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A trip to the shopping mall means all of your favorite stores in one convenient place. The ability to walk from store to store without the hassle of parking, driving long distances, and toting bags across town is truly a treasured amenity in everyday American life.

Are you interested in finding a shopping mall in your area? Simply browse shopping mall near me on the map below and find a list of shopping malls located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on shopping malls? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this beloved establishments.

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Shopping Mall Near Me – Shopping Mall Trivia

What is the oldest shopping mall in the United States?

If you’re searching shopping mall near me, then you know that these centers are long steeped in America’s culture, but the advent of shopping malls in America isn’t quite as old as you’d think. The oldest shopping mall in the United States is the Southdale Center in Edina, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin cities. It first opened in 1956 and is one of the largest fully enclosed malls in the US. It bears the significance of being the first climate controlled mall ever. Southdale Center is comprised of 1,300,000 square feet of leasable space and contains 123 retail tenants. The mall was designed by Victor Gruen, an architect who designed the mall to challenge a newly “car-centric” American society that was emerging in the 1950s. Gruen was a refugee from Nazi- occupied Austria. He arrived in America in 1938 with big dreams of architectural success. He soon launched a career creating New York City storefronts of urban based business such as Ciro and Stecklers. He received a commission to design the shopping center 14 years into his career. Southdale has suffered through high vacancy rates and store closures since opening in 1956.

shopping mall near me

Shopping malls are bright, airy, and bustling with life!

True or false: Shopping malls are designed to be a time suck.

In searching shopping mall near me, saving time might be on your mind. You may think that a trip to the shopping mall means one stop shop convenience, and in many ways it does, but shopping malls are also designed to aide you in losing track of time. Much like casinos, shopping malls are purposely designed to make people lose track of time. They are created without clocks and windows, which prevents views of the outside world. Without a constant reminder of what time it is or what time of day it is, patrons can end up spending more time than planned within the confines of the mall. This design is known as the “Gruen Transfer,” and is created to induce scripted disorientation amongst shoppers. Of course, in the age of cell phones and smartwatches, this tactic isn’t quite as effective as it was in the infancy of shopping malls.

Shopping Mall Near Me – Shopping Mall Facts

Saving Money at the Mall

If you’re searching shopping mall near me, then you’re likely an avid shopper with a love of saving money and utilizing any means necessary to scoring great deals on a budget. Want to know an old trick to saving money at the shopping mall? Wear high heels (men, this doesn’t quite apply to you).A 2013 study by Brigham Young University discovered that shoppers wearing high heels made more balanced buying decisions than their flat or sneaking wearing counterparts. Wearing heels also made it less convenient to traverse large areas of the mall or to go back and forth without making a decision due to the inherent discomfort. If you’re a guy, maybe try donning an uncomfortable pair of dress shoes instead!

States With the Most Shopping Malls

Some states embrace the idea of a shopping mall more than others. Location, economic health, and population diversity are great indicators of success when it comes to typical mall locations. While malls may be suffering in some areas, they are thriving in others. The state with the most shopping malls is California with a whopping 6,243 malls. Not only do Californians love shopping, but the driving centric culture makes the mall an idea option over visiting individual shops and dealing with the headache of street parking. The state with the least amount of malls is Wyoming with 55. Though Wyoming is also a driving centric state, it is very spread out and open. This can make it difficult for those in rural areas to make a trek to the mall, especially with unpredictable weather conditions in the winter months. In the United States, there are currently a total of 46, 990 shopping malls. Of that figure, a whopping 95% of them are open air centers rather than the traditional enclosed malls. Each month, it is estimated that 203 adults visit various shopping centers to get their shopping fix. Think about these facts while searching shopping mall near me.

Average Time Spent in A Shopping Mall

Just how much time does the average consumer spend within the confines of a shopping mall? According to statistics, the average customer spends 76.4 minutes per mall visit and hit up an average of 1.3 mall stores. The average American spends around $68.20 per mall visit. You may be shocked at just how small that figure truly is!

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