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Want to eat somewhere that pleases everyone in your party? A buffet is a great way to get some serious bang for your buck while finding cuisine that suits every palette and appetite. From home style cooking to Chinese and Indian, you can find a variety of buffet restaurants to please your taste buds.

Ready to find a great buffet restaurant near you? Simply browse buffet restaurant near me on the map below to find a list of the best buffets and buffet style restaurants in your local area. Need a bit more information on buffet restaurants? Keep reading for interesting facts, information, and tips on getting the most out of your buffet trip! You won’t leave this article feeling hungry for facts.

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How do buffets make money?

Ever wonder how a buffet actually makes any money? After all, some consumers are more than happy to go back for seconds and thirds at the buffet line. Well, buffets make money through cutting back on things you may not even have in mind. How do buffets make money? Read on for the answer as you search buffet restaurant near me. Buffet restaurants make money by focusing on the business side of things, rather than the overall quality of food. Unlike a regular restaurant, buffets do not employ the same number of staff because customers are serving themselves. Because of that, they save money on the wages that would be paid to those employees.

Score all of your favorites and then some at a buffet near you!

buffet restaurant near me

Many buffets also allow you to cook your own food, this also reduces the number of staff members need. At a buffet, customers aren’t sending their food back to the kitchen, which cuts back on kitchen workload, even if it increases the amount of food wasted. Additionally, all buffet menus are built around which dishes are the most efficient and cheapest to make. This means you’ll find cheaper cuts of meat and cheaper sacks of vegetables. Don’t expect to find lobster and other expensive dishes at a buffet!

True or false: Buffets use smaller sized plates on purpose.

The last time you hit the buffet line, what size plate were you using? Odds are, you had a small or half-sized plate rather than a large typical dinner plate. Is there a reason for this? One hundred percent. Plate size is a huge factor in buffets and helping to break even. Offering up small or half-sized plates, ramekins for soups, and tiny dishes for desserts, limits the amount of food you can pile on your plate at a given time.

Once you’re safely back at your table chowing down, you’ll probably even rethink whether or not you actually need to hit the buffet line for seconds or thirds. Though the plates are small, you may also notice that drinks are not. Not only is water free, but soda is typically served in a larger than normal glass. Drinks take up space in your stomach, which means you’ll eat less and the buffet can make a bigger profit. While searching buffet restaurant near me, consider how buffets are constantly coming up with tricks to profit on buffet style meals. It may be more clever than you think!

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The Science Of Buffet Lines

Ever wonder how buffets decide what kind of food to offer to diners? How about the placement of the food in the line itself? Well, buffets all have to do with science. Consider how as you search buffet restaurant near me. Buffets all have to do with the first thing you see when you get in line. According to studies, around two-thirds of everything that ends up on your buffet plate comes from the first few items you encounter. For the study, a total of two groups of diners were presented with buffets that were set up in reverse order. When the researchers kept track of what the diners were taking, they found that 75 percent of the diners took the very first item they saw, no matter what that item was.

They also found that generally it didn’t matter what was offered first. Most diners were apt to take the first few items in line. Only a quarter of diners took what was last on the buffet line. So how do buffets utilize this science? They tend to put cheaper foods first, thus they sell more of the cheaper foods and less of the foods that will hurt their bottom line. They will also put up very carb heavy foods first to fill you up fast, rather than lighter foods that will keep you coming back for more.

Is seafood at the buffet safe?

It is not uncommon to see seafood on a buffet line. In fact, if you’re searching buffet restaurant near me, you may even be craving a bit of seafood. However, when it comes to the most dangerous or risk prone foods, you’ll want to consider gliding right on by seafood at the buffet. According to research, there’s a huge potential for illness, especially if the seafood is not kept at the perfect temperature. There is also a high risk for cross contamination. Meaning that if you have a seafood allergy, the items around the seafood may be risky as well.

Seafood aside, be cognizant of the risks any buffet can bring. Since customers are serving themselves, there’s a big risk for the transfer of germs on serving utensils. It also isn’t uncommon for a diner to go ahead and use one spoon for multiple dishes, furthering the risk for cross contamination between dishes. The moral of the story? Be safe and know the risks. You can still enjoy a buffet and stay safe!

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