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Few things are as important or prominent to American homeowners than the ability to fix issues and renovate without hiring a contractor or repairman. Stores that offer customers the tools and resources necessary to complete DIY projects are not only booming, they’re growing at an exponentially fast rate. Menards is a chain of home improvement centers that offers a large variety of well priced home improvement goods to citizens living in the Midwestern region of the US.

Are you interested in finding a Menards location near you? Simply browse Menards near me on the map below and find a list of Menards locations near you. Need a bit more information on Menards? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on this historic home improvement brand

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What year was Menards founded?

Like so many US businesses, Menards started from a simple idea. In early 1958, the farm industry was just beginning to be influenced by more mechanized and convenient dairy systems. This in turn created a high demand for low cost agricultural buildings that were capable of housing stock and machinery. John Menard Jr. saw this need and looked to fill it. He began to develop the idea of a pole building business, one that would grant farmers access to quality outbuildings for a fraction of the price of doing it themselves. In order to finance his education, John Menard Jr. worked on making his dream a reality. In the summer of 1958, Menard spent nearly all of his days and nights working on his first pole buildings while also holding a job at a local movie theater. He kept contracting buildings in order to keep his crew employed and happy. By the summer of 1959, several buildings had officially been erected in the Eau Claire area of Wisconsin. The Menard name was quickly gaining a good reputation. His early success in building pole barns promoted his purchase of a major piece of equipment: a 1946 Chevrolet truck. Throughout much of 1959, this truck and an old tractor were the only equipment that Menard had access to. However, demand for Menard pole buildings quickly grew and it became apparent to Menard that he would have to purchase more equipment and hire more men. Advertising was circulated and his business grew to such proportions that John had no choice but to officially form Menards. Consider these facts as you search Menards near me.

menards near me

Menards is the big home improvement store with a small town feel!

How did Menards move into home improvement?

Menards moved onto home improvement due to pure logic. Prospective pole building customers often asked about purchasing and procuring lumber and other building materials due to need. Realizing that consumers were coming directly to them for their home improvement needs, Menard decided to begin selling materials to the public on a cash and carry basis. This was the origin of Menard Cashway Lumber. By 1969, manufacturing and warehouse functions were also added to the company, beginning with the Truss Plant. Since then, more plants have been added to the manufacturing, steel siding and roofing divisions of the company. This lead Menards to producing beautiful interior and exterior doors, along with composite decking, environmentally friendly treated lumber and engineered roof and floor trusses. As you search Menards near me, consider just how much this business has expanded since their simple roots in Wisconsin.

Menards Near Me – Menards Facts

The Menards Take on Advertising

Menards has always been a family first business with an emphasis on the communities and towns they serve. Because of this, Menards has never been embroiled in expensive advertising campaigns or gotcha marketing. Instead, Menards prefers to take a slightly more old school approach by utilizing weekly print ads, TV and radio ads. Viral marketing campaigns simply aren’t on the agenda for a store like Menards. Often times Menards radio and TV ads are accompanied by banjo music which is performed by a local Wisconsin musician named Gary Shaw. This commitment to their hometown and the folks they serve has lead to many loyal and lifelong Menards customers. Ray Szmanda once played the role of “The Menard Guy” who often utilized the slogan, “Save big money at Menards.” This was the featured TV advertisement from 1976 all the way up until 1998. The brand still occasionally relies on their old school ads to drum up business and nostalgia. Another very midwestern form of advertising that Menards employs is sponsoring auto racing cars. Since their inception, Menards has supported and sponsored several drivers including Paul Menard, Robby Gordon, Brandon Johns, and Matt Crafton. MEnards has has also become the official sponsor of races in the Xfinity racing series and the ARCA Racing Series. Consider how you first heard about Menards while searching Menards near me.

Why Buy Small

Menards is by no means a small chain, they operate 300 stores in more than 14 states, but when compared to the larger chains such as Lowes and Home Depot, there’s something endearing about shopping Menards. Unlike the big box stores, Menards still employs a more more small town aesthetic. One that makes you feel as if you aren’t shopping in a chain, but rather, in a local Mom and Pop hardware store. This, coupled with their highly qualified and educated employees, makes for an overall enjoyable shopping experience. Not only can employees answer just about any hardware or home improvement question you have, but the prices are reasonable compared to the larger chain stores that often boast a more impersonal shopping experience. Sure, Menards may rule much of the Midwest, but that hasn’t cost them their small town charms, something that many customers both love and appreciate.

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