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If you live in an urban area, an apartment complex, or are simply having a bit of washer trouble at home, visiting a coin laundry facility is the best option for cleaning your clothes without breaking the bank. Not only do coin laundry facilities offer large state of the art washers and dryers, but many also boast laundry delivery services and wash and fold services.

Are you interested in finding a coin laundry location near you? Simply browse coin laundry near me on the map below and find a list of coin laundry facilities in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on coin laundry? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Coin Laundry Near Me – Coin Laundry Trivia

When was the first laundromat invented?

It goes without saying that for as long as humans have been wearing clothes, they’ve had to find some interesting and innovative ways to wash them. Our early ancestors lacked the technology we enjoy today, often utilizing washing tubs, wash boards, and unscented soaps to scrub clothes clean. They didn’t have fabric softeners, high efficiency machines, or scented detergents that could be purchased at a supermarket. Launderers have existed for centuries, but the task became far easier when electric washers were invented in the 1900s. The first modern laundromat dates back to 1930s in Texas. This Fort Worth laundromat, first debuted during the Great Depression. At the time, it was known as a “Wash-a-teria” rather than a laundromat. Though the concept was starting to explode all over the country. Customers at these early laundromats paid by the hour to use the stores coin operated electric washing machines. At the time, the poor flocked to these coin operated laundromats as they could use the machines at low cost. During the Depression era, few families could afford to purchase or own personal washing machines. Laundromats allowed people from all walks of life to experience a luxury they would not be able to access otherwise. As you search coin laundry near me, consider how the birth of the washing machine allowed for everyday individuals to save time, money, and have fresh clothing on a regular basis. Is this something we often take for granted in the modern day?

coin laundry near me

Laundromats are a great way to get large loads of laundry done fast!

When did coin laundry really take off?

The 1930s proved a successful time for coin laundry businesses as few people could afford to own personal laundry machines. Though the 1950s saw an increase in wealth and the ability for the average American to afford luxury items such as washing machines and new cars, it also proved to be the most successful era for the concept of coin laundromats. During this era, public laundry really took off. However, it wasn’t without its fair share of strife. As laundromats grew in popularity, stores quickly became beat up and battered due to customer neglect. Machines were breaking down, cleanliness was waning, and the overall vibe began to suffer. Investors saw an opportunity to take a more hands on approach to laundromat management. Suddenly those who owned laundromats were investing in maintenance, janitorial services, and extras such as dry cleaning, tailoring, and wash-fold-dry. Despite this, laundromats began to suffer in popularity near the end of the 1950s only to swell back up again in the late 1960s and early 1970s as more and more individuals moved into the urban areas. Consider these facts as you search coin laundry near me.

Coin Laundry Near Me – Coin Laundry Facts

Don’t Overdo the Detergent

It might seem like the more laundry detergent that you use on a load of wash, the cleaner your clothes might be, but that’s simply not the case. This is especially true of the modern high efficiency washing machines. These machines typically require a bit less detergent as modern cleaners are more concentrated than their older powdered counterparts. So how much is too much? Consider this as you search coin laundry near me. Expert launders agree, that you should always check where the lines on your detergent cap are. Now wherever that line stops, subtract a bit from it. Not only will your clothes still get clean, but you’ll end up saving a bit of money. Using too much detergent in the washer will cause massive amounts of buildup within the machine itself over time. This will lead to bad smells, bacteria growth, and an overall aura of must. If you’re using a high efficiency machine at home or at a coin laundry facility, go easy on the detergent. If the detergent you’re using says for “HE” machines, feel free to use a bit less than the cap might indicate. HE detergents are more concentrated than those that aren’t, meaning you can use less and still get the same clean you crave.

The Case for Washing on Cold

You might think that washing on cold wouldn’t have the same effect as washing on warm or hot, but experts disagree. As you search coin laundry near me, consider your laundry settings. Those who are in the know when it comes to laundry agree that you can wash almost everything on cold. Not only does it simplify your routine and cut out the need for color sorting (in some cases), but it still gets everything as clean as using hot water. By washing on cold, you’re also saving on energy. Since you’re not heating up all of that water on multiple loads a day, your saving water, and saving money. Even if you’re washing at a laundromat, consider washing on cold. Sure, you’re not footing the water bill, but someone is, and that cost is often pushed back onto the customer.

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