depositing and loaning. This became standardized during the Greek and Roman Empires to add regular depositing, lending and transferring of funds.
The banks that we are more familiar with today, started in Europe, particularly Italy, during the 14th century. You can still find the bank Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena open today, which was founded in 1472. The bank style in Italy spread throughout Europe and later into the Americas.

Banks have been in America since its founding; however, the creation of a national bank took a bit of extra effort. The founding of national banking started in 1781 with the founding of the Bank of North America. In 1784 several states also created chartered banks, such as the Bank of New York and the Bank of Massachusetts.

The next large changes in banking came in the 20th century. This involved the adding of telecommunication, such as sending money by telegraph and computerization of banking. This allowed the creation of an integrated electronic banking system that allowed changes such as the ATM and the Debit Card. It also changed to adding electronic payment by cards and modern changes such as ebanking and payment by tap. Finally, we finally have banks that exist almost exclusively online thanks to the ability for the physical location of banks to not necessarily be close to the customers if they don’t mind not having face to face communication with their bank’s employees; however, most banks still maintain branches in most neighborhoods, so you should be able to find a nice selection of locations when searching Bank Near Me.

Banks Near Me – Banks Facts

Trivia and Facts About Banks

With all of the banks in the United States and their history, they have some fun and interesting facts for you to enjoy.

1. There have been many famous bank heists in history and some have become famous in movies, but the largest in Japan claimed $5.4 million. It took place in 1994 in Kobe Japan. To make things all the more interesting, the robber sent a thank you for the “bonus” 10 days after the heist. The largest in the world is likely that committed by Saddam Hussain who managed to walk off with $1 billion dollars from the Central Bank of Iraq. It also happened to happen just a day before the United States started bombing the country.

2. Another famous, or should be, bank robber, got away with a cool $118 in New York City in 1981. Well, not exactly got away. The story involves a 9 year old boy who pointed his toy cap gun at the teller and demanded money. The teller gave him the money and later that same day, the father arranged for the boy to be surrendered to the FBI after the boy confessed when a news broadcast about the events showed up on the news. The boy was ultimately found guilty of the robbery.

3. America’s most active bank robber was Carl Gugasian, also known as the “Friday Night Bank Robber”. In the span of 30 years he managed to successfully rob 50 different banks, possibly more. The man, who only was recently caught because some teenagers happened upon one of his bunkers and notified the police. Gugasian will serve 17.5 years in prison and has agreed to help the FBI in their training programs. He has also plead guilty and will not be fighting the charges.

4. Sometimes the bank buildings themselves have an interesting history and the bank in Vernal, Utah wins this award. In 1917, shortly after the founding of the USPS, the founder of the would be bank decided to mail the 80,000 bricks needed to build the bank through the USPS to save money as sending the bricks by freight would have cost four times the amount the bricks originally did. The stunt ended up making the USPS change their shipping rules to discourage another building being shipped through standard mail.

5. The United States has 8,200 banks in the country. With those banks there are 94,725 bank branches as of September 2014. The largest bank, Wells Fargo has over 220,000 employees alone. The total for the entire industry is about 1.6 million people working in commercial banks nationwide. So, it is quite likely that if you go hunting for a bank, you are bound to find one when you search Banks Near Me. In fact, you will probably find several close by.

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