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Flower shops are usually known as florists. Their main purpose is to sell many different types of flowers. Sometimes, flowers are sold for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. These special flowers are arranged in a way that befits the day. For example, on Valentine’s Day, roses are very popular, and so the florists may prepare more roses than usual.

Some florists may also sell cards for these days, to go along with the flowers as a gift. Florists will usually wrap flowers properly into plastic bags to be sold and handled. You can find a flower shop close to your area very easily, just search for Flower shops near me!

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What is floristry?

Floristry is more than just selling bunches of flowers. Floristry also involves cultivating the flowers, and flower arranging. It includes caring for the flowers, making sure the plants have enough water and are disease-free. Floristry also includes floral design, also known as floral arts. This involves creating floral arrangements in vases, bowls or baskets, or making bouquets. Flower bouquets are very important for occasions such as weddings, and customers can purchase very high quality bouquets for such events. A great amount of detail and care goes into the preparation of these quality bouquets, and so wedding planners usually employ highly-skilled florists and floral designers.

flower shops near me

Roses are one of the most popular flowers. Synbolizing love, they are often given as romantic gifts, or else featured in weddings.

What do florists sell?

Florists sell many different breeds and variants of flowers. Some stores even experiment with creating their own flower species! There are believed to be over four hundred thousand different species of flowering plants in the world. Roses are the most popular type of wedding flower, because of their strong affiliation with love. However, in recent times, peonies have started to become popular at weddings too. Gerbera daisies are large, open flowers with are quite often used in wedding bouquets, too. Aside from flowers, some florists may also sell vases and baskets for customers to keep their flowers in. Larger florists may actually be plant nurseries, and will sell many plants other than flowers. These garden centers usually sell garden care products too, like fertilizer and mulch, and may sell gardening tools as well. Smaller florists, such as on street corners, may only sell a small selection of cheaper flowers.

What do flowers mean?

Many types of flowers have culturally-associated themes or emotions. As stated, roses are usually associated with love. But, just as there are different forms of love, there are different varieties of roses too. Dark red roses are usually associated with passionate love. White roses are symbolic of purity and innocence. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, and pink roses demonstrate admiration and appreciation, as well as grace and gentleness. Tulips are another very common flower, and they too are associated with love. Pink tulips indicate a caring type of love, white tulips mean forgiveness, and red tulips are a declaration of love. Yellow tulips are used to show that one is hopelessly in love.

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The largest flower in the world is the Rafflesia Arnoldii. This flower is found in the rainforests in Indonesia, though it is somewhat rare. The flower can grow to be three feet across and weigh fifteen pounds! It is actually a parasitic plant, without its own roots, leaves or stem. It attaches to a host plant in order to sap nutrients and water. The flower emits a disgusting odor similar to rotting meat. This smell attracts insects that will then help to pollinate the plant.

During the 1600s, the Netherlands went through a ‘Tulip Mania’. Tulips were first introduced to Europe by Ogier de Busbecq, who served as an ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. He sent the first tulip bulbs and seeds to Vienna in 1554, and from there the plant made its way to the Netherlands. The first cultivations of the plant were around 1593, when Carolus Clusius, a Flemish botanist, attempted to grow them in the Low Countries. During the next century, the bulbs of the tulip plant became extremely expensive. At the height of the mania, a single tulip bulb could be worth ten years of a skilled craftsman’s wages!

According to legend, thistles helped to save Scotland from invasion! The story goes that a Viking army had landed in Scotland and were approaching a sleeping party of Scottish warriors. One of the Vikings stepped onto the thistle spikes and cried out. The sound awakened the Scots who were then able to beat back the invaders. This story is said to be the reason why the Scottish national flower is the thistle, but it is not widely believed.

When American pioneers were beginning to settle in Utah, food was scarce. The Hopi Native Americans taught the pioneers how to use the bulbs of the Sego Lily as food. Today the Sego Lily remains the state flower of Utah.

Dandelions are often considered to be weeds, and not desirable in gardens. However, dandelion flowers and leaves are actually very nutritious! They are a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C, and also iron, potassium and calcium.

Many flowers and plants have historically been believed to be powerful or even magical. Angelica was used in Europe to ward off evil spirits, and to try to cure the Black Plague. Lady’s Mantle was also used in Europe for centuries as a herbal remedy. According to legend, when the Greek hero Achilles was born, his mother dipped his body, head first, into a yarrow tea, in order to give him its protective properties. Yarrow is actually known to have astringent properties, and was used to treat injured soldiers in World War I.

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