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Ice creams origins have been known to reach back as far as the second century, though the exact origins of this sweet treat are not exactly known. History shows that Alexander the great used to enjoy show and ice flavored with honey and nectar. The first official account of ice cream in the New World came in 1744, when a guest of Maryland Governor William Bladen mentioned the confection in a letter. The first advertisement for this confection appeared in the New York Gazette in 1777.

Ice cream has come a long way since then. With thousands of flavor combinations and textures, ice cream has never been more popular than it is today. Interested in finding ice cream near you? Simply browse ice cream near me on the map below and find ice cream in your vicinity! Whether you’re craving soft serve, hard, or homemade, you can locate an ice cream joint to suit your needs. Looking for a bit more information on this dreamy treat? Read on for facts, trivia, and the top three ice cream places in America!

Ice Cream Near Me – Find it on the Map

Ice Cream Near Me – Ice Cream Trivia

What year did the cone first appear?

If you’re searching ice cream near me, you may be craving a cone or even a sundae. What many people don’t know is that the ice cream cone didn’t appear until 1904. At the St. Louis World’s fair, a small time Syrian waffle maker began rolling pastries into horns to help out an ice cream vendor who had run out of bowls to put the ice cream in. The mishap ended up being a match made in ice cream heaven, as the cone has been used by parlors and home ice cream eaters ever since.

ice cream near me

A majority of ice cream shops in the US have put a major focus on using locally sourced and fresh ingredients while creating their ice cream. The result? Even more delicious ice cream for consumers everywhere.

How many quarts of ice cream does the average American eat per year?

It’s no mystery that American’s love their ice cream. Whether they’re eating it at home or hitting up a Baskin Robbins, Americans can’t get enough of this sweet confection. But just how many quarts of ice cream does an American eat on average every year? 20 quarts! That’s the equivalent of 5 gallons of milk. The most popular ice cream flavor amongst Americans? Classic vanilla. Ice cream lovers just can’t get enough of this flavor.

How many flavors of ice cream does Ben and Jerry’s sell?

If you’re searching ice cream near me in Vermont, you might want to hit up the Ben and Jerry’s creamery! There you can sample many of the 46 flavors of ice cream that this duo currently offer. The most popular Ben and Jerry’s flavors are currently Chunky Monkey, Salted Caramel Core, The Tonight Dough, Phish Food, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

True or false: More ice cream is produced in June than any other month.

True! When it comes to ice cream production, factories and small town shops rev up production during this hot summer month. Where is a majority of this ice cream concocted? The midwest of course. Over 726 million gallons of ice cream are produced yearly in the farm belt of America.

Where did the industrial production of ice cream begin?

Way back in 1851 industrial production of ice cream began in Boston, Massachusetts. Though most ice cream is now produced in more rural areas of America, one can’t deny Boston’s hand in making ice cream available to every household in the US.

Ice Cream Near Me – Ice Cream Facts

Cows and Ice Cream

If you’re searching ice cream near me, then you probably already know just how big of a hand cows play in the production of ice cream. Without dairy, there is no ice cream. But just how much milk does it take to make one gallon of ice cream? On average it takes 12 gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream. With American’s chowing down on the equivalent of 20 quarts per year, it’s no wonder ice cream production is booming.

$21 Billion Dollars

As it stands, the ice cream industry in America earns over $21 billion dollars in revenue every single year. Statistics show that the most profitable day of the week for ice cream sales is almost always Sunday. Ice cream sales also increase during recessions and wars. It seems as if Americans take comfort in this sweet confection, especially during times of national distress.

The Top Three Ice Cream Parlors in the US

If you find yourself near one of these top ice cream parlors in the US while searching ice cream near me, consider yourself lucky. These are the best of the best when it comes to ice cream.

1. Molly Moon Ice Cream, Seattle, WA

Molly Moon is known for using local fruit and ingredients when flavoring their ice cream. Employees have also been known to go to Napa Valley, CA just to get fresh blood oranges for their orange ice cream.

2. Ample Hills Creamery, Brooklyn, NY

Ample Hills is known for making all of their ice cream on site from fresh local ingredients. This spot is known for their crazy candy bar concoctions, including a killer pretzel M&M sundae with ritz crackers and lots of chocolate. Though the shop is often teeming with families, this ice cream is worth waiting in line for!

3. Berkey Creamery, University Park, PA

This Pennsylvania staple is known for producing over 225,000 gallons of ice cream every year. Known for their zany flavors and strict no mix policy, this university creamery offers amazingly creamy ice cream at a price even a college student can easily afford.

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