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Sometimes nothing warms the soul quite as well as a yummy cup of soup. Not only is soup great for warming you up in the chilly winter months, but it is also diet friendly and tends to have immunity boosting benefits.

Are you interested in finding soup near you? Simply browse soup near me on the map below and find a list of restaurants serving up soup in your area. Need a bit more information on soup and its benefits? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn something new about your favorite starter or soup!

Soup Near Me – Find it on the Map

Soup Near Me – Soup Trivia

When did humans first start eating soup?

As you may already know, soup has existed for thousands of years. Long before Campbells began putting it’s signature Chicken Noodle Soup into cans, people were crafting homemade soups, stews, and broths. When exactly did humans first begin eating soup? Consider this as you search soup near me. According to historical finds, evidence that people ate soup can be found as far back as 20,000 BC. Boiling was not a very common method of cooking food up until the invention of waterproof containers that came in the form of clay vessels. Before this, humans made hot foods such as soup using animal hides and watertight baskets. Bark and reeds were also used. In order to boil the water, hot rocks were implemented. This method was also used to cook acorns and other foraged plants. As you can tell, soup is older than most countries in the world and likely isn’t going away anytime soon!

soup near me

Soup is good for your heart and can warm your soul!

When did canned soup become popular?

Nowadays, it isn’t exactly uncommon to hit up the local grocery store and pick up some cans of soup. This was largely unheard of until the 19th century when commercial soup first became popular with the invention of canning. Doctor John T. Dorrance, a renowned chemist who worked with the Campbell Soup Company is credited with first inventing condensed soup in 1897. Today, Campbell’s Tomato, Chicken Noodle, and Cream of Mushroom soup are the three most popular soups in the United States. According to some statistics, Americans consume around 2.5 billion bowls of these soups every year. Condensed soup is most commonly prepared by adding water or sometimes milk to the mix while heating. There are some ready to eat soups that do not require any additional liquids. Canned soup is most often prepared by heating in a pan or in the microwave. These canned soups are also often used as a base for homemade soups, casseroles, and even baked dishes such as chicken. As you search soup near me, consider how Campbell’s soup changed the soup game entirely.

Soup Near Me – Soup Facts

Soup is Diet Friendly

If you’re starting the year off on the right foot by going on a new diet, you may be surprised to learn that you can easily work soup into the mix without breaking the calorie bank. In fact, most dietitians consider soup to be a very diet friendly choice. Consider this as you search soup near me. One of the things that makes soup so appealing to dieters and nutritionists is that soup fills you up with fewer calories. Since soup contains a great deal of water, it can leave you feeling fuller faster without consuming carbohydrates or additional foods. Some researchers found that when a subject ate chicken and rice soup rather than a chicken and rice casserole that they consumed far fewer calories yet were just as satisfied and fulfilled. Eating high volume, low calorie foods such as soup can help you to lose weight by filling you up without packing extra calories.

A Daily Serving of Vegetables

One of the best aspects of soup is that it can contain any variety of ingredients, making it a great way to incorporate vegetables, meats, and flavors. Consider how soup can help you get your daily serving of vegetables as you search soup near me. The American Heart Association recommends that all adults consume at least eight or more servings of fruit and vegetables in a given day. That totals up to a whopping 4 ½ cups in a single day. This can feel a bit out of reach for most Americans, especially if they’re not inclined to eat vegetables with a typical meal. Soups can help you reach your daily recommended total of fruits and vegetables without feeling like you’re pressuring yourself into getting a serving of veggies. Since almost any vegetable can be used in soup, you can get creative and incorporate your favorites into just about any concoction. From creamy squash to tomato bisque to vegetable beef or chicken vegetable, soups can have any number of additives to help you stay on track. You don’t have to add fresh vegetables to reap the benefits. In fact, frozen or canned vegetables can just as easily be added to the mix without the hassle. Getting your veggies has never been easier!

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