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Understanding your finances, investing wisely, and planning for the future are key facets of creating a healthy financial portfolio. Unfortunately, finances don’t come easily to all of us! Despite many of our best efforts to budget and invest, we often fall short of what experts advise us to do. This is where a financial advisor can help put you on the right track.

Are you interested in finding a financial advisor near you? Simply browse financial advisors near me on the map below and find a list of financial advisors in your area. Need a bit more information on financial advisors? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Should you really seek a financial advisor when you’re young?

For most of us, our 20s were spent living dollar to dollar. Often times, scrounging up enough for pizza was a big deal. Financial planning isn’t something that’s taught in most American high schools, which can make the idea of planning your future right out of the gate a pretty daunting endeavor. This is why many experts recommend seeking the help of a financial advisor as soon as you get your first full time job. Consider this as you search financial advisors near me. Whether you’re making $20,000 a year or $200,000 a year, getting your finances in order early on can help you stay on track for the rest of your life. Not only can visiting a financial advisor help you to begin saving for retirement (yes, this is something you’ll need to start doing young), but they can also provide great insights into get the most out of what you earn and maximize any employee benefits. After you hire and meet with a financial advisor for the first time, you might not even need to engage for years afterwards. Which means the initial investment of a financial advisor’s time and wisdom is always one that pays off ten fold.

financial advisors near me

A financial advisor can help you get your financial life back on track!

True or false: Both marriage and divorce are key times to get a financial advisor.

Any time you experience a major life change such as marriage or divorce, it’s wise to seek the help of a financial advisor. As you search financial advisors near me, consider how these experts can help you keep your affairs in order even when there are big changes happening everywhere else. When you enter a new stage in your life, it can be very helpful to have an unbiased third party that can help to make money conversations easier to understand and impartial to both parties. When it comes to love, emotions can run deep. This is why experts recommend seeking the help of a financial advisor before you make a costly emotional driven financial mistake. For example, a spouse might feel very attached to the family home and insist on keeping it as a part of a divorce settlement. In exchange for the house, they might lose out on savings that could prove more valuable and lasting in the long term. If you’re experiencing a life change and aren’t sure where to start with your money, seek help as soon as you can.

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Look for Simplicity

There’s a myth that things must be complicated in order to be effective. When it comes to financial planning, that’s quite the contrary. As you search financial advisors near me, you’ll want to aim for simplicity, not confusion. Financial planning can be difficult for many folks to understand. Even those individuals who have a basic understanding of saving and retirement can feel a bit lost when it comes to investments. It’s key that you understand every part of your financial plan. Do you understand what you’re investing in and why? Do you know the details of your 401K? If not, you’re not using the right financial advisor. A solid financial advisor will explain everything you need to know in a manner that is comfortable to you. You’ll want to leave every meeting feeling confident in your financial plan and clued in to what’s going on. If you’re not secure about your finances or your investments, you won’t be successful.This is why comfort and simplicity are key when mapping out your financial future.

Fees And Flexibility

Like any service, financial planning can often come at a steep cost. The actual amount you’ll spend on a financial planner is dependent on many factors. Much like buying a car, you’re going to want to get several prices from many financial advisors before making a decision. Know what kind of fees each advisor charges and what the initial visit will cost you up front. Aside from money, you’ll want to know details about each professional. Though it might seem nosy, you’ll want to inquire about experience, education, and their overall values. It takes about seven years of experience with investment before someone should even consider themselves a true investment professional. You’ll also want to learn of a potential professional’s flexibility. It might not seem important, but having someone who can quickly adapt to life changes and the ebbs and flows of the market can bring major peace of mind. If someone is impulsive, easily frightened, or even skittish when it comes to normal drops in the market, you might want to look elsewhere as these types of professionals can be very costly in the long run! As you search financial advisors near me, know about any fees that might be accrued during your services.

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