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Whether you’re looking to see a concert, visit the theater, or take in a local craft fair; searching events near me can guarantee that you’ll find something to do in your area in no time at all. Whether you want to attend a festival or find a local trivia night, you’ve come to the right place.

Are eager to find events happening in your area? Simply browse events near me on the map below and find events happening in your local area. Need a bit more information on events in America? Read on for facts and trivia on events.

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Events Near Me – Events Trivia

True or false: Americans spend more money on events and recreation now than ever before.

If you’re searching events near me now, you’re not alone in your search for local events and recreation. According to many historians, Americans are spending more now on recreation, leisure, sports, and events now than ever before. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans spend around $262 billion per year on recreational activities and events in their communities or while traveling in the continental US. That’s more than the US government spent on national defense and housing in the 1980s. Leisure expenditures are still on the rise and will continue to skyrocket as discretionary income in the US increases with a rebounding economy.

events near me

Whether you’re looking to attend a concert or take in a show, there’s always an event in your area to entertain and inspire.

True or false: Americans can only take in 3 to 4 different forms of stimulation at once before becoming overwhelmed.

One of the best parts of attending an event, be it a sporting event or a trip to the theater, is the stimulation these events can ultimately provide. While Americans go out en masse to attend these events, psychologists have found that the average American can only take in three to four different forms of stimulation at once before they feel overwhelmed and anxious. This means that some events may prove a bit too much for the average individual who isn’t used to a particular situation or event.

Can an uncomfortable chair really affect how you view an event?

If you’re searching events near me, odds are you might be doing some sitting at whatever event you choose to attend. While some events will require not sitting whatsoever, popular events such as live sporting games, theater shows, and dinner tastings will often require you to sit for long periods of time. While this might not seem like a problem, research shows that the comfort of your chair can actually influence how you remember a particular event. Participants who sat on uncomfortable chairs for extended periods of time don’t remember an event or social situation nearly as fond as their comfortable counterparts. Those who sat in extremely comfortable chairs remembered the event in a positive light, even if they failed to enjoy the event itself.

Events Near Me – Events Facts

Most Americans Carry No Cash

If you’re searching events near me, make sure to have some cash handy. Despite studies showing that 9% of Americans never carry cash and that 50% of Americans carry less than $20, many outdoor events such as craft fairs, festivals, and holiday bazaars will only accept cash. Smaller vendors have a difficult time obtaining card readers or processing debit/credit purchases. When you finally find that perfect event for you, make sure to keep a little bit of cash on hand so you’re not stuck finding something you love and not being able to buy it.

Top Five Events in the United States

If you’re searching events near me, then you’d probably love some insight into the top ten events in the United States. These events range in price, size, and location; but they all offer innumerable opportunities for fun and entertainment!

1. The Super Bowl

It probably isn’t surprising in the least to find that the top billed event in the United States is the Super Bowl. Garnering huge crowds, massive publicity, and high ticket prices, the Super Bowl is on the top of everyone’s bucket list.

2. The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby will be a staple in American events until the end of time. From wearing beautiful hats to enjoying a mint julep, this is one event that you should be sure not to miss.

3. Comic Con

For a comic book, game lover, or animation fan; Comic Con is truly the best of the best in terms of entertainment, celebrity sightings, and unforgettable fun.

4. South Beach Wine and Food Festival

If you find yourself in South Beach, make sure to hit up the South Beach Wine and Food Festival for some of the best cocktails, wine, and tasting menus your palette will ever encounter.

5. South By Southwest

The South by South West Music Festival is more than just a place for music lovers to gather. This festival also focuses on amazing art, film, food, and artisanal crafts. If you’re a music aficionado who also loves some great artwork and fan fare, this festival is truly one you don’t want to miss.

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